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[solution] » (1)  Early Childhood Discussion-1st post due by 11/18 From 23 23 unread replies. 23 23 repl


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(1)  Early Childhood Discussion-1st post due by 11/18

From 23 23 unread replies. 23 23 replies.

Transgender at Five or Six? 

By now most of us have probably heard about Bruce Jenner's transition to Caitlyn and know that he's struggled with his gender for quite some time. However, is it possible to experience Gender Dysphoria at age 5 or 6 ?

Gender identity is a good predictor of psychological adjustment. Early childhood is a time in which children begin learning about gender-typed responses through modeling and reinforcement. They organize these behaviors into gender-linked ideas about themselves. Over time, boys typically feel pressure to conform to male gender roles; whereas girls experiment with ?other-gender? activities. However, not all children follow the same developmental trajectory. Click on the links below to learn how 2 children have developed a strong sense of gender identity, but not in the way their families expected. (Links to an external site.) (transcript) (Links to an external site.) (video) (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

In these videos, the families and professionals discuss Gender Identity Disorder. However, with the newly revised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), Gender Identity Disorder has been replaced with Gender Dysphoria. Read about it here: (Links to an external site.)

  1. Can/should Gender Dysphoria be diagnosed at the end of Early Childhood? BRIEFLY state why.
  2. As a parent, how would you respond to "Tyler" and ?Aurora??
  3. As a professional, would you advise parents to allow their daughter to cut her hair and live as a boy? What about allowing their son to dress as a girl? Discuss how your advice might relate to the children?s cognitive, social and emotional development in middle childhood.

(2)  Infancy Discussion-1st post due by 11/10 - Discussion Group 2

From 32 32 unread replies. 32 32 replies.

Baby Geniuses

Click on this link to check out the Baby Geniuses video: (Links to an external site.)

Most (if not all) parents want their babies to be super smart. This video shows how some parents have sought help for training their children to be geniuses. Discuss your reaction to this video and include the following:

  1. Would you consider this approach in raising your own child? BRIEFLY explain your answer.
  2. Considering what you learned in your text so far about cognitive development, are the parents in this video on the right track?
  3. Piaget believed that the child actively seeks out knowledge. Considering what you know of his theory, what would Piaget say about the institute?s approach to fostering learning?
  4. Vygotsky believed that learning develops best in social situations. What would he say about the parents? approach to helping their school-aged children acquire new skills?
  5. How do you think the approach to education shown in this video will impact children?s emotional and social development? BE SPECIFIC!


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[solution] » (1)  Early Childhood Discussion-1st post due by 11/18 From 23 23 unread replies. 23 23

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