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I need assistance with my Lab 4 CIS 111.  I have attached all documents related to this Lab.


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I need assistance with my Lab 4 CIS 111.  I have attached all documents related to this Lab.

Running head: MODIFYING A DATABASE DESIGN IN DRAW IO, SECTION 2 Lab 2: Modifying a Database Design in Draw IO,


Section 2: Design Summary


Student: William


Professor: Dr. Johnson Kinyua


Course: CIS 111 Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems




2 Modifying the database design in Draw IO requires the addition of attributes that will be


tracked by the college. This diagram reflects an accurate representation of the data relationships


that will incur by such a database. In order to create an accurate diagram, assumptions about


potential business rules had to be made before editing the diagram. The first assumption is that a


student does not have to be enrolled in a class to be in the database. The reason for this, is to


allow for new students who have not registered for classes yet, or for students who had to drop


classes due to different reasons.


This changed the original relationship from many to many to zero to many. Also a course


does not have to have students enrolled to be listed in the database because certain courses are


not offered each semester. This business rule ensures that no data deletion occurs in the course


entity, if it is not offered for a given semester. Another business rule that was considered regards


the relationship between instructor and course. While a course may have one and only one


instructor, if it is not offered during a semester then it will not have one. This requires the


relationship to change from one to one to zero to one. On the other hand, while an instructor can


teach many courses, an instructor is not required to teach any courses making the relationship


zero to many.


This would be especially valuable in the event of an instructor being hired or resigning a


position. This would stop the data deletion in either case to keep record of the various instructors


the school has. While each entity was updated with many attributes, these attributes are not


dependent. With the addition of foreign keys in the course entity, this links all of the included


attributes about a particular student or instructor without the consequences of duplicate data. MODIFYING A DATABASE DESIGN IN DRAW IO, SECTION 2


3 The diagram in Draw io, represents an accurate representation of possible data modeling


and relationships. The diagram could be more detailed and organized with the addition of more


entities and attributes to normalize the database. The addition of new entities and relationships


could reduce the complication of the data while making it easier to access. The Draw io diagram


is a great representation of the relationships between entities and their attributes that will be


needed for the college to access the data.


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