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you have been asked to write a research-based blog post for a human resource management website.<

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you have been asked to write a research-based blog post for a human resource management website.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word blog post that includes the following:

  • Discuss one of the major personality theories and how this theory is used to conduct assessment.
  • Discuss what stood out to you about personality assessment practices.
  • Reflect on current research trends that utilize this information and how the interpretation of these findings may vary across cultures.
  • Create three insightful questions based on the readings that your audience may also be wondering, and provide responses from the research you have reviewed in relation to this topic.

Include a minimum of three credible, peer-reviewed sources in the blog post.

Running head: PERSONALITY THEORY BLOG 1 Personality Theory Blog


Miguel Deniz






Doctor Nhung Phan PERSONALITY THEORY BLOG 2 PERSONALITY THEORY BLOG 3 What is personality? Is it a person?s Identity, is it temperament, or is it their nature, or


could it be a combination of all above? when science attempts to answer this we are left with


even more questions. The idea of defining personality is as complex as trying to define humanity.


It can take science into the depths of cognition and deeper into the oceans of theories that attempt


to explain who we are and why we function as emotional bio-mechanical driven machines. In our


Literature Matsumoto &amp; Juang, attempt to define personality as a set of cognitive traits,


predispositions and characteristics that help shape our psyche into the paradigm that it is today.


Traits are distinct pattern behaviors of characteristics unique to every individual. It is


imperative to note that personality traits differ from culture to culture. Therefore, personality


assessments are sometimes required to verify and validate significant cultural differences to


avoid miscommunication. In a multinational company, cultural differences can occasionally


create conflicts of interest. A better understanding of the components of personality or better yet


its traits can help create a better workplace cohesiveness by bridging the gap between two


different cultures in a work environment. The Five Factor Model is a theory that is based on five


personality traits that are universal to all cultures. These traits are neuroticism, extraversion,


agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.[Mat12]


This model is best used for assessing an employee?s compatibility with a distinct team or project.


We wouldn?t want someone working in marketing if they don?t understand the dynamics of a


target audience, in other words the Five Factor Trait Model helps pair individuals together based


on similar trait characteristics. When using the FFM to examine individual personality cultural


variables will influence certain behavioral traits. In middle Eastern Countries it is PERSONALITY THEORY BLOG 4




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