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work cited. 

(Harsh Patel)?s Eco-Portfolio/Toolkit 2016


Section A: Eco-You Assignments


It is good to become more aware of resources that are utilized in routine activities. People are supposed to


consider the manner in which they travel, heat and utilize water in their processes. Awareness gives an


individual an opportunity to make choices that are environmentally friendly.


People should practice conservation on the utilization of natural resources. It can constitute simple things like


switching off lights when someone leaves a room. It can also involve complex decisions when it comes to


building a home. It is advisable for people to take into consideration green building techniques. For example,


making the switch from waste-producing products to an environmental friendly product.


It is good to buy recycled products when someone goes for shopping. Such products are environment-friendly


and conserve the environment. Such products reduce pollution of the environment.


People are encouraged to plant trees which are necessary for us t survive because they give us oxygen, clean air


and prevent soil erosion. Having trees in the compound assist in the reduction of energy that is needed to keep


homes cool even during summer.


Water should be conserved because a lot of energy is needed to pump water from the rivers, dams, and lakes to


the households. Water conservation reduces the amount of energy that is required to filter it. Water conservation


can also entail fixing of leaking pipes, utilizing of water saving appliances, a collection of rainwater into barrels


and taking short showers. The use of harmful chemicals should be reduced like paint and ammonia which when disposed of openly leads


to water and air pollution. The chemicals seep underground and contaminate water which is a serious


consequence to the human health.


Individuals should change their travel habits, and this constitutes the choosing of fuel efficient travel options,


using more of direct routes and traveling less to save on fuel. Even people who reside near their offices can


choose to ride a bicycle instead of a car.


The purchasing of locally grown products is a simple way of reducing carbon footprint. Locally grown products


help in saving energy because it eliminates the shipment of products. People are advised to consume local


dairies and farms that are farmed organically.


People are encouraged to join environment groups to work towards protecting the mother earth and make the


environment clean. A person can make use of Google search to find such groups.


Also, people are encouraged to stop littering on the streets and roads. This can be done by educating them to put


trash and garbage in dustbins, and this eliminates piling of garbage on roads that hampers the beauty of the city


and cause air pollution.


Sustainable solutions view day-to-day activities that meet present needs without compromising the ability of


future generation to meet their necessities. It primarily focuses on three areas which include; the economy, the


society as well as the environment (Knox, 2013).


Irrespective of where one may be, there are many chances to take part in sustainable solutions. In our home, I


have been responsible for reducing energy wastage. This is through turning off the light when not in use as well


as our television. The saving translates into a real economy.


I have also engaged in purchasing recycled products such as polyethylene bags. As such this encourages the


responsible companies to continue with the process which helps eliminate wastes from our environment. I engaged myself in tree planting processes carried out in my high school. As such, trees are essential in our


environment for many reasons. They help in air purification as well as reducing soil erosion leave alone the


aesthetic view. With such initiative, it will enable us to preserve the environment even for the future generation.


In a bid to save the water cost availed through the piping system, from time to time I harvest the rain water.


The water being fresh is healthier and also helps the economy save the cost of piping the water. This also helps


conserve our water reservoirs which are also important for our future generation.


I have also taken part in educating my younger siblings on the need to avoid littering. Littering is common on


our streets, and it takes away the beauty of the place. In avoiding this, the concerned parties should erect more


dustbins, and people feel the urge to use them appropriately.


I have also partaken in our generator doesn?t run as it used to in the past. Currently, it?s used only in cases of


emergency. This help minimizes the use of fossil fuel based products. Being non-renewable it implies once


exhausted there will be none for our future generation.


In our farm back in India, I ensured and suggested my uncle that, we use natural manure which facilitates the


growth of micro-organisms. It also helps safeguard the health of the society who consume the farm products.


Inorganic fertilizers have negative effects on our health, the soil as well as to our rivers when the chemicals are


drained there.


I believe that if each person attended the process, then crisis such as global warming would be unheard. The


world would be the best place to be.


Reducing the use of plastic or politeness paper bags. Instead using the ones which are not plastic


Using a paper bag more than once like using it at the store and using the same to keep your personal stuff at




The water from the sink or the one I used for laundry using it to irrigate the garden or grass outside the house. Instead of using a personal car which produces a lot of smoke from the exhaust, I used public transport. Helping


reducing carbon emissions


Also ensuring I used the dustbin or garbage bins properly. By ensuring I separate my waste at home like


separating food waste from plastic and putting the same on the proper bin.


Ensuring I don't keep the tap running all the time especially when brushing my teeth.


Replacing the current electric bulbs with energy saving bulbs.


