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[solution] » VERIFY the assigned subject from your instructor [Read the Announcements area for information on


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VERIFY the assigned subject from your instructor [Read the Announcements area for information on the PowerPoint Project Topic or email your instructor]. Some rules to follow along with some suggestions

(18PR) PPT Project Instructions


Last Changed: 8/17/2016 A PowerPoint Presentation to be completed on your PC and zipped and uploaded in Eagle


Online to be graded by your Professor:


NOTE: The next link in this module, (18PR) PPT Project Sample.pdf, is a sample project. Take


a look at it. This should give you some ideas on how to incorporate the features listed below


into a PowerPoint presentation.


Step Instructions Points


Possible VERIFY the assigned subject from your instructor [Read the Announcements area for


information on the PowerPoint Project Topic or email your instructor]. Some rules to


follow along with some suggestions:


1 2 3 o






o Do not use foul language (keep it clean)


Do not make sexual innuendoes


Keep it ?G-rated? (something you could take kids to see)


Try to ?teach? or ?inform? Create a Lastname_Firstname_PROJECT folder.


Create a new PowerPoint presentation, saving it in the above folder, make sure to


name it: Lastname_Firstname_18PR_PowerPoint.pptx and remember, Lastname is


your actual last name, and Firstname is your actual first name.


Presentation should contain no less than 10 and no more than 20 slides. 4 4 4 Use a template or a theme.


4 5 For Templates: Click on File/New, and then you can select PowerPoint presentations and


slides, Sample Templates, or you can enter a module in the ?Search for


Templates? box to search for various templates (though that will also give you invitations,


and all sorts of other things)


Use at least 3 slide layout choices. You must use at least:






o 1-Title Slide (this is to be your first slide)


1-Title and Content Slide


1-Two Content Slide (any type of two content slide) 4 6 6 Follow the 7 x 7 rule (Page 858) for the most part (exceptions here and there are fine). 7 x


7 rule means do not exceed 7 words per line, and 7 lines per slide. 4 7 Adjust font sizes and colors as appropriate. It should be easy to read. For example, do not


use a yellow font on a white background. 4 Step Instructions Points


Possible Add speaker notes to your first and second slides.


8 9 10 11 12 Remember, this is why the 7x7 rule works. Use speaker notes when you want to convey


more information than is on the slide. Print using Notes Pages, and then make sure and


?talk? about ?your notes? during your presentation!


Using Graphics Effectively: Insert and resize (if necessary) at least 1 ?Online Picture? and


change the Picture Style of the clipart!


Apply a transition to ALL slides. You can use the same transition on all slides, or a different


transition for each slide.


Insert a shape into a slide (This is discussed in the first section of Chapter 3 in textbook).


Enhance your shape by adding color and using a shape style. Now add text to your shape


by adding a text box on the shape.


Create an Overview slide. That is, after the first slide (title slide), the next slide should be


titled Overview. It should contain a list of all the slides in your presentation. This gives the


audience an overview of the presentation. 8 8 8 4 4 13 Create a SmartArt on at least 1 slide 8 14 Create a Table in at least 1 slide


The last slide of your presentation should be titled: ?Contact Information?. This is a slide


will give your audience information on how to get in contact with you at a later time, if


necessary. Your NAME, Your PHONE, and EMAIL must be on this slide (Note: you can put a


fake phone number and email if you like). 8 15 16 Annotate the last slide (Contact Information) by circling your email address with a red pen.


When you save your presentation, make sure and keep/save the annotations! 6 4 Include (on all slides) a footer that includes: 17 The date


A slide number


Footer text of: By: Firstname Lastname. Replace the word Lastname with your last


name and replace Firstname with your first name. For example, if your name is Tom


Jones, then your footer text would be: By: Tom Jones. 8 Check the box so that the footer does not show on the title slide!


18 19 Be sure to check the presentation for spelling errors. Save file (keeping annotations).


ITSC1309 Students:


Save and close the PowerPoint presentation


You have completed your PROJECT for this course.


Zip the Lastname_Firstname_PROJECT folder. 4 0 Step Points


Possible Instructions Submit your zipped project folder ( using the


(18PR) Project UPLOAD link.


BCIS1405 Students:


Save and close the PowerPoint presentation


Do NOT zip the folder.


You will need to proceed to the next link in this module to continue with part II of the


project: (18PR) INT Project PART II Instructions for BCIS1405 ONLY.pdf Note: If you need to review how to zip a file into Eagle Online review the (01FM) module.


Total Points 100


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[solution] » VERIFY the assigned subject from your instructor [Read the Announcements area for information on .zip

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