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After carefully revising and rewriting your research paper?s thesis sentence (created in Written

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After carefully revising and rewriting your research paper?s thesis sentence (created in Written Assignment 3), include it in a carefully written introduction.

In addition, write a correctly documented body paragraph for your research paper that integrates source material from one of your note cards. Be sure to use the style (MLA or APA) appropriate for your subject.

Students please note: Submitting this assignment to is optional. However, submitting it may help you check your citations and thus is valuable. Reference the ?Turnitin Requirement? section of the syllabus.



1 Reasons for Inequality in Resource Sharing Name


Thomas Edison State University


ENC 102




2 Reasons for Inequality in Resource Sharing


Purpose of the proposal


For time people have seen an imbalance in sharing the national cake in different


regions/states of the United States. In the United States, for example, different regions have been


segmented on the race of the inhabitants as either natives or blacks. For a long time, this


segregation had resulted in conflicts between the black Americans and the white Americans


which can be dated back to a colonial era when the slave trade was at its peak (O'Leary, 2013).


However, this inequality is sharing resources a sign of humanity since it leads to the unequal


development of different states which leaves more residence to die from hunger and poverty.


Reason for choosing the topic


I decided to choose on this research topic since it?s a grave matter that has resulted in


many civil wars. This research topic interests me because I am a human right activist hence


always eager to know why suffering is pronounced to some Americans yet America is a


superpower (Crawley & O'Sullivan 2007).


Statement of purpose/position


The idea of inequality in sharing of resources in the US is a problem that is found to have


started a long time ago when the first slaves were settled in the US. My position on the issue is


that the government should consider and treat all the Americans equally regardless of the color,


race or the state from which an individual hails from. This equality will ensure even development


of the US and promotes unity among the Americans. REASONS FOR INEQUALITY IN RESOURCE SHARING




Intended audience


My intended audience is mainly the government but the issue is global, and thus the


international community is also not left out of it.


Preliminary thesis


In the face of the creator, all human beings are equal and are all created with a purpose


and for a reason. It is thus uncouth and very barbaric to treat some people with specialty


regarding others with partiality (Liamputtong & Ezzy 2005). REASONS FOR INEQUALITY IN RESOURCE SHARING






Crawley, G. M., & O'Sullivan, E. (2007). How to Write a Research Proposal and Succeed.


Liamputtong, P., & Ezzy, D. (2005). Qualitative research methods.


O'Leary, Z. (2013). The essential guide to doing your research project. Sage.


ENC102: Grading of Assignment Three: Choose a topic and write a short research proposal


for your research paper. You may choose your own topic; your mentor will approve or suggest


changes to your topic choice as a response to this proposal. If you feel unsure about choosing a


topic, contact your mentor before this assignment is due.


In your proposal, be sure to include the following:


Your purpose in writing the paper


Your reason for choosing your particular topic: Why does it interest you?


Your intended audience


Your position as the writer


Your preliminary thesis


Students please note: This assignment must be submitted to Reference the


?Turnitin Requirement? section of the course Syllabus.


Hello Kweku:


Many thanks for completing the Written Assignment Three.


Your work has met sound expectations.


Develop the thesis statement in your own words and your own ideas; do not include research in a


thesis statement. Please make improvements here.


Continue to refine your thesis statement, which will be placed at the end of your introduction in


future drafts.


I have attached your graded essay.


Please review the detailed marked-up essay (using Track Changes), and the completed grading


matrix included in the attached document.




Prof Makhanlall


---------------------Please review these expectations, guidances and tips.


As you can see, your response to the assignment requires developing a strong research essay




Please review this video for additional tips and hints: How to Structure Paragraphs in an Essay: REASONS FOR INEQUALITY IN RESOURCE SHARING




Review this link on the writing process:


Video on the writing process:


Review this link for documentation:


Hope these help.




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