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i have attached a document below... I need someone to re-write the document as its my friends wor


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i have attached a document below... I need someone to re-write the document as its my friends work and its to not be considered as plagiarizing when i submit it.. The WORK is ALREADY DONE!! just need someone to re-word it. IT needs to not look similar...

Running head: POLITICS 1 Assignment 1


?Politics ? Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow?




Strayer University POL 110 ? U.S. Government


Prof. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


November 15, 2015 POLITICS 2


Civil rights events Civil rights events can be traced all the way back to the 1940s. One of the most notable


civil rights events was the Washington March, which happened on August 28, 1963 (Jones,


2013). The march brought together the biggest civil rights organizations in the country. At first,


the march was expected to be full of violence and unrest. However, it turned to be the largest


peaceful march that Washington had even seen at that time. The black civil rights organizations


were pushing for the passage of proper civil rights laws, protection against police brutality, and


the need to end segregation in public schools. Martin Luther King gave the ?I have a Dream? in


this event that received extensive live TV coverage. It was a day to be remembered as the crowds


participated in peaceful protests.


The Washington march was an inspiration for many other civil rights events like the


million march to Washington. The march was considered success because it had a role to play in


the ratification of the Twenty-fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The


amendment removed the poll tax, which was put in place to keep poor African Americans from


voting. It also influenced the passage of the Civil Rights Act 1964, which directs the government


to protect the rights of all citizens and protect them against any form of discrimination.


The march to Montgomery in 1965 is also another influential civil rights event in the


history of the United States (Hartford, 2014). The march was organized for the people to show


their support for the voting rights legislation. It was a very violent Sunday that resulted in the


hospitalization of fifty people who took part in the march. The march succeeded in pushing for


the passage of the Voting Rights Act. The Voting rights law is an example of how the government


treats its people in a responsible manner by allowing everyone to vote (Hartford, 2014).


Media Events POLITICS 3 On August 9, 2014, a teenager called Michael Brown was shot and killed by an officer


called Darren Wilson (Healy, 2014). The shooting received extensive coverage with pictures of


Michael Brown being shown in papers and televisions. The media used pictures of the young


Michael Brown, who looked innocent. The one message that was consistent in all the news how


white police officers find it easy to shoot African American men. It culminated in a racial


discussion with each race trying to take sides. The media coverage of the event portrayed the


police force as an organization against African Americans. It built a negative public opinion of


the government. It also pushed for an immediate action to be taken against Darren Wilson.


The Washington March can also be viewed as a media event because of the extensive live


TV coverage that it enjoyed (Jones, 2013). The media portrayed the march as a show of strength,


resilience, and solidarity in the fight for civil rights. Everything was captured in real time to


show the country that the march was not a show of violence. The speeches were able to reach


many people. They were all urging the federal government to take action and stand for the


founding values of the nation. The reasonable thing for the government to do is to push for


reforms in the legislation and elimination segregation in public schools.


Republican and Democratic, competition for power


The competition for power between the Republican and the Democratic parties has


resulted in the adoption of different values that might have an ethical impact on the American


people (Edsall, 2012). First, Republicans focus on the individual while the Democrats emphasize


the collective good. These values are exhibited by the supporters of both parties. Studies have


shown that Republican supporters will go for a small government that focuses on the individual


while the Democrats want a big government that focuses on the collective good (Edsall, 2012). POLITICS 4 It explains why Republicans are not reluctant to use force to achieve something. This has strong


ethical implications on the American people.


Republicans are more conservation that Democrats. They stand for social norms that have


been in the society since time immemorial. The Democrats are different because they have


shown they are willing to adapt to the changing times. The ethical implications of these


differences are that Republicans are ready to punish people who move from the established


social norms. It is confirmed by the policies that the Republicans are willing to support. Most


Republicans value hard work and shun laziness. The Democrats also like hard work but do not


rely on it only to decide whether someone is lazy or not. The differences between Republicans


and Democrats affect the way their supporters perceive difference issues. References POLITICS 5 Edsall, T. B. (2012, February 6). Studies: Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From


Venus. Retrieved from The Atlantic:


Hartford, B. (2014). The Selma Voting Rights Struggle & March to Montgomery. San Francisco,


CA: Westwind Writers.


Healy, J. (2014, November 26). Ferguson, Still Tense, Grows Calmer. Retrieved from The New


York Times:


Jones, W. P. (2013). The March on Washington: jobs, freedom, and the forgotten history of civil


rights. New York: W.W. Norton & Company.


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i have attached a document below... I need someone to re-write the document as its my friends

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