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C. A fair game of skill is trying to climb a ladder that is suspended between two points and reac


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C. A fair game of skill is trying to climb a ladder that is suspended between two points and reach up to ring a bell. The rope ladder is set to be climbed almost horizontally instead of vertically. Why is net force a critical element of being successful in this challenge?

D. What human internal force must be overcome to beat this challenge?

High rise cranes are often in the news for falling. Wind shear and other factors can contribute to the falls, but stress and strain can also contribute to snapping of crane parts.

How does a climbing tower crane maintain balanced stability even though it increases in height?

What is an outrigger and how does it stabilize a crane?

How do pulleys increase the amount of weight that can be lifted by these cranes?

How does oxidation increase metal fatigue?

A wheel has a number of factors and forces that can be seen during movement

What happens if you used the wrong bike tire for the environment (a racing bike tire on a mountain trail, a mountain bike tire on the street)?

Because a wheel creates gyroscopic motion why does a car wheel need to be balanced??

How do ball bearings reduce friction, and why would a mechanic suggest that you have your bearings repacked?

 A lazy Susan is a rotating tray that sits in the middle of a dinner table and makes it easy for everyone to help themselves to its contents. The flat circular tray turns on ball bearings when you push it to the right or left.

a. Why is it harder to spin the tray when it?s heavily loaded with dishes?

b. What law of physics explains why the tray continues to rotate (for a while) even after you stop pushing on it?

c. What style of eating might have a lazy Susan, congee, and tea?

d. If you spin the tray too quickly, objects begin to fly off it. Why do they leave the tray and in what direction do they travel once they leave?

Offset printing is a high speed way for newspapers to be printed in color

What does offsetting do in printing process?

What is a Pixel, beyond being a bad movie?

Why would a reporter want to ?stop the presses??

Why does high speed offset printing need to use tensioned rollers?

Music is created by using a number of physical principles.

What role does rosin play in aiding a violin player?

Why does a good violinist quickly move their index finger while holding a note? What is this technique called?

What are opposite roles of a hammer and felt in creating notes on a piano.

What is the difference of being out of tune, and out of phase?

An item falling eventually reaches terminal velocity.

What is this, and how fast is it?

How does friction affect velocity?

Can a parachute stop an individual who is falling at terminal velocity?

Why does a space capsule need to have heat tiles on the leading edge for safe reentry?


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C. A fair game of skill is trying to climb a ladder that is suspended between two points and

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