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Need help finishing term paper:

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Need help finishing term paper:

I have attached my paper outline with a few sections already done. All resources/references are listed as well and must be used unless you find another legitimate reference source. I will look up each reference to make sure it is legit and not plagiarized.  Below are the assignment instructions...
Running Head: Offshore Drilling 1 Offshore Drilling


Amanda Yeackley


Ray Bartholomew


Environmental Economics




30 October 2016 Offshore Drilling 2 INTRODUCTION


Oil is the cornerstone for many countries? economy; so too is it for the United States of


America. Until a few years ago, we relied heavily on importing the vast majority of our oil.


However, the ability to drill for oil along the outer continental shelf gives our nation a chance


at self-sufficiency. As will so many things in life, there are costs related to the benefits. As a


nation, we must learn to mitigate the costs while reaping the benefits. As our reliance on oil


remains, offshore drilling must be allowed to enable economic growth, independence, and


overall prosperity of our nation. It is this prosperity that will enable our country to pursue


future options that offer more sustainability and efficiency.




In 1990, President George H. W. Bush signed an executive order that banned drilling for oil


on the outer continental shelf. This ban was later lifted by President George W. Bush in


2007[Oce]. The Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act specifically details offshore drilling.


This act regulates gas exploration and the development of land under the ocean?s surface




Explore details regarding the North American off-shore drilling operations.


- more than 5,000 gas and oil rigs and more than 2 billion acres of leased land[Bur16]


Describe positive impacts of off-shore drilling [NYL15] - Increases supply for North America


Self-sufficiency (gas prices are so low)


Increase in jobs


Spike in economy and Gross Domestic Product


Limits marine hydrocarbon pollution through limiting oil seepage [Bru09]


Estimated amounts of North American oil reserves equates to nearly 30 years of importing oil


from the Middle East[Bru09]. Offshore Drilling 3 Describe the negative impacts of off ? shore drilling[Sur14]


- Oil spills can be devastating to habitat for fish/wildlife/humanity[Cen11]


Oil platforms create massive amounts of air pollution adding to the problem of climate - change


Off-shore drilling is a long-term investment. Costs for start-up are extremely high and - require time for profitability


Seismic Survey damage to oceanic wildlife


Discuss regulations in place to mitigate oil spills and environmental impacts[Nat11]. - Prevention of oil spills


Containment of oil spills CONCLUSION


The ability to explore off-shore drilling has created not only a spike in the nation?s economy


but, with proper regulation can have minimal effects on our environment. Offshore drilling


has increased job growth and stabilized gas prices while encouraging our nation?s selfsufficiency without the need to import oil from other nations. The fact remains, at this time,


that oil is the most available and efficient source for energy. As other sustainable forms of


energy advance it would behove our Nation to utilize those instead. While our country relies


so much on oil, however, offshore drilling benefits far outweigh the costs when it comes to


the prosperity of the United States. Offshore Drilling 4 Works Cited


Allen, B. (2009). How Off-Shore Oil and Gas Production Benefit the Economy and the Environment.


Retrieved from


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National Committee on the BP DeepWater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling. (2011, January).


Deep Water: The Gulf Oil Disaster and the Future of Offshore Drilling. Retrieved from (2015). 7 Most Notable Pros and Cons for Off-Shore Drilling. Retrieved from (2016). Drill, Spill, Repeat. Retrieved from Oceana Protecting the Worlds Oceans:


Surf Rider Foundation. (2014). Surf Rider Foundation Sounds Off on Off-Shore Drilling. Retrieved




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