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Week 4 outline paper here Construct an outline of your business topic for your Final Paper. Compl

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Week 4 outline paper here Construct an outline of your business topic for your Final Paper. Complete instructions for the Final Paper can be found in the Week Five assignment or in the ?Components of Course Evaluation? section of this guide. Review Chapter Three of the course text and address the seven stages of the planning process. Be sure to include supporting points under each heading and incorporate your references from your annotated bibliography in your outline.

Your outline must be at least three pages (not including the title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. More guidance and a sample on outlines can be found in the Ashford Writing Center.

Description of the event your business is planning.

Description of each stage of the planning process as outlined in Chapter 3 of your text.
  • Idea and Proposal
  • Feasibility Study
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Implementation Requirements
  • Implementation Plan
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Future Practice
  • I put in what you need look at any question



Katherine Ann Krause


SRV 425 Event, Meeting, & Conference Management


Professor: Dario Vasquez


September 12,2016 . 1 2 I. Introduction


A. Thesis Statement


II. Body paragraph #1 ? Topic Sentence #1


A. Supporting Evidence


. Explanation


. So what?


The proposal


III. Body paragraph #2 ? Topic Sentence #2


A. Supporting Evidence


. Explanation


. So what? V. Body paragraph #3 ? Topic Sentence #3


Aims and objectives This


Supporting Evidence


, ?These aims and objectives can aid the organization into setting benchmarks and build a


process for developing an event? (Raj et al., 2013).




. So what?


. Body paragraph #4 ? Topic Sentence #4


. Supporting Evidence




. Explanation


The key stakeholders . So what? I. Body paragraph #5 ? Topic Sentence #5


The implementation plan stage deals


A. Supporting Evidence




. Explanation


So what? VII. Body paragraph #6 ? Topic Sentence #6 A. Supporting Evidence 3 Frequent monitoring and evaluation


B. Explanation


The monitoring process


. So what?


VIII. Body paragraph #7 ? Topic Sentence #7


Future practice is the last stage in the planning process. It allows the event organization to


summarize the event for future references.


A. Supporting Evidence


Future practice


B. Explanation


C. So what? X. Conclusion


The planning process of 4 Cambridge, Mass Persus,2003.


Chishoml, T & Martell, A (2013). Change for the better. Communication World,


30(9), 22-22-25 5 Georgakellos D, Marcis Application of the Semantic Learning Approach in the Feasibility


Studies Preparation Training Process. Information System Management ,26(3), 231-240




Raj, R., Walters, P., & Rashid, T. (2013). Events Management: Principles and Practice. Thousand


Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications. ISBM 9781446200728


Tache, F.(2011).Developin an Interated Monitoring and Evaluation Flow Sustanable Investment


Ecomonia: Seria Mangagement, 14 (2), 380-391


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