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A digital camera has a(n) 8.9-megapixel CCD array with the pixels evenly spaced over a rectangula

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A digital camera has a(n) 8.9-megapixel CCD array with the pixels evenly spaced over a rectangular region, 7.3 mm × 5.5 mm. The camera has a lens 3.0 cm in diameter with a focal length of 3.1 cm. 

(a) What is the resolution limit due to pixel size?

(b) What is the resolution limit due to aperture size? (Assume use of 500 nm light.) (c)

If an object 1.6 m high is 190 m away, how many pixels high will the image be?

(d) Give an estimate for the height of the words on this page in millimeters. What is the maximum distance from the camera that this page could be photographed in order to read this paragraph from the digital photo? (Assume the font needs to be at least 10 pixels tall in order to be readable in the camera image.)

(e) In one movie theater, the screen is 3.8 m wide and 2.4 m tall. How far back from the screen would one have to sit to capture an image of the whole screen with this camera?

Please show work and explain! thanks


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