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The annotated bibliography will present an introduction and five reference citations with annotat


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The annotated bibliography will present an introduction and five reference citations with annotations. The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to determine the appropriateness of the sources to the argument you are developing for the Course Project. The format of the proposal is an introductory paragraph followed by an alphabetized list of sources with two paragraphs of annotation after each source. Use APA documentation to document any sources referenced in your proposal.

Running head: PROPOSAL PITCH FOR CHILDHOOD OBESITY Proposal for Childhood Obesity 1 Running head: PROPOSAL PITCH FOR CHILDHOOD OBESITY 2 Proposal for Childhood Obesity


I. Introduction


A. Topic


1) Research question: Is there correlation between mental health and childhood obesity?


2) Working thesis: Mental health and wellness has correlations with childhood obesity and


overweight which is a real health concern in the current world. Statistics show that the level of


childhood obesity and overweight has persistently increased though various suggestions on its


control have been documented. Proper nutrition and exercise have been for a long time taken as


measures to comport these health condition and my proposal is based on looking into the mental


health and wellness that contributes to children and even adolescence being overweight as well


as maintaining this condition once they are in it.


3) My View: My view on measures to control childhood obesity is based on improving the


mental health and wellness of children and adolescence who have the condition as well as to who


have normal body weight. Apart from physical exercise, genetic makeup and nutrition that have


been suggested to contribute to childhood obesity have a strong feeling that mental health and


wellness must be the core factor that need to be looked into in order to tackle with the crisis of


childhood obesity and overweight. I am strongly convinced that if factors such as good selfimage, improved self-esteem as well as development of policies and sensitization of the entire


community i.e. researchers ,parents and even teachers towards striving to maintain mental health


among the obese children and adolescence can serve the best in the fight against this health


condition. Running head: PROPOSAL PITCH FOR CHILDHOOD OBESITY 3 B. Context


Childhood obesity and overweight is a topic that is worth to be studied and even more funds


given studies on its controlled and eradication if possible because of the possible reasons. To


begin with the condition has been observed to increase steadily currently as compared to the past


years when incidences were very low indicating that there is need of better understanding causes


and measures to be taken. Also considering the fact that childhood obesity comes with a lot of


associated conditions such as diabetes and even high blood pressure on the affected it?s important


to study the topic in order to improve general health of the children and even reduce mortality


rates. In addition to the above, children are majorly the determinants of the future of any society.


This can be said so since children who experience this condition in the early ages are likely to


develop it in adulthood age and this will affect their economic as well as social contribution.


C. Audience


1) My primary audiences this are my fellow young parents, teachers as well as medical care


providers. This is because the above individuals have great responsibility in nurturing the mental


health and wellness of children and adults suffering from childhood obesity.


2) My secondary audiences are my fellow students and my professor. Amongst them might have


been affected by the condition or even their siblings, friends and relatives. In addition this will


affect their future research trends on childhood obesity.


3) My audiences agree with my opinion that mental health and wellness has correlation with


childhood obesity. However other hold to different opinions concerning this condition and


believe that diet, exercise and genetic makeup of an individual are related to childhood obesity. Running head: PROPOSAL PITCH FOR CHILDHOOD OBESITY 4 II. Evidence


A. The research that I have already gathered is concerning how self-image of a child as well as


adolescence with this condition affect the possibility of the affected being able to recover from


the condition .Also I have done research on other health complications such as hypertension,


poor appetite syndrome is associated with the mental health of an individual.


B. The research that I intend to undertake include the following: How policies can be formulated


to meet the mental health and wellness of affected children. Also I intend to research on ways to


improve the total quality of life of the affected children by the parents and even teachers. Lastly I


intend to research on ways weight-base stigmatization and teasing can be incorporated in the


society in order improve the mental health and wellness of affected children.


III. Conclusion


The proposal is set to achieve the following;


1. Possible causes of the rise in child obesity in the society today,


2. Ways that the young parents contribute to their children?s overweight,


3. Ways that the young parents can express their love to children without using the practices that


can encourage child obesity,


4. Establish a legal framework and policies that help to improve the mental health and wellness.


5. Give recommendations on curbing child obesity.


I am looking forward to the approval of the above project proposals so as to enable me continue


with my research. It could be my deepest pleasure to complete my research and come up with a


life time solution that is first denying our young one their right to fulfillment. Running head: PROPOSAL PITCH FOR CHILDHOOD OBESITY 5 IV. References


1. Aicken C, Arai L, Helen R (2008) Large-scale and locally-based schemes to promote healthy


weight among obese and overweight children in England. London: EPPICentre, Social Science


Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London.


2. Allwood R, Rich E, Evans J (2006) Disordered eating and disordered schooling: what schools


do to middle class girls. Paper presented at: British Educational Research Association Annual


Conference, University of Warwick, 6-9 September. Leeds: University of Leeds. (accessed December 2011).


3. Amaral O, Pereira C, Veiga N, Amaral O, Tavares I, Ferreira S (2006) Obesity and Depressive


symptoms in adolescents. American Journal of Epidemiology 163 (Suppl.11): S219.


4. Anderson SE, Cohen P, Naumova EN, Jacques PF, Must A (2007) Adolescent obesity and risk


for subsequent major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder: prospective Evidence.


Psychosomatic Medicine 69: 740-747. Running head: PROPOSAL PITCH FOR CHILDHOOD OBESITY 6


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The annotated bibliography will present an introduction and five reference citations with

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