1,050 to 1,400-word paper on th">

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I Need a Paper written about "Proposed Policy" and I have attached the file. Below are the requir


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I Need a Paper written about "Proposed Policy" and I have attached the file. Below are the requirements for the paper.

1,050 to 1,400-word paper on the complete process of how your chosen topic becomes a policy. In your paper, include the following information:

State the objective of the policy.

Define Formulation stage:

Explain the process to formulate your policy and the involvement of stakeholders.

Define Legislative stage:

Explain the legislative body's approval process needed to gain support (ie funding) for the policy and how stakeholders influence legislators' decisions.

Define Implementation stage:

Identify the accountable parties and their roles in the various implementation stages of your policy.

Running Head: PROPOSED POLICY 1 Proposed Policy Paper


Donald Musgrave


Health Care Policy: Past and the Future HCS/455


October 5, 2015


Tiffany Graves PROPOSED POLICY 2


Proposed Policy The subject of which I have chosen to cover in the proposed policy paper is Human


Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). The Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention (DHAP) focuses on


many preventive methods of not only transmission of this disease, but the sociable interactions of


individuals with the disease, as well as the influence of health policy in regards to HIV. Many


policies and programs are directly influenced by this subject which include funding, research,


prevention, and planning. I believe that this subject provides enough information to successfully


complete the assignments due in weeks two and three.


This topic has changed over the course of many years, and much is from policy changes


in health care industry and in government policy with and without influence. There are many


resources available to use in the research of this type of policy formulation, legislative,


implementation, evaluation, analysis, and revision. Some of the resources include, The World


Health Organization (WHO), and Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


The results of this research should yield adequate information that will address the


subject matter. It is my hope that the process to formulate policy and the involvement of


stakeholders is clear. The legislative bodies are identified with an understanding of the policy and


how stakeholders influence legislators' decisions. We will identify the accountable parties and


state their roles in the various implementation stages. Finally, the evaluation and analysis


processes in which many factors must be considered, as well as any revisions that are required


will be highlighted.




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I Need a Paper written about "Proposed Policy" and I have attached the file. Below are the requir.zip

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