Section B: Sustainable WWW Blogs


One Green planet. The Environmental Impact of GMOs. Retrieved from


In their article, One Green Planet tries to bring forth the actual effects of Genetically Modified Organisms


(GMOs) on the environment. Having clearly defined GMOs, they highlighted the following as the main impacts


of GMOs on the environment. The danger of toxicity from the fact that these organisms are dependent on


chemicals for example the pesticides and herbicides that may tend to interfere with biological organisms that are


very important such as the bees. Another example of environmental impact is the possibility of these plants


making a particular group of insects resistant to pesticide hence making it hard to fight them.


?One Green planet? in this article therefore clearly highlights various environmental impacts of GMOs. They


have expounded the imminent danger that these plants pose to the environment and also the social and ethical


debates surrounding these organism. This site has clearly covers the topic because it has highlighted the key


dangers of GMOs and ultimate health impacts as well.


Importance of Organic Foods. Annotated Bibliographies


Dr. Alan Greene, Anna Lappe (2014). Why Organic is the Right Choice for Parents. Retrieved from In their article, Dr. Greene and Lappe have removed the dilemma that existed on whether to go organic or in


organic. They have clearly indicated the reasons as to why parents should embrace the organic way of life.


Among the many reasons they highlighted include the health aspects of organic foods. Organic foods for


children according to them increase their metabolites and their level of immunity which makes them resistant


against diseases. This article has clearly expounded the topic based on the research that the authors carried out.


Lawrence Robinson, Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., and Robert Segal, (2016). Organic Foods: What You Need to Know


About Eating Organic. The Benefits and Basics of Organic Food and How to Keep It Affordable. Retrieved




In their article on the importance of organic food and how to keep it affordable, the authors have clearly


expounded on what organic foods are, their importance and examples of organic foods locally available. They


have also highlighted what GMOs really are, their health and environmental impacts. They have also indicated


the cost aspects of organic foods. They conclude by making clear the point that organic foods are very cheap if


other factors such as health are considered leaving price aside. This article therefore has completely and


unanimously covered the topic about organic foods and their importance.


Jha, A. (2009). Alok Jha on the best eco lightbulbs. the Guardian. Retrieved 21 October 2016, from


The author of the website affirms that he never worried about startup times. He reports that every room he goes,


he finds himself calculating the wattage of the lights. He even reports that from his dentist chair last week he


noticed not more than 50 watt halogen that was embedded in the ceiling as well as smattering of fluorescent


strip lights. He reports that this year the newspapers as well as the comment blogs have been over flown with


reports concerning gradual switch to greener lighting specifically the parallel demise of incandescent bulbs. The


author of tells us that his very own transformation started with an innocent question concerning his life as he


was getting round to carrying out an audit of the carbon footprint of his home. As part of a bigger plan to green his home, he asked Russell Smith concerning the sustainable building company eco parity so as to carry out an


energy survey of his freezing energy hungry Victorian terrace.


The website reports that the incandescent bulbs were very similar to a great majority of light in the bigger part


of British homes. It also states that majority still gets its artificial energy lighting from the glowing filaments


tungsten which is housed in a glass enclosed vacuum. He reports that the process of swapping incandescent


bulbs for more energy efficient compact fluorescent lights was going to be one of the easiest way of cutting the


carbon footprint. The author tells us that over the next few months, he spend evenings as well as weekends and


lunch times hunting out together with testing energy saving bulbs. He reports that he saw a future also in super


bright light emitting diodes (LEDs) which are very common in car dashboards as well as bicycle lights because


they smash all the records for the efficiency of energy.


The website further points out the negative myths concerning Compact Fluorescent Lights and according to


their detractors, they give out cold as well as taking ages to warm. They have the possibility of making one ill.


The website further reports that by the end of the 20 th century, tungsten had replaced bamboo since it was the


material which survived longest. It is also noted by the author that fluorescent lights appeared in more than 80


years ago and they swamped offices together with factories in 50s and 60s. The future of LEDs is also pointed


out by the author of the website. He notes that where CFL technology ends an additional lighting technology is


coming up with the aim of reducing the energy bills. The author notes that in mid 90s, a Japanese scientist made


an invention of the first blue LED. The author of the website concludes by saying that the LED technology will


be better and cheaper.


This website is a prime example because it discusses the ways of reducing your own carbon footprint. It points


out the lighting technology that has the ability of reducing the energy bills. It highlights the maintenance


together with design issues to put to consideration so as to build as well as live in an effective way. The website


is also a prime example because it highlights ways like swapping incandescent bulbs for much energy effective


compact fluorescent lights as a way of cutting the carbon foot print. Jha, A. (2009). Alok Jha on the best eco lightbulbs. the Guardian. Retrieved 21 October 2016, from


Green America. (2016). Green Business. Available at


Green America is a network that advocates and increases the awareness for social and environmental


responsibility. The mission of the network states that they link green businesses with the consumers thus


enabling them to benefit. Green America has managed to evaluate more than 800 small businesses across the


U.S using a number of criteria. For a business to be certified by Green America, it should have used business for


positive social change, its operations should be aimed at environmental sustainability, the business should


protect and preserve the environment and that the business should be accountable for their actions while


maintaining the highest levels of transparency. This website is a prime example of excellent efforts geared


towards preserving and protecting the environment. This movement does a good job by informing the society


about those businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible. Also the movement ensures to link the


business to the customers thus ensuring that most businesses are encouraged to go green.


