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Using the databases and the Research Methods research guide in the Ashford University Library, lo

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Using the databases and the Research Methods research guide in the Ashford University Library, locate and read peer-reviewed articles about the features of qualitative research and quantitative research. Also read the full text of the study you selected in Week One. Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative research methods and terminology. Specify which approach is used in the study. Explain whether the study is qualitative or quantitative by citing specific clues from the article, such as sample size, data collection techniques, the nature of the data collected, or the data analysis techniques used. Using information in the instructor guidance and Chapter 2 of the textbook, determine whether the research study you selected is non-experimental or experimental. Explain your reasoning.

Your paper must be a minimum of four pages (excluding title page) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. All sources must be documented in APA style, as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. For more information about APA style, please see the Ashford Writing Center.

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The Week Two assignment requires you to locate peer-reviewed articles about qualitative research and quantitative research. After locating and reading articles about the two types of research, read the article that you selected for your Week One assignment. Next, prepare a four page paper in which you discuss the differences between qualitative and quantitative research. You can use the articles that you locate to help support the points that you make in your paper. Further, ensure that you discuss which of the research methods was used in the article from Week One and how you determined that the method was used. Also, discuss whether the study described article is experimental or non-experimental and how you are able to tell. Make sure that you paper is formatted according to APA standards.

Running head: PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT Psychology Assignment


Jennifer Flynn


PSY 326


Katrina Hilton


November 20, 2016 1 PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 2 Psychology Assignment


The title of the selected article is ?social identity lessens depression through fostering


positive attributions.? The authors of this article are Cruwys Tegan, South I Erica, Greenaway H


Katharine, and Haslam S Alexander. The authors found out that social identities can reduce


depression partly because they weaken the depressive attribution style. The article was published


in the year 2015 in the journal of social, psychological and personality science, volume 6 issue


number 1 pages 65 to 74.


The authors are trying to answer four questions in this research. The questions are; would


social identity is associated with decreased depression? Would social identity be linked with


positive attribution styles? Would positive attribution styles be associated with reduced


depression? Moreover, will a reduction in the depressive attributions mediate the protective


effects of social identity on depression?


The selected research falls under social and personality psychology because it studies


individuals in the real world in their social environments. The study examined the behavior of


human subjects via field observations and the use of questionnaires. Besides, Cruwys et al.,


(2014) investigated the relationship between social identities and depression through a survey


followed by an experiment that manipulated the social identity salience in the real world.


The only ethical issues that were addressed in this study are, first protecting the privacy


of the research participants (Kapp, 2006) through guaranteeing confidentiality that identifying


information remains confidential. Another issue is the use of non-treatment control group in the


study. The participants in this study were assigned randomly into three groups, no group, which


served as the control, three group or one group in which the treatment was administered. Cruwys PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 3 et al., (2014) state that the participants in the control condition did not complete the written


reflection task while the other groups of participants did complete the task.


The ethical principle that was notably applied in this study is that of anonymity (Kapp,


2006) since the information and data collected was anonymous. The questionnaires were filled


online, and the participants? information is not included in the study and no personal data


(Cruwys et al., 2014). The subjects were informed through a written form and orally regarding


the relevant features of the study (Cruwys et al., 2014). This appears to be the ethical principle of


informed consent (Kapp, 2006), protection from harm and confidentiality. Confidentiality


assured the research subjects that identifying information would never be shared or made


available to any person not directly involved in this study. In addition, this also includes the


principle of voluntary participation because the research participants were not coerced into


taking part in this research. The subjects were fully informed regarding the risks and procedures


involved in the research and they gave their consent to participate without being forced to do so.


There were no any ethical dilemmas encountered in this study.


In conclusion, Cruwys and the colleagues studied the relationship between social


identities and depression and found that people who have stronger social identities are less likely


to undergo depression. The above is true because such people have a less likelihood of


attributing negative events into internal, global or stable causes. The study was carried out


through field survey followed by field experimental manipulation of subject?s social salience.


The only ethical principles and issues addressed in this research include the participants? privacy,


confidentiality, informed consent, voluntary participation, and protection from harm. PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT 4


References Cruwys, T. et al., (2014). Social identity lessens depression through fostering positive


attributions. Social, Psychological and Personality Science, volume 6 issue number 1


pages 65 to 74.


Kapp, M. B. (2006). Ethical plus legal issues in research involving human subjects: do you want


a piece of me? J Clin Pathol, 59:335?339. doi: 10.1136/jcp.2005.030957


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