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Project success depends on setting and actively managing the project scope. In this activity, you create the project scope statement for your project. Follow these instructions:

  1. Discuss key project processes or scope requirements with stakeholders prior to writing the scope statement.
  2. Use the Project Scope Template to guide your work.
  3. Use the Project Scope Statement Checklist for expert tips and advice on how to create a Project Scope Statement.
  4. Refer to the Project Scope Statement Scoring Guide to learn how the instructor will evaluate your scope.
  5. Submit your project scope in the assignment area.
  6. The u02a1 template must be used and you must use PMBOK 5th edition.  Template u01a1 is the project scope that must be carried on the project 2.

Running Head: PROJECT CHARTER 1 U01a1


Sabrina Malone


Capella University PROJECT CHARTER 2


Project Charter Project Title: Revamping of Compensation and Benefits Project


Project Start Date: 01/12/2016


Projected Finish Date: 01/05/2017.


Budget Information: $65,011.07


Project Manager: Mrs. Roselyne Ramilo,, +14464150417


Business Need


The name of the project is Revamping of Compensation and Benefits Project. As the new


human resource manager, the company want to revamp compensation and benefits packages to


its employees so that they feel motivated and to improve their productivity in the company and


that of the overall organization. The employee?s current salaries and remuneration is inadequate


to meet their basic needs and requirements. By revamping the compensation and benefits


packages, it will improve the employee?s productivity through motivation as well as increasing


the employee?s engagement to their jobs and the company (Caruth and Handlogten, 2001).


The company's current compensation package is below the national standards as


stipulated in the labor law acts. Moreover, the bonus compensation plan which only reward the


compelling work performance is not enough to motivate the employees of the company given the


workload that they perform. Therefore, after completion of the project, each departmental head


will oversee the implementation of the related aspects of the employee?s compensation and


benefits packages in their particular departments. PROJECT CHARTER 3 A good reward and compensation plan will increase the overall performance of the


company and increase its competitive advantage in the market. Besides, through improved


employee?s performance, it will enhance employees' recognition in the whole organization. Thus,


it will improve the employee?s morale and make it the best company to work for.


Problem Statement


The purpose is to construct a project charter which will help the company through its


human resource department in revamping the employees' compensation and benefits package to


improve the employee?s motivation and productivity. The proposed package should be capable of


recognizing the employee?s outstanding performance in a way which supports the core values,


mission and priorities of the company.




The project shall be managed by a group of team members of the company headed by the


Human Resource manager. The team shall be responsible for planning, developing and


overseeing the project to determine how much the company pays its employees and how the


payment increment influence their productivity and that of the overall organization performance.


Besides, the team shall prepare a program budget and keep operations within budget, to ensure


that pay and benefits comply with the federal and state laws.




i. Create a compensation and benefit plan which is commensurate to the employees


work load and that which is sustainable, visible and consistence with the company


policies. The proposed compensation and benefit plan should: Motivates the employees PROJECT CHARTER ii. Improve the quality of work Improve the employees working morale Increase productivity and increase work effectiveness.


To classify the type of performance results and scale of performances the iii. company ought to achieve after enrolling the project.


To incorporate employees? feedback in order to provide direction on how their iv. compensation and benefits should work.


Develop manageable benefit and compensation system, which the company can 4 easily adjust to basing on its available resources.


Project Scope


The scope of compensation and benefit pan will cut across all the departments in the


company. Besides, it will ensure linkage between other employees systems found in the human


resource department. These other systems include performance management, reward and


recognition, and employees' timesheet. During different phases of the project, the team will be


reporting their developments to the head of human resource department whom will then report to


the management board. The team will report the project?s results and recommendations to the


company?s management. Moreover, the team anticipates fiscal budget recommendations. The


management board will offer its support to the team by carrying out subsequent meetings. This


will ensure the team finishes its goals and objectives within the stipulated time.


The compensation and benefits plan will be used for all the employees of the company


from the junior level such as laborers to senior employees such as the C.E.O of the company.


