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You wrote the below paper.  I need it to be 7 pages long.  I thought it was suppose


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You wrote the below paper.  I need it to be 7 pages long.  I thought it was suppose to be 3 pages.  Can you please add 4 more pages

Parts 6-8 should be 7 pages including a cover page, table of contents, introduction, and body of the report, conclusion, and a reference page).

Please see below details.  Please write as specified below.

Even though this is not a scientific-type writing assignment and is mostly creative in nature, references are still very important. 4 or more outside resources or references are required (anonymous authors or web pages are not acceptable). These sources should be referenced according to APA guidelines.

Appropriate citations are required following APA guidelines.

No Plagiarism

Part 5: Issue Solutions

The issue of underinsurance can be addressed through transfer of unused funds from HRA and HSA accounts to the new employees.  The funds from the HRA and HSA accounts need to be treated as benefits thereby making employees entitled to them for the services rendered. Reduction or elimination of taxation on pharmaceuticals and lowering the co-pay amounts is another strategy that can be used to reduce the cost of healthcare. Premiums payable are lowered in the process. Unnecessary costs are discouraged. High premiums payable by employers and individuals can be minimized by legislating to discourage mergers in the industry as this eliminates competition among insurance companies. Elimination of partial coverages in favor of complete coverages is a solution that can be used to eliminate payment of out of pocket cost for network care (Ulmer, Ball, McGlynn, & Hamdounia, 2012).

art 6: Solution and Its Implementation This segment should outline your recommended solution to the identified issue. The solution will be one or a combination of the solutions provided in Part 5. This part should be specific, stating what benefit plans are recommended, timing for implementation, and in what sequence. It includes not only what should be done, but also how it should be done. A specific solution should indicate what benefit is most appropriate for the issue and how it will be implemented in the organization. Some questions to keep in mind when writing the solution section include the following.

Has an awareness of the problem of implementation been addressed?

Have you been too general?

Do the solution and implementation address the issues identified earlier?

Does your solution take into account the identified pros and cons?

How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented benefit plan?

What process checks or procedures will you put in place to institutionalize the improvement?

Was the realism of your proposed action plan assessed? For example, are there adequate time, money, and other resources for your solution?



Addressed Problem and Solution

The problem was adequately addressed; sufficient detail is provided in the solution.

Plan and Measurement

Sufficient detail is provided in the solution; it identifies how success will be measured.


Appropriately formats the assignment in APA format; sources are appropriately cited in APA format; appropriate external sources are utilized; no typing, spelling, or grammatical errors,


A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

Part 7: Justification This section of your analysis should, using course knowledge and concepts, tell why your solution and implementation would work. A major objective is to clearly show how you are applying course concepts and content to arrive at a workable solution and implementation for the issue identified. Some questions to ask when writing your justification segment include the following:

Have you applied the appropriate course material?

Do you support your conclusions and recommendations with appropriately referenced facts, quotes, readings, and class activities?

Does your justification recognize the pros and cons identified earlier?



Pros and Cons

Recognizes pros and cons from solutions.


Conclusions are adequately supported.

Course Materials

Course material is applied appropriately.


Appropriately formats assignment in APA format or MLA format; sources are appropriately cited in APA or MLA format; appropriate external sources are utilized; no typing, spelling, or grammatical errors.

A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.

Part 8: Reflection

Think about this assignment and write a well-thought-out reflection statement about how this assignment influenced your thinking about benefits.



Reflection Statement

Reflection statement is substantive and detailed: your thoughts on the project overall, actions taken, choices made over the course of the project, what learning and growth have occurred, your thoughts on the role of a project like this in developing professional understanding and competency.


Appropriately formats assignment in APA. Sources are appropriately cited in APA format. Appropriate external sources are utilized. No typing, spelling, or grammatical errors.

A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.



1 Reducing Healthcare Cost


Student?s Name


Institutional Affiliation REDUCING HEALTHCARE COST 2 Table of contents Introduction????????????????????????.3


Analyzing the situation????????????????????..3


Ways in which government can resolve the situation?????????4






References??????????????????????????7 REDUCING HEALTHCARE COST 3 Reducing Healthcare Cost Introduction


Due to the development in technology and growth in economy, many nations have


increased the prices of many products including education. However, on the health sector, there


have been cries on citizens requesting a reduction on the cost of healthcare. Healthcare is one of


the most necessity needs in human life and should be affordable to each and every citizen in a


nation. Many politicians as well as governments have promised to reduce the cost of healthcare


and make it easily accessible to the citizens. Reduction of healthcare cost may be in many forms


including transferring unused funds from Health Reimbursement Account and Health Saving


Accounts to new employees, and offering health insurance to employees and their families.


