The concept taught in this video is one that many students have questions about.  The website that th"> The concept taught in this video is one tha">

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The concept taught in this video is one tha

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The concept taught in this video is one that many students have questions about.  The website that this video tutorial reviews does a nice job in explaining strategies in how to cite a source in a paragraph.

The website on which this video is based is at the following url:

You have submitted the comparison-contrast essay (Writing Assignment #2), which used sources, and you are now working on the research-based cause-effect essay (Writing Assignment #3), which makes even greater use of sources. Please select a paragraph from either your Writing Assignment #2 or your Writing Assignment #3 that uses information from the same source in more than one sentence. Then apply what you learned from the video tutorial and website to effectively cite the source in your paragraph. Post your paragraph here.

Running Head: MILITARY STRENGTH Military strength


September 4, 2016 China vs. U.S. as a military power in Asia 2 MILITARY STRENGTH


In the current days the US and the Chinese people such as the European great powers, though


they trade with each other they do not have trust in each other. Regardless of these two countries


having large economies which have been able to shape the global economy they have different


and opposing views on the security of many nations and foreign policies issues. It has been seen


openly the way Beijing and Washington disagree on how to handle rogue states such as Syria,


Iran and North Korea. The Chinese does not appear to worry about the spreading nuclear


weapons and it is also an ally to Pakistan which is a nuclear weapons technology in the


world[Hug14]. Additionally, the Chinese government would rather associate itself with


dictatorship nations than trusting US and other free states or the free market. Although the US


military is a superior force to China?s numerically large forces, the Chinese military keeps on


analyzing the American military in order to identify their weaknesses[Hug14]. Furthermore, the


Chinese hackers have regularly broke into the US military computers and at the same time China


has built an anti-satellite system and anti-ship ballistic missile to counter the strengths of the US


in the space as well as a on the high seas[Rob05]. The Chinese and the Americans should


therefore work in collaboration to ensure a safer world as they have almost equal strengths in


their military power thus upholding the value of human life.


Actually no matter how often China has been emphasizing on the idea of a peaceful rise,


its pace and the nature of its military modernization without doubt causing alarm. Regardless of


America and other muscular European powers are striving to reduce their defense expenditure,


China is looking at ensuring that it maintains its past decade?s increases annually of 12%


[Gre16]. Moreover, no matter the fact that the Chinese budget being less by a quarter that of US


currently the most important feature is that the Chinese generals are more ambitious as compared 3 MILITARY STRENGTH


to those of US. Therefore, China is on its course to becoming the world?s largest military spender


in the next 20 years to come[Gre16].


According to TAIPEI which the latest report that challenges the US military that make


US to reconsideration a war with China. Basically the report examination both the US and the


Chinese military capabilities by looking at various operational areas and then gives out the


?scorecard? for the operational areas at a stage of three years these are 1996, 2003 and 2010


[Wil07]. In this regard every scorecard evaluates the possibilities in the contextual geographical


area and distance. The report is all about muscle and machine and not political and policy


matters whatsoever. Here the objective is all about ?seeing hoe rubber meets with the road?


analysis which looks at the capability of China clobbering the Us air bases in the region, turning


of the American communication and spy satellites in the space junk, and the sinking of the US


airlines with a new anti-ship ballistic missiles. The scorecard format analysis gives a sport like


feel of how bad things may go for the US military in a conflict with China[Wil07].


The role of the study is to see to it that these two nations come to an arbitration point and


be able to stay in peace with each other and not in the existing fear. It is important that these


nations work together to ensure that they protect the lives of entire world population by


condemning evil activities such the use of nuclear weapons by some nations[Guo05].


In this context the scorecard addresses relatively each issue between the US and the


Chinese capabilities in a specific operational area:


Scorecard 1: the capability of the Chinese to attack the Air Bases


As a result of the 1996-97 Taiwan Strait Missile Crisis it is assumed that China would be


able to cripple Taiwan?s air bases; therefore with the multi-layered saturated attacks using short- 4 MILITARY STRENGTH


range air-to-air missiles. Although, in the modern world this now involves Kaneda Air Bases on




Penetration of the US into the Chinese Airspace


The Chinese defense advances have made it quite difficult to operate in or near the


Chinese airspace. For example, in 1996 China?s surface-to ? systems that were majorly used


were those of the older Russian systems. In the year 2010, China had deployed roughly over 200


launches for ?double digits surface to air (SAM)? this had very complicated seekers that ranged


up to 200km. basically the analysis reveals that that there was a net gain for China form the year


1996 to 2015 which is accompanied with integrated air defense systems. Unfortunately, in a


Spratly island scenario that is far from the mainland of China, the US ability to penetrate targets


is much more robust when it comes the usage of stealth aircraft with very small knowledge.


