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Hi my friend again

Last week you gave me the answers for my 3 questions and you did good jo

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Hi my friend again

Last week you gave me the answers for my 3 questions and you did good job. 

Yesterday the professor gave me the grade for that homework and I got 11 out of 15.

The professor gave whole the class another chance to rewrite the answer and give it to her after 3 days.

So, please rewrite these answers and add some information about it and focus for OB when you give that experience. I will upload the file which you sent it for me last week, so you can see it and rewrite it by improve that answers and add some information related for Ob
Running head: ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR Organizational Behavior


Student?s Name




Organizational Behavior


Question #1 In my former job line, I and other employees from other departments were tasked with


the duty of coming up with an approach to reducing corporate expenses. As a result, we had to


cooperate and interact with each other so as to formulate an optimal strategy. However, were


faced various challenges such as different ideologies and stereotypes since we were from


different religious groups, races, and ethnic backgrounds. This scenario is an illustration of


cultural diversity in the workplace one of the central aspects of organizational behavior.


Question #2


An overwhelming workload is the most challenge I encountered when I was working due


to the primary motive of manager of the company was to realize higher profits each financial


years. Besides, this problem was also caused by the use of obsolete technology such as


computers and machines that the company had integrated to ease workloads. The firm recruited


more employees and also advanced technology was incorporated to mitigate the problem.


Question #3


For a long period, decision making in the company involved only the senior executive


members. The line workers and stakeholders representatives were excluded; hence, this team


would end up coming up with initiatives that only met their interest. The line workers perceived


the practice as unfair and unjust. However, after a new chief executive officer was appointed, he


reversed the practice such that decision-making process involved all the corporate members


including the line workers. This practice was good since it changed the perception of the


subordinate concerning the set goals as every corporate member owned the goals, thus, strived ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 3 hard to reach the target. The practice enabled me to view every corporate member valuable to the


success of the organization.




References DuBrin, A. J. (2013). Fundamentals of organizational behavior: An applied perspective.




Robbins, S. P., & Judge, T. (2012). Essentials of organizational behavior. Boston: Pearson.


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