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You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in w


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You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in which people are brought in from different parts of the country. This entails everything from preparation, accommodations, and facilities.

Create a Microsoft® Project file for the project that includes the following:

  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that includes all project tasks (hierarchically grouped) and durations.
  • Establish task precedence relationships.
  • Show milestones and deliverables.

Running head: PROJECT PROPOSAL 1 Project Proposal Name CMGT / 410 Date Instructor PROJECT PROPOSAL MEMORANDUM










CC: All Managers


Manager McLaren Technology Centre


July 18th, 2016


Compliance System Training


Management at each branch 1. Purpose


With the implementation of our new companywide compliance system there is training that


should be attended by all our managers through the country. The training program will take


ten hours in McLaren Technology Centre. This means that our management team will need to


travel to the McLaren Technology Centre for hands on training. Once this training is complete


we will have the compliance rules in effect immediately throughout all our branches




2. Project Description


Over the past few years the company has expanded onto the global environment therefore, we


need to have everyone following the same compliance rules and have equal understand. This


will involve a visit to the McLaren Technology Centre for those who have not had the chance


to see our new Compliance System. There will be a 10 hour class to introduce the new


compliance system programing and practical explanation of how the compliance system will


be working.


3. Potential Stakeholders


Stakeholders of this project consist of managers and employees throughout the company. The


new compliance system will be introduced to them. New requirements for both managers and


employees will be to train a minimum of 10 hours on the new system and at the same time


learn the new compliance policies. The new platform once deployed companywide will drive


us into the future allowing us to be able to efficiently compete globally.


4. Project Objectives


The new compliance system will consist of two most important elements which will


promote continued growth and remind us the value of our current clients, and the


necessity of maintaining them. Acquiring new clients can be very costly at times.


Obtaining new clients is our biggest expense we incur. A lot of our money will go


towards marketing, advertising, branding and sales. We have discovered that the new


compliance system will consist of two fundamental elements which will promote


continued growth and remind us the value of existing clients, and the importance of


retaining them.


5. Success Evaluation PROJECT PROPOSAL Tools like measures of success are important an effectively guiding and implementing of


compliance system. They convey the results to the public and policy makers. Frequent


system evaluations based on activity and results information collected through the


measures of success can serve the purpose of evaluating program goals, or strategies,


internal agency accountability or even public accountability, and creating deterrence


among regulated facilities. The measurement of success can be in one of the following


ways. One involves looking for a strategy and comparing the results to the goal. A good


example would be establishing the number of facilities to be inspected during the year


and comparing performance with actual commitments. Another way of measuring


success involves no formal commitments about outcome status but instead keeps record


on results by looking for changes in conditions either environmental or programmatic


over time. The desired products and results are crucial when it comes to having effective


measures and effective programs. It can also develop an effective leader for each branch,


proceeding to change implementation and find their participation in developing quality


evaluation measures of success for their respective stakeholders.


6. Measurable Organizational Value


This new companywide compliance system will provide all the managers the training they


need for effective management and to aid them operate the new system to better manage the


success of the company. They will then have all the ability to train their perspective employees


property and to minimize the error the may make. It will help save time dramatically, by


cutting down the number of phone calls the company gets from requesting information on the


business at a given branch and instead directing them to the proper people so they can be


answered correctly. This new compliance system will authorize personnel from any other


company site to access the important document they need instantly. 7. Assumptions Made


The assumption made is that the venue where the training will be held at a central location


thereby not affecting highly the costs of travel an accommodations hence minimizing the


disruption it may have in any given location.


8. Conclusion


In conclusion by installing the new companywide compliance system and ensuring


that all company?s stakeholders and employees are well trained to operate it and


explain to the stakeholders and customers how the new compliance system will work,


will assure our company take the necessary steps to be able to maintain its current


customers and more in the future with less time, because in the global market we are


now competing time we have. PROJECT PROPOSAL


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You have been tasked with the project of organizing a company offsite 2-day training session in

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