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[solution] » (Again, note that some of these are one sided, and some are two sided - you'll have to figure out

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(Again, note that some of these are one sided, and some are two sided - you'll have to figure out which are which)

1) An earlier statistics class used to have a lab. During lab students would count corn kernels. Here aresome counts for corn kernels:purple round: 256 purple wrinkled: 90 yellow round: 78 yellow wrinkled: 23Is there any reason to doubt the expected ration of 9:3:3:1 (the counts above are given in order)?

2) Another experiment that the earlier statistics class did was to count M&M's (okay, so this isn'tbiology). M&M's claim the following color percentages in their product:30% brown : 10% orange : 10% blue : 10% green : 20 % red : 20 % yellowHere are some counts:brown: 123 orange: 42 blue: 12 green: 23 red: 59 yellow: 26 Do you believe the people at M&M?

3) You want to know if an octopus (octopi are very intelligent!) can tell the difference between circlesand rectangles. You provide each octopus with one circular disk and one flattened rectangle. You hidefood under the circle. After several trials, you then count how many times the octopus picks up thecircle and how many times it picks up the rectangle. You get the following results:Circles: 19 Rectangles: 8Can the octopus tell the difference between circles and rectangles?(Hint: if the octopus can't tell the difference, what's the probability that he/she will pick a circle?)

4) In an investigation of daylight savings time, researchers at the University of Colorado found 302traffic deaths in 10 years for the Monday following the spring time change. On a regular Monday thereare about 258 traffic deaths in 10 years. Does daylight savings time increase the number of trafficdeaths?

5) Epistasis is a phenomenon in which one gene controls the expression of another. In one case, adihybrid cross should yield a 9:3:4 ratio.You collect the following data on mice:black coat: 70 brown coat: 23 white coat: 24Is there any reason to doubt the ratio of 9 black : 3 brown : 4 white?


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