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LinkedIn is filled with high quality prospects for every salesperson. Many of those prospects truly need what we have to offer. LinkedIn can be a great place to meet prospects and grow your sales network.

But there is a right and wrong way to interact with those prospects. No one likes being sold to. When someone sends you a solicitation email right after connecting through LInkedIn, the only thing they are trying to do is sell to you?and that does not feel good. Discuss the use of LinkedIn to qualify and develop prospects and how to effectively reach and engage buyers.

Running head: PROSPECTS TO REACH AND ENGAGE BUYERS Prospects to Reach and Engage Buyers 1 PROSPECTS TO REACH AND ENGAGE BUYERS 2 Prospects to Reach and Engage Buyers


Develop Connections and Meet Second-Degree Connections


The general population you've associated with specifically on LinkedIn are called firstdegree associations. This is your prompt system. You can expand your system by tapping on


"Include Connections" and giving LinkedIn transitory access to your email or by gluing your


messages in. Watch the Newsfeed for Warm Relationships


Many individuals disregard the LinkedIn newsfeed for different parts of the site, yet you


can channel the newsfeed to indicate just news from new associations. To begin with ensure


you're taking a gander at the newsfeed by tapping on Home. At that point look down until you PROSPECTS TO REACH AND ENGAGE BUYERS 3 see "All Updates" and pick "Associations" starting from the drop menu. In the event that you see that one of your associations has quite recently associated with


somebody you'd jump at the chance to interface with, now is a decent time to request a


presentation! The most serious issue with LinkedIn presentations is that occasionally the


associations have gone frosty. Individuals associate with somebody however have overlooked PROSPECTS TO REACH AND ENGAGE BUYERS 4 their identity a year later. This may be a decent time to present yourself by means of InMail (or


you may have another first-degree association who knows the prospect) and ensure the prospect


thinks about your administrations.


Jump on Recommendations and Get Introduced


You can likewise channel the newsfeed by proposals, despite the fact that it's more


manual. In the event that somebody just gave or got a proposal, there's a considerable measure of


energy in that relationship and you have a superior shot prevailing at a prologue to the individual


who made the suggestion. Mine LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Answers for New Business PROSPECTS TO REACH AND ENGAGE BUYERS 5 LinkedIn Groups and Answers are great spots for you to discover prospects and begin


connections. Answer inquiries from individuals who are potential prospects?you can exhibit


your organization's significance, esteem and aptitude. It resembles a preparatory prospective


employee meet-up.


Hunt for Prospects with Advanced Search


Propelled Search is a standout amongst the most energizing parts of LinkedIn, yet utilize


it with care. LinkedIn's Advanced Search permits you to look LinkedIn for anybody, on


numerous criteria, regardless of the possibility that you don't have any acquaintance with them.


You may need to ask for a pesentation or send an InMail (if there's cool approaching LinkedIn,


this is it). When you begin doing Advanced Searches, you'll have to utilize your meaning of what a superb


lead is for you or your organization: Who are the buyers in the companies you sell to?


What?s their job title?


What?s their seniority level?


How big is their company?


Are they in specific industries? PROSPECTS TO REACH AND ENGAGE BUYERS 6 Map the Target Company


In case you're following up on a lead from your organization's promoting or showcasing


effort, you may need to arrange your way through an organization to locate the "financial


purchaser" (official choice producer) who will utilize the arrangement you're offering and who


may have impact over the acquiring choice. Arrange from the outside to within. The better


relationship you can hit up with every individual, the more probable you'll get data or a


suggestion nearer to the monetary purchaser.


Reach Decision-Makers


To begin with take a gander at the LinkedIn organization page and see which of the


organization's workers you have as first-degree associations. On the off chance that you discover


individuals in the objective organization who will help you, a positive discussion that shows how


you'll help their organization (and serve their interests) could prompt to LinkedIn acquaintances


with different people in the organization, or their telephone numbers. Regardless of the


possibility that you get the telephone numbers straightforwardly from the last individual you


conversed with, or from, you can utilize LinkedIn to gaze every individual upward and


become more acquainted with somewhat about them before calling. You could get a formal


LinkedIn presentation, and afterward call the following day. Regardless of the possibility that


your new targets haven't yet acknowledged your presentation or answered, in the event that you


have their telephone numbers, you can call them and they'll at any rate remember you. You can


likewise discover workers in LinkedIn Groups. Strike up a discussion on the off chance that




How to Maximize LinkedIn?s Value with Sales Navigator, LinkedIn Sales Solution.


McCann, S. (2014). Fearless prospecting in a changing economy. American Salesman, 59(10),




The demand generation marketing guide, LinkedIn Sales Solution. Retrieved from, 7


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