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  • Develop a performance tracking plan, including metrics and methodology to measure marketing and product performance based on implementation milestones. 
  • Describe any potential legal or ethical considerations that may arise during the implementation of the New Product Launch Marketing Plan either domestically or internationally.

Running Head: NINJA GO LAUNCH PLAN PART 2 Ninja Go Launch Plan Part 2 1 NINJA GO LAUNCH PLAN PART 2 2 Ninja Go Launch Plan Part 2


Ninja products have made healthy eating convenient for years. The Ninja Go will make it


easier for busy consumers to enjoy nutritious smoothies. This paper will discuss the launch plan


for the Ninja Go.


Target Market


The target market of the Ninja Go is the busy adult who values convenience. This item is


portable and incredibly easy to use; all the customer needs to do is push a button. The Ninja Go


fits in most cup holders and receives its power by being plugged into the car's cigarette lighters


or a USB port of a computer. The target audience will not differ from domestic to modern


international markets because working adults are everywhere and most has access to USB ports


or electrical outlets.


Product Life Cycle


The Introduction Stage can be the most expensive and requires careful planning. The


business manages the substantial cost of testing, development, research, and advertising. In the


growth stage, revenues pick-up and the company benefits from the product which allows for the


investment of more currency in promotions to maximize growth. When the merchandise hits,


maturity marketers have the duty of preserving the market share. Revisions or enhancements to


the product can help a company maintain the competitive advantage. The market starts to shrink


and saturate in the Decline Stage. The business has to think of a cheaper market or changing to a


less expensive production method to remain viable. (Product Life Cycle Stages, 2016)


The company must listen to the needs of their customers throughout the product lifecycle and be


responsive to requests, improving quality, and changes in attitudes. Ninja will compare prices to


the competition. In the Introduction Stage, a price is set that makes Ninja Go a great value for the NINJA GO LAUNCH PLAN PART 2 3 consumer and the price will be reevaluated periodically as the product matures. The introduction


phase will include product placement starting with the department, health food, and other retail


stores. The product will receive heavy promotion in the introduction and growth stage and will


continue to a more modest level during the life of the product (Linton, 2016). Price Strategy


The Ninja Go will have a price strategy consistent with the maximum market share


philosophy. Because Ninja products currently have high sales volumes, the volume will help


create lower unit costs and higher long run profit (Kotler & Keller 2016). The low priced


competition will not play a significant role in the pricing strategy due to the lack of competition


for this type of product. There are no products currently on the market that can do the automated


blending to make a smoothie this will help our product compete with any lower pricing


competitors. We cannot price the product too high; consumers might be unwilling to pay for the


convenience the product offers. The retail value of the Ninja Go may change depending on the NINJA GO LAUNCH PLAN PART 2 4 costs associated with the product and the market demand. The price strategy will remain constant


while the setting of the rate will change during the life of the product.


Product Mix for New Offering


The Ninja Go is a two piece, one -touch, travel size smoothie maker that offers an


affordable, convenient way to make nutrient dense drinks. New technology in the lid will break


down fruits, seeds, and vegetables into a smooth texture for nutritious drinks in 30-60 seconds.


The spill proof lid has a 2600mah rechargeable battery to plug into a variety of locations using a


cell phone charger or power bank. Customers have a choice of purchasing a 20 or 24-ounce cup.


Several characteristics set Ninja Go apart from competitors. The lightweight, sleek design is easy


to use, and its portability and price point (starting at $39.99) offers a unique consumer value. Our


money back guarantee and length of our warranty set us apart from all competitors.


Packaging and labeling are crucial to Ninja Go as it should provide consumers with a


product description while promoting the product features. It is paramount for the label to attract


consumer attention at the first encounter while allowing customers to view the product. Bright


colors will be used to catch user's attention, and the package will demonstrate the items


durability and elegance. As an emerging product, the 5-year warranty will provide a sense of


security and confidence. The warranty will cover application issues and physical damages to


keep us competitive and build a sense of safety and trust [Lor16].


New Positioning Statement


For busy adults want the convenience of healthy eating, the Ninja GO is an innovative


kitchen appliance that is portable; USB powered and makes nutrient-rich beverages. Many adults


are conscious of their food choices, and they want to eat healthy, one way for them to do this is


by having a shake or smoothie made by the Ninja GO. The Ninja brand can blend whole fruits NINJA GO LAUNCH PLAN PART 2 5 and vegetables allowing better consumption of nutrients. ("Nutrient & Vitamin Extraction",






The Ninja Go is the high-powered, portable appliance that working adults will use to


meet their nutritional needs. This launch plan will enable the Ninja Go to be priced to sell to the


target market in a way that makes them extremely competitive and successful. NINJA GO LAUNCH PLAN PART 2 6


Reference Kotler, P., & Keller, K. (2016). Marketing Management (15th ed.). New York, NY: Pearson.


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