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Here's the project.

Research Proposal

The research proposal will present the topic yo

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Here's the project.

Research Proposal

The research proposal will present the topic you have selected for your Course Project.( So you will want to look for academic sources related to a literary project for your topic) The purpose of the proposal is to persuade your reader to believe that you are interested in the topic and ready to learn how to develop the topic into a project. The format of the proposal is a sentence outline. Use APA style to document any sources referenced in your proposal. 

Read the attached course project research proposal for instructions, and click the sample for ideas.

Running head: PROPOSAL FOR A PAPER ABOUT WAR LITERATURE Proposal for a Paper about War Literature


Sarah Smart


DeVry University 1 PROPOSAL FOR A PAPER ABOUT WAR LITERATURE 2 Proposal for a Paper about War Literature


I. Introduction A. Topic


1) Research question: Compare literary works from two different historical eras in how the works portray war. What common themes are there in the literary


works? What are the differences in tone in the works? To what extent are the


differences the results of the different wars that provide the settings for the




2) Working thesis: The literature of World War I presents a tragic view of wasted youth, while the literature of World War II presents a grotesque and absurd


view of war as meaningless.


3) Angle: This paper will use a Moral/Intellectual critical approach to discuss the attitudes the authors take on the subjects, plus a Topical/Historical approach to


discuss the details of the wars as related to the literature and the authors? lives. B. Literary Works


1) The first work from World War I that I will discuss is Wilfrid Owens? poem ?Dulce et Decorum Est? (p. 680). This poem was written by a British


soldier from the war who died during the war.


2) The second work from World War I that I will discuss is Siegfried Sassoon?s poem ?Dreamers? (p. 937). Like the Owens poem, this one was written


by a British soldier who fought during the war. It presents the war from an


insider?s point of view. PROPOSAL FOR A PAPER ABOUT WAR LITERATURE 3 3) The first work from World War II that I will discuss is Randall Jarrell?s poem


?The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner.? Jarrell was an American who fought


during the war, and his early poetry records his reactions to the war.


4) The second work about World War II that I will discuss is Dan Georgakis?


poem ?Hiroshima Crewman? (p. 777). This poem was written decades after the


war, but reflects on the historical legacy of the war.


C. Theme


1) My primary theme for this paper is death. The poems are all about death in war and whether these deaths have meaning.


2) Related themes include the value of war itself, whether the wars were worth the lives lost.


3) My audience may be on conflicting sides. Some might agree with the poets about the uselessness of war. Others may believe that these wars were


justified to prevent a greater social evil.


II. Evidence


A. Research collected so far


I have found an article that discusses Wilfrid Owens? attitudes towards pacifism. The article


states, ?Owen, of course, was never a pacifist, though there is a brief passage in his brother's


memoir which suggests that he may have had moral doubts about joining up? (Pittock, 1998). I


have also found an article about Randall Jarell?s attitudes toward war. The author argues that


Jarrell writes about both the ?shame and glory? the soldiers (Goldensohn, 1999).


B. Research to be collected PROPOSAL FOR A PAPER ABOUT WAR LITERATURE 4 I will look for additional critical articles to demonstrate the gap between the different


poets? attitudes. I will also look for some biographical material about the poets who


fought in the wars. Finally, I will look for some historical material about the wars from


the soldiers? perspectives. I will start my research in the DeVry online library?s Literary


Reference Center. III. Conclusion I propose that what the writers thought the wars might ?mean? was greatly influenced by


the wars themselves. For those writing about World War I, the promise of glory quickly


turned into waste and destruction. For those writing about World War II, there was sense


of repeating the pain and death and not learning the lesson. IV. References Goldensohn, L. (1999). Randall Jarrell?s wars. War, Literature & the Arts: An


International Journal of the Humanities 11(1), 42-67.


Pittock, M. (1998). Wilfird Owen, Tailhade, and pacifism. Review of English Studies,


49(194), 154-66.


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