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Hello.  Can you do this homework for me?  You did the previous one which I've attached. I also at

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Hello.  Can you do this homework for me?  You did the previous one which I've attached. I also attached the Module one instructions because it was the original one which continuously revised in Module 2 and 3.  The third one (CSC316Module4-SLP Assignment Instruction) is one that needs to be done.  Thank you so much.


School is using Turintin to check work that are copied from other sources. Thank you.

Running Head: NORMALIZATION 1 Normlization






1. 2 Normalize the tables from the previous module. Discuss 1NF, 2NF, and 3NF.


In a relational database, normalization refers to a process of organizing database columns or attributes and tables which are referred to as relations so as to mainly minimize data


redundancy and ensure that data dependencies make sense. It takes a three step process to full


remove data redundancy in a relation. Here we are going to analyze the products database and


see if all the repeating attributes and data have been fully normalized using the following


database normalization processes.


First Normal Form (1NF)


In this step, all the data items are define which includes organizing the data into columns,


looking at the data to be stored, putting related columns into their table and defining what type of


data each column contains. Therefore, a relational database is said to be in 1NF if and only if he


domain of each attribute contains unique values, and the value of each attribute contains only a


single value from that given domain. The database provided attached partially normalized to


1NF. Some attributes are not classified to their respective relation. Attached is a fully 1NF


normalized form both as a screenshot and a .bak do the backup of the same (Khalil et al. 2013).


Second Normal Form (2NF)


A table referred to s being in second normal form if both the following conditions hold: The table is in 1NF and,


No non-prime attribute is normally based on the proper subset of any candidate key of the




Regarding the tables in Products database the tables are in 2NF since all are in 1NF and


the all the columns (attributes) are fully dependent on the candidate key.


ThirdNormal Form (3NF)


In the third normal form, the attributes must fully depend on the primary key. Hence, for


a table that has a foreign key, each column not part of the primary key must be based upon the


entire foreign key for its existence. Thus if a column doesn?t depend on the primary key it


violates the rules of 3NF. The tables in the Products database are fully dependent on the primary


keys. Therefore, they have passed 3NF rules.


2. Drop the tables no longer needed, and create those that the new design requires, using SQL in DBMS


This is the new database that is fully normalized (Khalil et al. 2013). 3 NORMALIZATION 4 REFERENCES


Khalil, O. K., Boudjella, A., & Samir, B. B. (2013). Comparison Between Normalized Databases


Implemented With Different Database Systems. In Advanced Materials Research (Vol.


774, pp. 1827-1832). Trans Tech Publications.


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