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need help to review the paper. So basically i have to review a paper of a peer. and give a commen

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need help to review the paper. So basically i have to review a paper of a peer. and give a comment on a peer review form.

Running head: Problems with Trying Children as Adults 1 Problems with Trying Children as Adults


From my research and thesis statement, some problems arise and need to be


addressed. This study addresses these issues and also goes ahead to propose solutions for the


problems. The previous papers highlight different research topics which are in the form of


questions that I discussed and answered. The topic I picked for research talks about trying


juveniles as adults and the research revealed many challenges and problems which are going


to be presented in this study. There are many issue and problems which affect the trying of


minors as an adult especially in cases where there is a possibility of life parole. Ideas that


contributed to the start of juvenile justice has over the years been attacked with those


attacking saying that the juveniles deserve punishments that are harsher. Over the years the


number of juveniles being tried as adults has increased. A study reveals that the number of


juveniles who are convicted of violent crimes 69% comprised of juveniles who were


incarcerated in adult prisons (Baron, 2010). An analysis of the actions of trying juveniles as


adults reveals the measures to be counterproductive and at the end of the day justice will not


have been served, and these actions just exacerbate the problems they try to solve.


One of the problems associated with trying of minors as adults is that the minors will


be at risk. Whenever young offenders are tried in an adult court there are high chances of


them being sent to an adult correction facility. This creates a lot of risks to these minors. The


teens interaction with hardcore criminals in the prisons can make them become even more


violent offenders. Living together with the adults will make the teens want to emulate them


since they will be looking at them as role models while in prison. These criminals especially


those jailed for many years have nothing to lose and any negative influence drives the teen


into becoming worse people. There is also a problem of the adults sexually molesting the


teens. This abuse affects the teens physically and even emotionally and the effect of such


abuse is very harmful to their health & self-esteem. Children incarcerated in adult prison are


five times more likely to be sexually molested than in juvenile facilities ("Children in 2 Problems with Trying Children as Adults 3 Prison", 2016). The teens also face a problem of being attacked by the adult bullies in the


cells. They are young and cannot be able to defend themselves against such attacks, and some


of these attacks can even lead to death. State and federal law say that once the teens are sent


to adult facilities, they must be kept out of sight of the adult prisoners, but this is not the case


since in these prisons there are no separate facilities for the teens. All this torture that the


teens face while in prison affects them psychologically in addition to socially and physically.


The results end up being disastrous for these children. Studies have shown that the teens held


in jails are more likely to commit suicide that the teens who are held in juvenile detention


centers. In Kentucky, half an hour after a teen who is 15 years is put into a jail cell after


having an altercation with the mother, the teen hangs himself ("The Risks Juveniles Face


When They Are Incarcerated with Adults", 2016). These problems can be solved by not


allowing the teen to be tried as an adult, but instead, be sent to a juvenile facility.


The other problem of trying juveniles as adults is the social problem. A social issue in


the sense that trying them as adults seems like last resort and therefore giving an impression


of lost hope. This action portrays a society that has failed in its role of parenting and


rectifying the wrong doings of their kids. Some parents do not consider dialogue as an option


when their children are in the wrong but instead will just want to hand them to the authority.


Some opponents are of the thought that these young teen offenders will end up being full


fledge gangs so throwing them in jail will not have helped them. The society has a great


responsibility in shaping up the morals and behaviors of the children, and this will make them


avoid criminal ways, and they will grow up with great moral and behaviors. Whenever the


teens have engaged in any criminal activities, the law can take its course if the dialogue can


applicable. The teens should be tried as juveniles and not adults, and this ensures they are not


tried unfairly and harshly. When tried as juveniles they may be sentenced for a shorter time


than when tried as adults. Children are young people with a bright future, and when they Problems with Trying Children as Adults 4 engage in criminal activities and then tried as adults, it takes the hope of them being


rehabilitated and becoming great people. In juvenile there are programs of rehabilitation in


quest of changing the teens become better people. In juvenile, there are also school programs


where if the teens were already in school they would be able to continue their education. The


decisions that the minors make are not responsible decisions and thus would be wrong to


incarcerate them with adults who can make decisions responsibly. Adolescent making of


decisions is usually characterized by emotional and immaturity, attitude, a lot of peer pressure


towards risk. Their inability to make responsible decisions always makes them less


blameworthy than the adults (Steinberg, 2012)


The other problem of trying children as adults is a moral problem in that it provokes


the young offenders into becoming dangerous criminals. They will be in jail with hardcore


gangs who show them ways of involving in crime and even how easy it is to pay back to


those who made them be in prison by either eliminating them or harming them. Jailing them


will make them have an adverse reaction against punishment which is strict and harsh rules.


They will end up becoming hardcore and more aggressive to cope with the strict rules and life


in prison. The juveniles will always feel neglected especially by their parents or guardians,


and they will always be blaming them for their woes. This thought of feeling neglected will


make them seek vengeance after their prison sentence is over. These teens will also have


much with their incarceration since some of them were in school and they no longer do. They


will regard themselves as failures since the time they wasted would be hard to recover with


their peers having continued with school, and they are now way ahead of them, and this


thought just will make them hopeless. After prison, it becomes very hard to rehabilitate these


juveniles, and this will see them become even more involved in criminal activities unlike


when in juvenile where rehabilitation is very easy. Crimes on juvenile records usually hold


less weight than those in an adult record ("Children in Prison", 2016). When a minor is put Problems with Trying Children as Adults 5 into adult prison, it will affect their criminal record, and this will affect them throughout their


life. The society will always be viewing them with a lot of negativity and it even makes it


hard to find a decent job. The child criminal record will also cause the child live with stigma


for the rest of their lives, and they will find it hard leading lives that are normal. For those


who are unlucky to go back to school, they will be frustrated so much with life, and they will


end up being involved in more crime.




This study discusses in detail major problems that are associated with trying children


as adults. The study reveals these actions to be futile and in vain and that the child will not


have reformed after the sentence, but will come out even a worse person compared to when


they went to prison. The objective of rehabilitating the juveniles is lost the moment they are


tried in an adult court, which means they will be sentenced as adults and sent to adult


facilities. The primary solution to these problems is amending laws to stop any trying of


juveniles as adults. Problems with Trying Children as Adults




Baron, D. (2010). The impact of prosecuting youth in the adult criminal justice


system. Retrieved 28 July 2016, from


Children in Prison. (2016). Equal Justice Initiative. Retrieved 28 July 2016, from


The Risks Juveniles Face When They Are Incarcerated with Adults. (2016). Retrieved 28 July 2016, from 6


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