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can someone help me write a 200 word response to this please?


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can someone help me write a 200 word response to this please?

Running Head: NANOTECHNOLOGY 1 NVIDIA chips versus Intel chips; I have found that the comparisons are suspect to the


individuals need and understanding of these products. It would seem the Nvidia name and


products are recognized by gaming consoles and/or the gamer. where as Intel, which has a name


but not for game consoles is know for the processors for everyday use. I also recognized the


difference between the age group of who's shopping. It would seem the older shopper stays with


Intel and the newer generation goes with Nvidia. Then again who is plying games compared to


office products and social sites. Both companies and product lines work for what your looking


for from your system, it comes down to preference, needs and price. Interesting theory and even


though I knew about it I run (intel i7-6850K CPU @ 3.60GHz) for my processor and use


(NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070) for graphics. Don't play games and don't use social sites much


but I do enjoy watching a action packed movie or streaming out of the area sports. Processor


handles it and graphics are top notch.,91167,91163,88192,91497,88967,88969,88970,90426,90615




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