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I am completing a research paper and I need the body of my paper revised by a peer.


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I am completing a research paper and I need the body of my paper revised by a peer.

Running head: ONLINE SCHOOLS VS. TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS 1 Online Schools vs. Traditional Schools: The Choice is Yours Which One Will You Make


Jessica L. Echols


Columbia Southern University ONLINE SCHOOLS VS. TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS 2 Online colleges allow for individuals to be able to obtain a higher level of education and


also work at whatever else they have going on in life. Just because a student chooses to go to


school online does not mean that they are missing out on anything that someone at a traditional


college goes through. ?Busy professionals are flocking to online programs because these allow


students to review lectures and complete assignments in their spare time. In a traditional


classroom setting, you will be expected to attend class when the class meets, and attendance


usually comprises part of your grade? (Hickey, 2014) Online colleges tend to appeal to the


working individual due to how much work that they have to accomplish in addition to them


wanting to further their education. Social interaction is something that happens at both online


colleges and traditional ones they just happen in different ways.


Traditional colleges offer a variety of different things for their students. The curriculum at


both a traditional school and online college could basically be the exact same information. But


due to the nature of a traditional school the students and teachers must interact more because


that?s how that type of school operates. ?The overall level of feedback for traditional and online


courses is similar, however, because in traditional classes feedback is more frequent? (Hickey,


2014). At a traditional school you will more than likely attend the same class on either Mondays,


Wedsnesdays and Fridays and participate actively in the course. Even though one may go to class


this often their teacher may write one to two words on their paper. ?Instructors for online courses


typically offer a higher level of feedback on assignments and papers? (Hickey, 2014). Online


students could possibly receive a paragraph in reference to how they have done on a particular


assignment. So even though they lack the in classroom experience they still are getting one on ONLINE SCHOOLS VS. TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS 3 one feedback from their professor. The online college professor can provide the feedback in


multiple ways due to the innovations we have in technology.


Technology has allowed for the online school system to surpass its competitor. With this


being a factor traditional colleges have attempted to incorporate the online class system into their


schools. ?But as technology increasingly moves instructors from behind the lecterns to in front of


computer screens and webcams, new questions and concerns arise about the best ways for


educators to harness the immense power that technology provides? (Abdul-Alim, 2013). Even


though these different technologies exist one does not want to get so caught up in the technology


that we forget the topic at hand. There are certain schools within colleges and universities that


are unable to capture this technology due to the content and matter of the courses. ?Kotrlik et al.


(2003) found that agricultural education teachers spend the majority of their effort on exploring


and adopting the use of teaching technologies, but are not as actively involved in the integration


of these technologies into the classroom? (Arnold & Taylor, 2013). Some courses are going to


require more hands-on work due to the nature of what they cover. There is nothing wrong with


this and they are not wrong for not using the technology. ONLINE SCHOOLS VS. TRADITIONAL SCHOOLS 4 References


Abdul-Alim, J. (2013, March 27). Institutions are Increasingly Incorporating Online


Technologies into their Long-Term Plans - Higher Education. Retrieved from


Arnold, S., & Taylor, S. (2013). An integrated approach to teach communication skills using


educational technologies. Journal of Applied Communications, 97(3), 9+.


Hickey, R. (n.d.). Major differences between online and traditional college programs. Retrieved




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