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My paper, the teacher already wrote her recommendations.

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My paper, the teacher already wrote her recommendations.

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THIS COVER PAGE IS NOT IN APA Promotion for a Healthy Weight and Proper Nutrition in School Age Children


Lucia Segovia




Advanced Nursing Practice II


NSG6002 S02


Dr. Kim Kuebler


Identified an appropriate goal for health promotion




Developed or proposed a specific, narrow, and focused


intervention to address the goal.


Vague, unclear, not supported by evidence


Provided an explanation of the importance of the project


relative to the students? future advanced practice role.


Unclear and non-specific, no use of evidence to


guide discussion


Developed a plan to identify the needed data and


information for creation of the project.


No plan identified, vague and unclear


Followed APA Guidelines


Give your paper a specific title specific to your


paper and not titled by the assignment. Limited


evidence is used to support this paper, Use of


passive vs active tense, do not use personal


pronouns, not citing appropriately. Much of this


content is anecdote and not evidence based


Please review the voice over power point


presentations that I provided the class under Doc




Total: 5/10


5/10 5/10 0/10 5/10 20/50 1 July 28, 2016 PROMOTION FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT AND NUTRITION 3 Promotion for a Healthy Weight and Proper Nutrition in School Age Children


The Goal for Health Promotion Never place a subheader under the title of your




This project what project? Do not open up a paper assuming that the reader understands


what you want them to know is entitled promotion for a healthy weight and proper nutrition in


school age children. The main goal of Healthy People 2020 is to promote health and decrease


chronic disease risk through the intake of healthful diets and achievement and maintain of


healthy body weights (Health People 2020, 2016this comes from the CDC ? you cite CDC). The


content of this work what work? responds to the growing need of improve nutrition in the US


scholar age population, this unhealthy habit is a problem that can be influenced positively with


community education by a nurse practitioner. Childhood obesity is linked with an increase of


likelihood of obesity, death and incapacity in adulthood. But besides all these risks, obese


children might suffer respiratory problems, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and


psychological problems. Also, they can present early markers of cardiovascular disease. The


concern of NP as professionals is to help patients in all facets of their lives. This author believe


that, the nurse practitioner has a vital role to promoting and preventing complications caused by


obesity (Smanioto et al., 2014). The promotion through knowledge is the focus of the project.


Focused Intervention to Address the Goal this is unclear? Use headers and


subheaders specific to your paper


The essential part of this work what work? is represented by education providing by


advanced practice nurses, which emphasized promotion in order to modify personal behaviors


and enhance community resources. The learning about healthy nutrition can come with


opportunities that would involve therapy for patients in order to instruct them on their weight and PROMOTION FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT AND NUTRITION 4 in what way to get and/or preserve a healthy weight by having an appropriate diet. At general


level, advanced practice nurse can support or help in the creation of policy to enhance the


nutrition in the public educational system. This would benefit in targeting the children and


support in creating improvements in the eating habits for those who do not have enough


resources (Health People 2020, 2016).


The aimed population for this proposal are the children of scholar? What is this age. The


occurrence of obesity in this age is more prevalent in black girls and Mexican American children.


The promotion for healthy weight has its focuses on the school age children. Early intervention


would decrease incidence of chronic problems as cardiac, or diabetics that in most of the cases


are related to overweight. The children with healthy diet have shown less risk to develop


emotional, medical and academics problem show does this tien into Mexican American? (Health


People 2020, 2016). It do not begin a sentence with IThas been confirmed time after time in


diverse investigations that nutritional education at early age is crucial to founding healthy habits


in patients with chronic diseases or it will decrease its occurrence. Early education has proven to


be successful by improving knowledge about healthy lifestyles choice (Rydén & Hagfors 2011).


Importance of Project for Future Advanced Practice


At the present time, the medicine needs that the NP has a extensive scientific, technical


and human preparation, decreasing the use of therapeutic support , and rising prevention and


promotion strategies to enhance carethis does not make sense ? what are you saying here? (Vos


et al., 2012). The excellent nurse practitioner's communication with their patients, will give them


the chance to change positively the eating patterns of the patients as well as their families.


Throughout yearly check-ups or when the children are taken for health care assistances, the NP


can evaluate the patient for present weight change, and the risk for future problems. Nowadays, PROMOTION FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT AND NUTRITION 5 the FNP receives more visits from children than adults, the NP might take benefit of these


chances in order to provide education to the children and their parents. The education should be


directed to the benefits of physical activity, healthy nutrition, proper weight and healthy lifestyle


with smart choices. This nurse is conscious that family, social-cultural, economic and


psychological factors might affect daily nutritional choices of children and their parentsthis is


coming from you ? how can you cite this? (Vos et al.,2012).The awareness of these social issues


can determinate the benefit of NP when she provides education of the significance of an adequate


nutrition and a proper weight with the parents? children. Furthermore, the personal issues such as


problems, knowledge, abilities, and enthusiasm may affect the eating patterns .The policies


interventions might be a powerful instrument for creating community improvements in the


nutrition arena (Caspi, Sorensen, Subramanian, & Wipf, 2012).


Plan to Identify Data for the Project


For this proposal, this nurse would like to offer evidence-based investigation that will


validate this proposal, and create a promotion project to a healthy weight and proper nutrition.


This nurse will need more research and analysis of all risk variables by studying its roots in order


to find the solution to this epidemic problem. In the United States, thanks to the First Lady


Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative, the country is giving attention to this issue (Health


People 2020, 2016) you are discussing the Lets Move initiative - this is not cited through healthy


people. A particular fascinating study exposed in this author?s initial research is a complete


evaluation of the association between the food environment and a person?s nutrition. The


research shows the close relationship of accessibility, approachability, affordability,


accommodation, acceptability. Through this proposed program the children and their parents will


have an increased awareness and knowledge of obesity (Caspi, Sorensen, Subramanian, & Wipf, PROMOTION FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT AND NUTRITION 6 2012).The examination on the study?s results will be completed, with the investigation on extra


bases of knowledge to discover the essential info to provision the growth of this promotion


proposal. References


Caspi, C., Sorensen, G., Subramanian, S., & Wipf, J. (2012, May 31). The local food


environment and diet: A systematic review, 18(5), 1172-87. Retrieved from did not discuss a meta analysis in this




Health People 2020. (2016). Nutrition and Weight Status. Retrieve from


Rydén, P. J., & Hagfors, L. (2011). Diet cost, diet quality and socio-economic position: How are


they related and what contributes to differences in diet costs? Public Health Nutrition,


14(9), 1680-1692. doi:10.1017/S1368980010003642


Smanioto, F. N., do Carmo Fernandez Lourenço Haddad, M., & Rossaneis, M. A. (2014). Selfcare into the risk factors in diabetic foot ulceration: cross-sectional study. Online


Brazilian Journal of Nursing, 13(3), 343-352.


Vos, R. C., Huisman, S. D., Houdijk, E., Pijl, H., & Wit, J. M. (2012, November). The effect of


family-based multidisciplinary cognitive behavioral treatment on health-related quality of


life in childhood obesity. Quality of Life Research: An International Journal of Quality of PROMOTION FOR A HEALTHY WEIGHT AND NUTRITION


Life Aspects of Treatment, Care and Rehabilitation, 21(9), 1587-1594. doi:


10.1007/s11136-011-0079-1 7


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My paper, the teacher already wrote her recommendations.

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