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[solution] » (1) Identify one of the criticisms of Lewin?s model that applies to this example Below and descri


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(1) Identify one of the criticisms of Lewin?s model that applies to this example Below and describe why.

One of the individual change efforts the Louisiana Conference, a subunit of the United Methodist Church (UMC), has implemented involves making a shift in how it motivates and rewards its leaders.

In the old model, leaders were promoted or rewarded based on the knowledge they held and the connections they were able to form with upper leadership. Hence, leaders were motivated to network and to become efficient in their understanding of the organization?s structure, policy, procedure and theological leanings. As a result, leader?s behavior leaned more toward appearances, where they sought to bring attention to who and how much they knew rather than actively carrying out their tasks.

The danger was that leaders were not demonstrating how their knowledge translated into successful action. Moreover, the connections that leaders were motivated to cultivate were not being used to effectively complete tasks in ways that furthered the organization?s mission. Leaders were then promoted to higher tasks, offered higher salaries and organizational recognition, and/or placed on special teams when they had not shown, through action, their ability to perform in such positions. From this practice, the organization found that it had a significant number of leaders who had little to no experience in the key areas they were operating in. While they were very knowledgeable about their tasks, they weren?t able to successfully lead in the areas they were placed.

To address the issue, the organization began to implement what they call ?missional assignments,? where leaders were rewarded through promotion and/or organizational recognition based on year-end reviews. Those who consistently succeeded in meeting organizational metrics, whose actions pointed to areas of strength and thereby showed an ability to lead in a given environment could expect to be promoted to an assignment or task that matched their abilities. This practice has only been in place for three years but so far has proven successful. Areas of the organization that was replete with leaders who struggled to put their knowledge into action are now filled with proven leaders who confidently work to reach organizational goals.

This successful change initiative relates to Vroom and Lawler?s expectancy theory. The subunit of the UMC was able to do an assessment of its culture and see that parts of its organizational failure was due to how it was motivating its leaders. Leaders learned what they needed to do to gain recognition and promotion, and began to behave in like manner. As the organization changed what behavior it rewarded, leader?s behavior changed accordingly.

To prevent relapse, the subunit could tap into other motivators such as that presented by Hackman and Oldham?s job satisfaction. In this manner, the Louisiana Conference of the UMC could continue to encourage behavior that promotes the mission of the organization by allowing its leaders autonomy and empowerment. Also, by observing and knowing leaders, those in the position to do so can assess the capacity that leaders have to complete assignments that are not part of their everyday tasks but is in alignment with their potential and capabilities. In these way, leaders can feel challenged and find motivation in knowing they are being observed. Those in the position of authority can express an expectation of that goals will be met but encourage leaders to approach and complete new tasks based on how the leader feel it is best achieved. Such ownership can motivate leaders to continue to behave in ways that promote organizational growth.

Running head: KURT LEWIN


1 Kurt Lewin




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Kurt Lewin




Kurt lewin developed a change model involving three steps; unfreezing, changing and refreezing.




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[solution] » (1) Identify one of the criticisms of Lewin?s model that applies to this example Below and

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