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For this assignment you are required to identify physiological explanations of a psychological pr


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For this assignment you are required to identify physiological explanations of a psychological process to later be compared to spiritual/supernatural explanations about the process. You will explore cultural influences and ethical implications of this perspective in addition to identifying any biochemical, genetic, and structural influences. 

  • 1. Summarize the physiological perspective of the psychological process you explored in the Spiritual Explanation Paper, making sure to ground this viewpoint in existing scholarly literature.
  • 2. In presenting the physiological components, make sure to describe relevant anatomy involved as well as the physiological mechanisms, including any biochemical, genetic, and structural influences.
  • 3. Explore what the ethical implications of this explanation are. These should not be general ethical considerations, but rather how this particular explanation of the problem would affect the ethics of interventions. For instance, if you approach an individual with schizophrenia believing schizophrenia is caused by biochemical imbalances, what would you have to consider ethically?
  • 4. Explore any cultural influences and/or differences. This includes how the psychological process may appear differently in various cultures.
  • 5. The paper should be 3-4 pages (excluding your title and reference pages), using APA format.

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I am attaching my spiritual explanation paper as reference to write this paper

Running head: PSYCHOSIS Lee 1 Psychosis


Geehyun Lee




Azusa Pacific University College PSYCHOSIS Lee 2


Psychosis One of the psychological processes that have had a supernatural/ spiritual explanation is


Psychosis. The experiences of psychosis include hearing voices, believe things that other people


find strange, thought disorder and experiencing confusion periods where one seems out of touch


with reality which is known as acute psychosis. Some people believe that psychosis by blood


poisoning from the evil spirits and hence tend to think that they are evil. Other people believe


that spirits are warping their thoughts and changing their ideas which always make them feel


frightened. Some explanations get used by individuals from various ethnic minorities that are


strange to people from some majority cultures. For instance, people from a culture where most


people believe that there is a possibility that psychosis gets caused by demon possession makes


them feels obsessed.


Furthermore, some people hear voices via their ears and believe that the voices are from


their ancestors to help them cope with the difficult life situations. The people tend to


communicate with those voices, consulting them for their benefits or their clients if they are in a


particular job position. Although the voices are not actual sounds, some people tend to believe in


them and never feel restricted to them. Rather, they feel that they are protective and they give


them advice and care (Marshall, 2011).


There is also the idea that psychotic crises are as a result of spiritual crises and hence


people tend to believe that their crises led to spiritual growth. Some believe that psychotic


episodes are transformative crises that cause spiritual growth. Some people also believe that


various life events lead to psychosis. For instance, people have to deal with stressful events in PSYCHOSIS Lee 3 their lives such as failure events which lead rejection, divorce, disappointments from people and


other. Some cultures believe that psychosis can be as a result of such incidents (Seikkula, 2011).


Although relationships are at times stressful and challenging, culture through family and


friends are the ones who can offer moral support and help, even towards those people who live


alone. Trying to help is sometimes challenging and frustrating especially when a loved one gets


lost in the experiences. When relatives and friends can maintain the situation?s calm, it brings a


relaxed atmosphere at home and brings a difference towards the person?s recovery


Different cultures help their patients in various methods to overcome the psychic nature.


Psychotic episodes cause great sufferings where the society helps those people by involving them


in organized religious communities. Some people claim that psychosis made them stronger.


Despite the pains they experienced in their life, the illness seemed to give them a different


outlook on most people. They tend to stick up for disabled people when others discriminate


them. Many cultures have accepted many intellectual people in the society without any


discrimination. After struggling, going through trials and tribulations in coping with psychosis,


they feel better than before and can help the people suffering from the same illness. Support from


family and friends are the most crucial form of aid. The best ways of help include acceptance


from the household and friends by showing support and love, valuing the person?s opinions and


views. Furthermore, the society should learn about the person?s experience and know how to


assist. The person should also get help in regaining their independence after the crisis. The


people should get encouraged in joining self-help groups and support groups by doing things


differently (Phillips 2009). PSYCHOSIS Lee 4 In a case of believe that demons cause schizophrenia, one should ethically offer guided


mindfulness sessions to the victim. We should not put our energy into fighting and attempting to


control it, but rather should develop acceptance of the people and their emotional pain.




Marshall, M., & Rathbone, J. (2011). Early intervention for psychosis. Schizophrenia


bulletin, 37(6), 1111-1114.


Phillips III, R. E., Lukoff, D., & Stone, M. K. (2009). Integrating the spirit within psychosis:


Alternative conceptualizations of psychotic disorders. The Journal, 41(1), 0.


Seikkula, J., Alakare, B., & Aaltonen, J. (2011). The comprehensive open-dialogue approach in


Western Lapland: II. Long-term stability of acute psychosis outcomes in advanced


community care. Psychosis, 3(3), 192-204.


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For this assignment you are required to identify physiological explanations of a psychological

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