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[solution] » >1 mama? P pom? ow so .5 or» .5 WP.? Men working in female-dominated positions are more highly qu


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>1 mama? P pom? ow so .5 or» .5 WP.? Men working in female-dominated positions are more highly quali?ed than women working in such positions. are more likely to be promoted into management than women working in such positions. are likely to experience discrimination because they are not in an appropriate type of job. are often constrained by glass walls. In terms of sexual harassment, most of the men who are harassed are harassed by other men, rather than by women. having women managers reduces hostile environment harassment but not quid pro quo harassment. women are 85% of harassment targets and perpetrators in about 25% of cases. All of the above. A and C only above. Regarding sexual harassment, formal charges, but not informal complaints, should be promptly investigated. men and women view sexual behaviors at work similarly. regular training is expensive and not very effective in increasing understanding of what constitutes harassment. the best prescription for sexual harassment may be one of prevention, rather than remediation after harassment has occurred. Which of the following is not true regarding White women and women of color in the workforce At a societal level, women of color occupy the lowest-paid, lowest-status jobs of any group. White women have higher workforce participation rates than some women of color, but not others. The combination of race and sex creates advantages for women of color, thus they have benefited mm from affirmative action pro grams than White women. The earnings of White women with a bachelor?s degree are higher than similarly educated Black and Hispanic women. Which of the following is not true of women of color? They occupy the lowest status, lowest paid jobs. They are subject to multiple disadvantages from race and gender stereotypes, discrimination, and segregation. They are likely to work in female-dominated jobs. They experience sexual harassment based on both race and sex from managers, but not from peers. Regarding gender and poverty, women?s greater amount of part-time work can negatively affect them during their work lives and dur their older years. women?s lower participation in the workforce can negatively affect them during their younger and 016 years. around the world, women earn less than men and are more likely to live in poverty than men. All of the above. A and B only above.
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[solution] » >1 mama? P pom? ow so .5 or» .5 WP.? Men working in female-dominated positions are more highly

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