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Turnitin enabled assignment.please use citations  

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Turnitin enabled assignment.please use citations  

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Running head: MODULE 2 REVIEW 1 Module 2 Review


BSAB 450


July 14th,2016 MODULE 2 REVIEW 2 Part 1: Review Questions


1. Elaborate on each of the components found in the PESTE model and their application to


the airlines industry. (Do not duplicate textbook content.)


2. Compare and contrast an airline's microenvironment with its microenvironment. In your


answer, provide at least 4 related components for each environment.


3. Do you feel the Open Skies agreement has improved or hindered the marketing efforts of


major airlines? Explain your answer.


4. From Chapter 4 of the Shaw textbook, in Porter?s theory of competitive strategy, he


argues that some firms achieve success for a cost leadership position and others employ a


strategy based on differentiation. Explain these different strategies and apply an example in


the airlines industry.


Part 2: Marketing by the Numbers: GDP by Industry


For this assignment we are going to use the U.S. Department of Commerce?s Economic Analysis


website. BEA?s national economic accounts provide a comprehensive picture of the U.S.


economy and feature many macroeconomic statistics, including: Gross domestic product (GDP) Gross domestic income (GDI) National income Corporate profits MODULE 2 REVIEW Government receipts and expenditures Personal income and disposable personal income Personal consumption expenditures (PCE), or consumer spending Personal saving 3 Visit (Links to an external site.) and find the Interactive Date tab.


1. Click on the link GDP-by-industry and Input - Output.


2. Now click on the ?begin using data?? button. You should now see Interactive Access to


industry Economic Accounts Data.


3. Click on the next step button.


4. Click on the link Gross Output by Industry.


5. Click on first link in menu, let it open.


6. Click on the chart icon.


7. Scroll down list and find the air transportation industry, select it, and then use the


interactive tool to create a bar and line chart showing the gross output of $$$ between 2004


and 2011.


8. Copy and paste the charts into Notepad or similar software and then transfer to your MS


word document. MODULE 2 REVIEW


Now that you have the bar and line chart in front of you, discuss the fluctuations in the gross


output for the air transportation industry between these years. Use the PESTE model in


formulating your answers. 4


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