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Refer to Week 3 individual assignm


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Refer to Week 3 individual assignment and utilize your previous paper in which you located a major incident involving multi-agency emergency management.

Use the same event from Week 3. 

Write a 1050- to 1,400-word paper covering:

  • Summarize the event and the response by police and fire agencies
  • Detail the roles within structured command
  • Discuss the emergency management leadership theories utilized in the event.
  • Outline how leadership deals with the community as part of emergency management incident process.
  • Relay how leaders approach and deal with the media during, before, and after the crisis.
  • Discuss how emergency management training either assisted or could have assisted with the overall emergency management approach.
  • Identify ethical challenges faced by leaders working through the event, and what might have been more effective, now that the event is over.

Include at least four academic sources in your paper, including one from the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Running head: MULTI-AGENCY EMERGENCY EVENT MANAGEMENT Multi-Agency Emergency Event Management


Emmanuel Prox




Timothy Sullivan


1/10/17 1 MULTI-AGENCY EMERGENCY EVENT MANAGEMENT 2 9/11 Attacks Event on the World Trade Center


It is an event that occurred on September 11 the year 2001.Nineteen humans being in the


military associated with the Islamic group, al-Qaeda commandeered four airliners and said made


deadly attacks against targets in the US Two of the airplane were to move to the building of the


Trade Center of the world in the city of New York. A third aircraft hit the Pentagon just outside


Washington, D.C., and the 4th plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Often talk about to as


nine/eleven the attacks resulted in extensive death and destruction, triggering major U.S.


initiatives to fight terrorism and defining the presidency of Bush. Over three thousand people


died during the attacks in the city of New York and Washington plus more than four hundred


police officers and firefighters. The event occurred on Tuesday 11 September at 8.45 is. The


plane from America Boeing 767 full with twenty thousand gallons of jet fuel worn-out into the


north tower of the Trade Center world in the city of New York (Power, et al.2016).


Response of Police and Fire Agencies


The military group broke Down in Enthusiasm to help as the situation had gone to the


extent that it was out of control. The shifts to the firefighters changed as for those who it was


their day off. Port Authority officers also flocked to the scene living their items at the post and


bridges and tunnels. The city emergency group also came to the was notice that that the


way the plan was to go for the firefighters lead things to be even worse because they were not in


preparation for the terror. In that particular day, all that was to take place did not go in the way


the thing was arranged to go (Power, et al.2016).


Roles within Structured Command MULTI-AGENCY EMERGENCY EVENT MANAGEMENT 3 Every unit in the business needs its parts to be well defined and known to all. Each unit


should have at least one supervisor to avoid conflict in giving out the command. It increases


accountability within individuals and improve the flow of communications and this increase


coordination?s and enhances operation safety to the people within the unit. In this case, the


emergency group led to an increase in the of United States 175 into the south tower.


Communication, movement become critical and challenging for those who were trying to rescue


and for those who were rescuing the injured (Owen, et al.2013).It reached a time that the


commander did not know the way the things were going on. With was tricky and lead to an


increase in death that took place. There should be a particular role, and the structure of the


organizations depends on the nature of the challenge. There should be a procedure in which to


give the command and how the command should operate on a particular set up. The resources


should be management, and the operations should have a manager review according to different


challenges (Owen, et al.2013).


Crisis Response Objectives


There are several emergency response targets according to the situation. Some include one:


(a) One should ensure safety and emotions of people


(b) Come up with plans that come up with equal treatment of people in different problems


(c) To know those individuals who are likely to be affected much


(d) Ensure that activity goes on usually to make sure that people do forget the event quickly and


continue with normal life (Power, et al.2016).


(e) There should be lessons to talk to people affected so that they can get out of it. MULTI-AGENCY EMERGENCY EVENT MANAGEMENT 4 Decision-Making Strategies and Challenges Faced by Leaders Making Plans Work in Case


of Events


Being a leader means being ready to face various challenges and problems in making that


the plans work out. There are both internal and external challenges problem that face people


working at the strategic level differ from those that meeting people were working at


predetermined and operation levels. Some of the challenges include an increase in uncertainty,


complexity and convergence, risk reduction and policies disconnect the issue in measuring


emergency management effectiveness, and also development and capability in managing the


disasters (Owen, et al.2013). There is also social media. Network and emergencies which is one


of the largest challenges in the word today. The challenges can get the solution if the leaders and


managers are ready to do periodic reviews and make change where necessary. The strategies that


should be in place is to ensure that support team is stand by ensure effectiveness and efficiency


in the plans in place and ensure that proper procedures enhanced (Power, et al.2016). MULTI-AGENCY EMERGENCY EVENT MANAGEMENT 5 References


Owen, C., Brooks, B., Paton, D., Bhandari, R., Curnin, S., & Bearman, C. (2013). Multi-agency


emergency management coordination above the IMT.


Power, N., & Alison, L. (2016). Offence or defence? Approach and avoid goals in the multi?


agency emergency response to a simulated terrorism attack. Journal of


Occupational and Organizational Psychology.


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Refer to Week 3 individual

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