The article,, explains how the Coca-Cola Company has come up with


ways that are sustainable to the environment and also to the community. These sustainable methods include


Coca-Cola engaging in community works where it supports the community recycling and recovery, operation


care package where it the company takes part in honoring serving the nation, women empowerment strategies


through the 5by20 program, sustainable packaging, climate protection, sustainable agriculture and others.


The website has a prime example because it identifies some current trends in sustainable solutions that are


being employed by companies that take part in sustainable solutions innovations. Climate protection, for


instance, is a superior sustainable solution especially in conserving the environment; this is whereby companies


like Coca-Cola expands its production but at the same time taking great consideration of the environment. The


company has grown its business without increasing greenhouse gas emissions.


Generally, environmental innovations focus investigative consultancy, production of suitable and tailored


solutions. Most companies have embraced the use of environmental innovation especially those that understand the effect of climate change and scarcity of resources to their value chain (Knox & Mayer, 2013). These


innovations help them become more competitive since they improve operational efficiency, reduces energy use,


uses fewer materials and also reduces waste and other toxic emissions. Such companies include Coca-Cola


which has acquired an official green status as an environmental-friendly building (De Marchi, 2012).


The building had green characteristics as many as possible; the features include the fact that the materials


recycled, such as environmentally friendly bamboo as well as recycled rubber flooring add up to around 20% of


the building. Additionally, the carpeting of the building is made to be cradle to cradle, that is, it is made from


recycled carpet. The structure?s waste resulting from the project was recycled, salvaged or reused up to 90%


(Davenport, 2013). The landscaping features around and in the building entail light-colored paving, reflective


roof and vegetated grounds with the purpose of reducing heat island effect which is harmful to the environment.


Inside the World of Coca-Cola, the air quality is advanced by the utilization of low-emission paints, sealants,


adhesives as well as carpeting (Davenport, 2013).


Section c: Top Level Discussion Assignments


Beyond the bubble


In my workplace, our branch manager usually an emphasis on the utilization of products which are


biodegradable and are environmentally friendly. As a company, there has been the provision of mugs, reduced


usage of paper by using the business database in saving the vital documents instead of writing them. Along the


corridors, there has been the installation of recycling bins. Additionally, the company?s computers are


environmentally friendly. They do not produce a lot of fan sound.


Yes, I have started few programs including buffering computer literacy in the entire organization. Some


of the employees have minimal knowledge regarding computer usage and utilization. I have started a program


of teaching our fellow employees regarding use of Microsoft office which will minimize the use of paperwork


among the employees. Since the commencement of the program, it has been successful despite few challenges


like the tight schedule of the firm which only permits a lunch break which is approximately one hour. I usually teach my fellows at this time of the day hence if there would have been more allocation of time like two hours a


day, the program would have helped grown immensely and all the employees would have been computer




To get more started at work, I would need to have strict rules for improper disposal of nonbiodegradable stuff in the company. Each new employee hired should be computer literate and understands the


environmental implications caused by excessive use of paperwork. In my toolbox of work, I would put strict


rules against improper disposal of papers that might cause environmental degradation.


Yes. If we put in place rules against environmental degradation and impose various activities which are


environmentally friendly, we will surely have a better life ?Beyond the Bubble? with the reduced paperwork,


paper millers will not use much wood thus deforestation, and desertification will be eliminated. In addition to


this, more rainfall and friendly environs will emerge.


Design an environmental friendly home


Environmentally friendly materials used in designing a home are those materials that affect the


environment negatively in the least possible way. It is necessary to use these type of materials as they are cost


effective. With the changing environment nowadays it is important and crucial for every human to be aware and


active hence act on the matter of going green and be environmentally friendly.


Here are some of the material you can use which are environmentally friendly; Cork flooring






Straw bale


Rammed earth Each of these materials has their environmental advantages which include;


Cork flooring 1. Environmental sound-obtaining the corks are relatively cheap as they are harvested from the bark of the


tree, therefore, being advantageous since the tree itself is not cut, and the bark which is removed will


eventually grow again.


