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After Action Assessment 

 Using the attached essay with feedback, p
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After Action Assessment 

 Using the attached essay with feedback, p
Running Head: REALITY Not in MLA FORMAT


1 Definition Essay








26 December 2016




Reality refers to the actual occurrences in the life people live in other than what would be


imagined or thought about. Reality holds the ways things interact among each other. The only


sure way one can be able to talk about reality could only be based in the past occurrences and


rather not everything on what is to happen. This is because the past cannot be changed and the


future cannot be told. Things may occur in a particular way than sit was expected or vary


depending on the particular instance (Searle, pg 16 ). Reality refers to what is true about nature,


the actual occurrences in real life or what would be regarded to as a normal phenomenon by a


noble man.


Reality is an independent existence and nature of things whether people know it through


observation or through a logical inference. It does not depend on people?s perspective and would


continue to occur and shape itself in accordance to its own nature and character. It changes in the


way people describe it or rather the way people describe the way the world appears to them. It is


a product of language and impression that builds in an individual?s mind in the process of


thinking. In order to prove the varying realities among people; in the attempt to shape or


structure reality, people may achieve totally different structure yet arriving at the same ends. REALITY 2 Reality involves an interaction of different entities which makes it become the reality of


that thing. The view however is relative to what an individual either believes or perceives the


thing at hand. For example, one may see the earth as being round and the other as being flat.


This appears as two different realities. However, the key thing is that both are referring to the


same thing though under varying perspectives (Winnicott, pg 10). The variation in the senses


among people result to generation of different sensations providing different dimensions about


an issue.


The world view could vary though most of them are linked to perceive reality as


attitudes, beliefs and perceptions. Different individuals may however have different beliefs and


views towards reality. It could be viewed in terms of a particular aspect or rather as a


combination of different phenomena altogether. The reality could also be interpreted differently


by individuals. Some will see things happening in a particular ways or pattern whereas others


perceive the same incidents in totally different way.


Considering an example of reality about people?s life, everyone is born as a child and dies


after a particular period of time. Under consideration of different worldviews, the reality about a


person?s life could differ in that one may tend to see a person?s life as long and the other as short.


The natural things such as the rising and setting of the sun are also considered as a reality.


However, one may not be able to predict whether or not the sun will rise and set as usual on a


particular day as the weather may vary. REALITY 3


Work cited Winnicott, D. W. (1971). Playing and reality. Psychology Press.


Searle, J. R. (1995). The construction of social reality. Simon and Schuster. ENGL101 WRITING RUBRIC, Assignment 1


DEFINITION Assignment Grading Rubric




Thesis Statement


Topic Sentences


Body Development






Format/Title/Works Cited


Sources & Support


Grammar and Mechanics


Sentence Structure 5/5


2/5 missing




20/25 short and wandering (needs THESIS guidance)






3/5 PARAGRAPH ?space after? setting






5/5 Total 85/100 Late -5 = 80 Hi, Jimmy ~


Please see Rubric included in your assignment for details about


each grading element. This will be a DEFINITION ESSAY, whose goal


it is to inform the reader about your personal definition of this


WORD Please see attached paper with embedded comments.


Solid essay, thoughtful with excellent mechanics and intelligent


observations. Because it?s missing a thesis statement, however, it


wanders a bit. In the end we?re asking, ?What?s the point??


Lastly, you wrote in in APA format, not MLA as instructions read.


I?d say you provide an interesting perspective on this definition, but


clarity is lost along the way. I?m glad you got this in though, and


your wiring offers promise. REALITY


Let me know if you have any questions! Prof U 4


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