Accessible healthcare is an important achievement in every country in the world. There


are many ways available to solve the problem of underinsurance. Such solutions include,


transferring unused funds from Health Reimbursement Account and Health Saving Accounts to


new employee?s .In HRA, the employers pay the contributions to this account. When the


employee incurs medical cost, the employer, refund the amount that the employee incurred. In a


case, the employees did not incur any medical cost within the year; the employer keeps the


unused funds (Raghupathi and Raghupathi, 2014). REDUCING HEALTHCARE COST 4 Employees manage Health Saving Account. Either the employer or the employee can


contribute to this account. When an employee leaves the company, he or she can take the amount


in HAS account. Since the unused funds are not returnable to the employees in both HRA and


HSA accounts, the funds is transferrable as benefits. Employees are entitled to these benefits for


the work they have done. Employees can use these funds to pay for medical insurance (William


et al, 2015).




According to Raghupathi & Raghupathi, (2014) elimination of pharmaceuticals cost is


another strategy available to reduce the cost of healthcare. Reducing the costs for drugs will


make healthcare services accessible and affordable. When costs of drugs is reduced the supply of


drugs is likely to decrease as no one will be willing to even do more research on what drugs are


best for people as the prices are very discouraging to the producer. When the cost of drugs is


reduced, the amount of premium payable by employees to insurance companies reduces, When


the premiums are lowered, competitions amongst different insurance companies reduces.


Although reducing prices for access to healthcare services is a good solution, it comes with


several disadvantages, For example, when prices reduce the quality of the drugs produced will


deteriorate and as competitions reduces amongst pharmacists the quality will also reduce.


Reducing the costs of drugs will also discourage the students who are aspiring to be


medics in future. Medical students study for a long period, and when the course becomes less


paying very few will dare to pursue the medical causes. This will reduce the amount of research


needed to come up with new drugs and machines necessary in the health facilities (William et al,


2015) REDUCING HEALTHCARE COST 5 According to William et al, (2015) when prices of drugs reduce the competition amongst


doctor decreases and this lowers the quality of services offered to people. Another challenge of


reducing the pharmaceutical cost is need for adequate money to cater for production and supply


of drugs at a reduced cost. The government will need extra funds to implement this program. The


government is likely to increase income taxes or value added taxes in order to cater for this


program. As well, the government might take a loan in order to implement the lower cost of drugs. Taking a loan will negatively affect taxpayers.


According to Claxton et al, (2005) the legislature can also put measures to regulate the


amount of premiums payable by the employer to insurance companies. Enacting of statutes to


reduce mergers of insurance companies will be a perfect solution to underinsurance. When


mergers of insurance companies decreases competitions, which lowers, the premiums. Although


such laws are good for provision of affordable healthcare, such enactments requires more time,


which delays the implementation.


At the same time, such laws will also discourage insurance companies, as their profits


reduce. Many insurance companies are likely to opt to close their businesses. Insurance


companies? pays many taxes, which develop the economy through provision of better


infrastructure. Insurance companies also provides majority of people with job opportunities.


When they are closed, many people will lose their jobs and lose their basic income that they use


to cater for their needs and those of their families. Regulation of premiums through enactment of


law should take in account its effects in the present and the future (Berwick & Hackbarth, 2012).


According Claxton et al, (2005) lowering the co-pay amount is another way of reducing


cost of healthcare. The government should reduce the amount of premiums payable to insurance REDUCING HEALTHCARE COST 6 for different medical coverage. When the amount of premiums payable by citizens is too high,


less citizens will subscribe but if reduced many people will enroll for insurance care. The only


way the government can implement this program is through loan, which will also be a burden to


taxpayers (Berwick & Hackbarth, 2012).


In conclusion, there are many was that the government can introduce to reduce health


costs. This includes transferring unused funds from HRA and HAS to be benefits given to


employees as their own for the work they have done to the company. Secondly, the government


can reduce the costs of drugs and other health services to be accessible at affordable price.


Thirdly, the government can also enact legislation, which reduces the amount of premiums


payable to insurance companies. Reducing the cost of health can be very expensive and time


consuming. The government will need to acquire loan in order to subsidize the cost of health.


Enacting laws to discourage insurance companies from charging more premiums is time




References Berwick, D. M., & Hackbarth, A. D. (2012). Eliminating waste in US health care. Jama, 307(14),


1513-1516 Raghupathi, W., & Raghupathi, V. (2014). Big data analytics in healthcare: promise and


potential. Health Information Science and Systems, 2(1), 1. Williams, R., Aspinall, R., Bellis, M., Camps-Walsh, G., Cramp, M., Dhawan, A., ... & Hickman,


M. (2014). Addressing liver disease in the UK: a blueprint for attaining


excellence in health care and reducing premature mortality from lifestyle


issues of excess consumption of alcohol, obesity, and viral hepatitis. The


Lancet, 384(9958), 1953-1997. Claxton, G., Gabel, J., Gil, I., & Pickreign, J. (2005). What high-deductible plans look like:


findings from a national survey of employers, 2005. Health Affairs, 24,




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You wrote the below paper.  I need it to be 7 pages long.  I thought it was suppose .zip

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