2. Environmental sustainable-use of cork is equally sustainable to both the human and the environment.


3. Hypoallergenic-the product is less allergenic compared to other methods


4. Ant-microbial-it inhibits the growth of microorganisms




1. Sustainable-it has the lowest carbon emission cost compared to other methods like steel. Therefore, the


methods used to harvest timber are less destructive to the environment.


2. Trees often absorb CO2 from the atmosphere which is very advantageous to the environment as CO2 is




3. Insulation-the most efficient way to provide maximum insulation from the C02 emissions is by use of


timber. Timber frame houses ensure massive levels of thermal insulation.


4. Reduction of waste- timber construction reduces waste on site.










4. Does not require paint-this makes it both economical and environmentally friendly


Insulation-it withstands massive heat


Reduces noise pollution-brick can block sound from outside.


Resistant to rotting and burning- due to its capacity to withstand a lot of heat it is immune to fire. Straw bale


1. Recycling-they is made from waste products, and they have the ability of annual recycling


2. Insulation- due to its thickness it can withstand heat hence being an insulator


3. Little energy is needed for its manufacture thus being environmental friendly


Rammed earth


1. Nontoxic-rammed earth creates safer buildings due to its non-toxicity


2. Reduces noise- due to its thickness it can absorb noise


3. Insulation-its thickness provides excellent protection from extreme climate


R?s Keeping of the status quo that the US is the best in the world in garbage production is just a brag and boast.


What is important is how far US is being more innovative and creative on its garbage production and how far


the country is devising new ways of garbage production. Therefore more ways and methods of making use of


wastes and garbage should be improvised and be implemented for the better lives of tomorrow. Improved


garbage production aims at maintaining and conserving the environment in its green nature for sustainability


development i.e. it is the better way of investing for the future and making sure that the future generation do not


suffer due to the environmental degradation and pollution that is done today.




Garbage and wastes such as plastic bags can be put for better use. Upon collection of all garbage, the garbage


can be taken to a processing plant and be processed to other useful products or cleansed and reprocessed to


serve the same purpose as before. Waste scrap metals can also be re-melted for other metal work purposes.




Garbage like plastic bags can be reused for improved green living. Wherever I go for shopping, I can carry my


used plastic bag so that I can use it for my next shopping. Reducing


Reducing means use of less of the products likely to pollute the environment. If I can avoid using nonbiodegradable products such as plastic bags and rather use old newspapers in wrapping up products, then I will


reduce garbage.


Up cycling


I can use used plastic bags as a mat or a bag for keeping some items like feed for my poultry. Old tires can be


used to make improvised foot ware for use at home or in the farm. Utilizing PSS


Plastic bags, waste rubber and waste plumbing bags can be melted and vulcanized to make car tires and other


strong rubber. By adding value to this garbage, more useful products will be produced.


Therefore, by using greener approaches of reducing, recycling, reusing, up cycling, utilizing PSS, the


environment is conserved and preserved for better lives in the future. Bu utilizing of all this methods of garbage


production, environmental sustainability is maintained.


How green is your wardrobe?


My wardrobe is clean because I have looked out for brands that make clothing from recycled materials or use


only environmentally friendly fabrics and natural dyes.


How green are your personal hygiene products?


My personal hygiene products are green because I ensure they are clean and fresh before I use my accessories,


inner pants and toothbrushes which I change occasionally.


How green is your sex? (Those cotton thongs are better for the planet and better for you?re... shall we say


"private health")


Sex feels good. And, as it turns out, going green makes us feel good. How green is the fun in your life?


I have let my example be inspiration and keep the lines of communication open so that friends or family will


have a seasoned pro to turn to when they are looking for ways to go green. What about travelling? What changes can you make for earth and for your health?


Buying a fuel-efficient car (like a hybrid) is wonderful. In fact, replacing your gas-guzzling car with a fuelefficient one is by far the best thing you can do, out of all your choices. What ideas from this week's reading are you thinking of for the future?


Ideally, an Eco-friendly or 'green' product needs to have zero or negative carbon footprint; will be created


without use of harmful chemicals; is fit for purpose and is compostable, re-usable or recyclable after use rather


than discarded. In return we help to conserve resources such as energy and water and prevent land, water and air




Section D: A final evaluation of The Future,


? Based on all you have learned all term ? And the wrap up in the final epilogue of your texts Work Cited


Knox, P., & Mayer, H. (2013). Small town sustainability: Economic, social, and environmental innovation. Walter de Gruyter.


Davenport, T. H. (2013). Process innovation: reengineering work through information technology. Harvard


Business Press.


De Marchi, V. (2012). Environmental innovation and R&D cooperation: Empirical evidence from Spanish manufacturing firms. Research Policy, 41(3), 614-623.


Knox, P., & Mayer, H. (2013). Small town sustainability: Economic, social...


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