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can you look over my essay i need help with it i think some of my wording is wrong.


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can you look over my essay i need help with it i think some of my wording is wrong.

Running Head: MY LIFE My Life as I can Remember


Jo-Ann Yanga


Eng. 121 English Composition 1


Professor Michael O?Donnell


June 13, 2016 MY LIFE My Life as I can Remember


I was born July 7,1967 my parents were Carlos Yanga and Rafaela Vargas. My mom died


when I was three on Oct. 29,1970, her birthday, only 33 of a heart attack. I don?t remember her.


My dad gave my grandmother custody of my sister and I, but I always visit my dad in the city.


Grandma had nine children of her one but, 2 died as a little child. She did a wonderful job raising


us she makes sure school was important even though she didn?t speak English.


When I was 13th I told her I had a boyfriend but, I was afraid when I told her I thought


she was going to hit me back then. Only she said was you have to finish school, don?t let him get


in the way of your education that?s all. I was with this boyfriend on and off for 5 years because, I


kept on moving. I graduated in 1985. I became pregnant by him and had an abortion which I




I went to Florida in 1988 just to accompany my grandmother when she told me I wasn?t


going back home. I met my son dad in 1989 got pregnant but, this time I kept it I was 23,


grandma was every upset that she didn?t talk to me for a week she was very over protect over


me. I was 5 months when I left my son?s dad, I went back home. My aunt in Florida had to tell


my grandma that she had to let me go she not a baby no more.


I lived with my oldest sister and I gave birth Nov. 08, 1990. Met my daughter?s father 5


months after I gave birth to my son. He took care of my son when I was sick and couldn?t breast


feed him. We started dating April 7, 1991 then we had our daughter Feb. 24,1992 we lasted for


13 years. 2 MY LIFE My grandmother got very sick and passed away Feb.07,1997. Then my father


passed away in that heatwave we had in July 09,1999. Never went back to the grave site


since he got buried. But, I?m hoping one day when I?m around the city I go visit. Met a


lot of my family thru dad side at the funeral.


I started to work in the casino in Nov.27,1999 for 8 ½ years on grave shift. Oct


13,2004 he walked out on the kids and I, my sister came and got us told me you staying


with me because, you don?t have any support out here in Willimantic, so I lived with her


in New Britain. Lost the job in Sept.2008. On July 16, 2014 on my granddaughter first


birthday my daughter and I got kicked out the house by my niece. My daughter got beat


up from my niece and my sister didn?t say anything to her daughter. My cousin picked me


up and took me in. My daughter?s boyfriend came and got her. Now my daughter and son


in law have a place and a daughter they asked me to move in with them and that?s where I


am until I move again. I have three granddaughters. Oldest will be three on July 16, her


sister will be one, on the 29 of July. The second granddaughter just turn one on May 27.


Two years ago I meet up with and old friend I grew up with name Louis. We


started dating and had video chat when I wasn?t able to go to New York to visit. When


my laptop screen crack we lost contact. April 8, of this year I posted on Facebook that I


was in New York. He cousin Harry saw the post and called Louis and told him your girl


is here. Harry gave Louis my number and he called me. I was surprised he called me. We


had a long conversation about what happen we haven?t seen each other. He was afraid to


ask any of my family member for my phone number. Here we are two months later, he


makes me happy and he looking for a house in New York so I came move in. July 15, we


going car shopping for me because he doesn?t want me to keep going to New York in the


3 MY LIFE bus and take the train. He wants a better life for me. But my family always taking junk


about him to me to stay away from him. Because he takes drugs which it?s a lie maybe in


the pass when he was younger. He gets up at 4 o?clock to get ready for work, because he


a truck driver. Goes to bed at 8 o?clock. Yeah sometimes I get disappoint with everything


they say that?s why I don?t stay at my cousin?s house too much. I call him up to pick me


up fast to get away from them. He can see it in my face how upset they get me. We make


each other laugh I am grateful that God put him in my path again.


As you can see from my story that I haven?t mention much of my childhood


because I blocked it out don?t know why or maybe I don?t remember it. Also I went from


sadness and depress to happy in life. 4


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