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Write two obituaries (minimum 250 words each) in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln. To com


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Write two obituaries (minimum 250 words each) in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln. To complete this assignment, you are going to assume the role of an editor for a fictional newspaper on two distinctly different dates.

It is your choice of who your audience is and what emotion the content contains, but each article should provide a perspective on the political, economic, and social impact that he had on the nation before, during, and after the Civil War.

1. The first will be dated April 16, 1865, and will need to assume the role of an obituary from that date. Keep in mind what would be known, thought, and felt at that time.

2. The second will be dated April 16, 2015, and will need to assume the role of a remembrance of his legacy. Consider his legacy 150 years after his death.

Both obituaries will be submitted together as one document. The details about Lincoln?s time, location, and cause of death will of course be common to all obituaries and do not need to be cited; any other materials (e.g., quotes, accounts) must be cited and referenced using APA style. Do not reprint an actual obituary from the time as it will lead to steep deductions.

Running Head: Obituaries 1 President Abraham Lincoln:




Institution: Obituaries 2


President Abraham Lincoln Considered as the president who led the country during the most troublesome period was


the grandson of Abraham Lincoln, who was killed by the Indians in 1784, he was the son of


Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks. Abraham Lincoln was born on Feb. 12, 1809, in Harden


County. Abraham Lincoln had a troublesome growing up on a settler farm; his mother died when


they moved to a new residence in Indiana. Abraham was a student who was very brilliant; he


schooled at a school which was opened by Mr. Crawford, who came to settle in their


neighborhood. When Abraham was twenty-one years old, he moved with his father once more to


Decatur, Illinois, where Abraham worked as a farm hand in the numerous farms, he also worked


as a clerk in a store (Nagy, 2012).


Two years later in 1832 when the Black Hawk war broke out, Abraham was elected and


put in charge of a group of volunteers. Most of the people who worked closely with him would


describe him as somebody who was an efficient patriotic and careful man who was always


watchful of his men. His courage and shrewd manner of management also put him ahead of the


rest of the men. At the end of the war, Abraham kept a store but he later worked as a surveyor.


He was then sent to the Legislature, and he would study law during the times when he was not


busy. He later became a very popular advocate, and that saw him going to the Congress, as the


only member from Illinois. He was for the freedom of the citizens and opposed the Mexican war.


Abraham Lincoln died and lost, but he never forgot to come to the forefront to defend people.


When Lincoln vied for the presidency in 1860, he won a race where he was the favorite among


the contenders for the presidential seat. This was because of his anti-slavery policies. During the


reign of Abraham Lincoln, he faced a lot of challenges but among them the North and South war.


However, Lincoln later managed to make the south come to terms with them and have him as the Obituaries 3 president. President Lincoln had just been elected to his second term when his life was ended by


the gun of an assassin. The slaying of the President by John Wilkes Booth at the Ford?s Theater is


a blow to the whole country and the world as a whole. Abraham Lincoln leaves a widow and a


family (Nagy, 2012).


On April 14th, 1865, John Wilkes Booth, an actor?s shot Abraham Lincoln, the then


President of the United States of America. John Wilkes Booth, a Confederate sympathizer,


escaped from the dense crowd moments later after stabbing a man in the crowd with a knife. The


President was laid on an American flag where he was attended to, but he, unfortunately, died the


next morning. The death of the President happened less than a week after the end of the Civil


War that could have otherwise torn the Americans apart.


Booth, who fled the authorities alongside David Herold, his co-conspirator was shot and


killed during his pursuit with the Police. They had been evading the authorities for two weeks.


During the arrest, there were others who were detained for their involvement in the plot that


killed the president. Mary Surratt was arrested in connection with the plot and also the doctor


who treated Booth?s injury was detained, but he was later released (Nagy, 2012).


A lot of things have been used to commemorate the 16th President. The flag that he was


laid on, the chair where he sat and the derringer pistol that was used to kill him are on display to


commemorate his death. Also on display are his famous top hat and other personal belongings


that he had at the time of death and also used quite often. The President is considered a very


humble person, an instance is his spectacles that are on display; they had been broken but instead


of fixing them, he tied them with a piece of cloth. The memories of Lincoln can be seen not only Obituaries 4 in the United States but also in the United Kingdom where there is a statue of him in front of the


British parliament (Nagy, 2012).


Abraham Lincoln is also remembered for his great speeches that are considered to be


among the best in the whole world despite having an almost informal kind of education. His


advocacy for human rights also makes him a memorable person as he is credited with the end of


the American civil war. Among his speeches that are recited by Americans and people all over


the world is the Gettysburg speech. Abraham Lincoln is also remembered for his great mastery of


poetry and his sharp memory. The president is considered one of the most powerful Americans


ever to live. Therefore, anniversaries of his death are conducted annually. Obituaries 5


References Nagy, M. (2012). Abraham Lincoln without Borders: Lincoln's Legacy outside the United States.


The Journal of Southern History, 78(3), 737.


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Write two obituaries (minimum 250 words each) in remembrance of President Abraham Lincoln. To

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