Besides, the project will involve cross checking the employees compensation and benefits with


labor union and the law to ensure that they are commensurate and are in accordance with the law.


Constraints/Assumptions/Dependencies PROJECT CHARTER 5 The assumption is that increasing employee?s benefits and compensations, will motivate


them. Another assumption is that the project will improve the employee?s productivity as well


the organization.


The constraint of this project is that it depends on the cash flows which varies with time.


Thus, financial resources may not be available as needed and alternative solution such as


borrowing may be required.


The project is dependent on the new compensation and benefit system to be completed


before the project can be initiated.


Initial Risk Factors


Increase of the compensation and benefit to the employees' base pay for each role might


make them see it as an entitlement. The other risk is the occurrence of the operational and risk


market events which might hinder the completion of the project.




i. Define eligibility for the new compensation and benefit system in respect to the ii. company?s core policies, values, and performance record.


To operate as experts during the pilot and implementation stages of the benefit iii. and compensation plan


Create a system which is flexible to adapt by different departments within the iv. organization.


Integrate significant values within the company?s levels of affordability into the


new project plan. PROJECT CHARTER


v. 6 Plan and recommend compensation and benefit system, which contributes to


continuity, equity, and consistency of competencies and performances in the


company. Regulatory cost/Impact


There are various laws and regulations that the compensation and benefit plan should


consider. First, the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA). This is one of the most important piece


compensation legislation. It governs the minimum wage, overtime pay, equal pay, record keeping


which might impact the non-exempt employees and the overall project ("State Changes in


Compensation Laws," 2000).


Second is the Equal Pay Act of 1963. This is was an amendment of FLSA, which


prohibits differences in compensation based on sex for men and women in the same work place


whose jobs are similar


Project sponsor


The finance for the compensation and benefits project will be provided by the company.


Thus, the company will remain the sole sponsor of the project. The board of directors of the


company have agreed to endorse the project so as to increase the level of production and revenue


generation of the company in order to remain competitive in the market.


Team members and Project Managers Authority Manager- Mrs. Roselyne Ramilo


Facilitator- Mr. Josphat Shikana


HR consultant-Mr. Domnic Hongo


Supervisor-Mrs. Evaline Williams


Information services- Ms. Terryanne Nancy PROJECT CHARTER 7 Admissions-Mr. Wan Ben In this case, Human Resource manager is the team leader and his or her responsibility are to: Organizing the team and engaging them in every decision making, communicate


the projects progress to the board of directors and to Ensure completion of the


project in time and within the projected financial budget. Ensure that the project generates more benefits to the company and will reach


company's expectation and serve employees? accordingly.


The responsibility of other team members will include: Communication of the project requirement to various departments,


controlling the projects progress, helping in decision making, and to offer


flexibility in shifts, and working hours. Role Project sponsor Name Hewlett Packard's Organization and Contact Position Information Hewlett Packard's +14431765498 (HP)


Project manager Roselyne Ramilo HP-HR manager +14464150417 Team member Mr. Domnic Hongo HP-HR consultant +14150417482 Team member Mrs. Evaline HP-Employees +14756432095 Williams Supervisor Team member Ms. Terryanne Nancy HP-Information services +14848190063 manager


Team member Mr. Wan Ben HP-Employees +14687609824 PROJECT CHARTER 8 Admissions Sign Off


Name Signature Mrs. Roselyne Ramilo


Mr. Josphat Shikana


Mr. Domnic Hongo


Mrs. Evaline Williams


Ms. Terryanne Nancy


Mr. Wan Ben




Caruth, D. L., & Handlogten, G. D. (2001). Managing compensation (and understanding it too):


A handbook for the perplexed. Westport, CT: Quorum Books.


State Changes in Compensation Laws. (2000). Compensation & Benefits Review, 32(6), 41-53.




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[solution] » Project success depends on setting and actively managing the project scope. In this activity, you

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