US possibility of attacking the Chinese Air Bases.


Regardless of penetrating Chinese airspace being more dangerous, the American


development of the America-made precisions, this provides the US American-made decisions


options and the greater punch in the scenario of Taiwan.


Scorecard 3: Us and Chinese Cyber warfare capabilities


Form the early 1990s China?s cyber units have been in operation and are close related to


Chinese military. On the other hand, US has been victim that has suffered from serious attacks.


According to the report it reveals that the US ?may not be able to fare on poorly in cyber domain


abasing the assumption? in the time of war. With the US Cyber command working very closely


with the National Security Agency is likely to draw heavy and sophisticated toolkit. Despite the


US upper hand during the wartime it is true that both will ?nevertheless face significant 5 MILITARY STRENGTH


surprises? and that the US logistical efforts may be particularly vulnerable as thy only rely upon


unclassified networks on the internet.


Scorecard 4: China and US strategic Nuclear Stability


The scorecard analyses the survival ways through which their second nuclear strike


capabilities in the face of the first strike. The Chinese state has been able to improve its nuclear


forces steadily towards the end of the 20th century with the introduction of new ballistic


intercontinental missiles.


Scorecard 5: Us penetration of the Chinese airspace


With the continuous advances that have been developed it has made it quite challenging


for any operation to take place near the Chinese airspace. An analysis carried out by the report


shows that there has been a net gain for China from its improvement in its integrated air defense


systems having the fought generation fighters, and the airborne early warning planes.


Conversely, in the Spratly Island scene which is far from the mainland China, the US is more


robust in targeting the ability penetration because of its use of stealth aircraft and a smaller target




Scorecard 6: Chinese Counterpace Capability Vs US space Systems


China has been able to test three kinetic anti-satellite missile from 2007 at low earth


orbits, additionally the Chinese also operates laser-ranging stations which may be able to dazzle


the US satellites in order to enable tracking any form of attack. Actually the report has found that


threats to US communication satellites in the form of jamming and imaging systems that are


within the low earth orbits are severe. There are therefore arguments that send a lot of 6 MILITARY STRENGTH


?worrisome? whereby the China?s Russian-made jamming systems and the high-powered dual use


radio transmitters are likely to be used against the US ISR and communication satellites.


It is true that the reason as to why china is not at good terms with US is because of the


loss in confidence in the dollar which has been the dominant currency in the international trade.


This was noticed by foreign countries and the most vocal were Russia and China; this led to


China in 2010 in the China Daily reporting that ?China and Russia??. Intent to renounce the


US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for their bilateral trade.? This led to the


formation of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa) forming up their own


development bank and a currency service pool in their first and concrete step towards reshaping


the Western-dominated international financial system this in accordance to the Reuters






Basically it is true that when the US and the Chines forces constantly remain on the


current trails, Asia is likely to witness a progressively retreating frontier of the dominance of US.


The Chinese forces will possibly be able to establish a temporary local air and a naval superiority


with the onset of a conflict however, this is likely to enable China not to achieve its limited


objectives without defeating the US forces.




Having looked at the various operation areas of the scorecards it will be wiser if the US


will have to work towards shaping the Chinese leader?s misperceptions which they believe that


the US military strength is weakening the region by emphasizing that there are severe risks of


involving the US military forces. Accordingly, the US military should work towards ensuring 7 MILITARY STRENGTH


that is cuts the rapid cuts in the legacy to fighter forces by lowering the emphasis on the big


airline carriers. Additionally, there should be an expansion in the expansion in the politicalmilitary relations with the regional nations[Guo05]. Moreover, when it comes to the procurement


priorities should be emphasized on the base redundancy and survivability, crafty survivable


fighters and bombers, improving the submarines and the anti-submarine warfare capabilities and


the counterpace program. 8 MILITARY STRENGTH References


Keller, W. W., & Rawski, . G. (2007). China?s Rise and the Balance of Influence in Asia. London:


University of Pittsburgh Press.


Kennedy, G., & Pant, . V. (2016). Assessing Maritime Power in the Asia-Pacific: The Impact of


American ... California: Routledge.


Liebert, H., Griswold, ., & III, . W. (2014). Thinking beyond Boundaries: Transnational


Challenges to U.S. Foreign Policy. Ontario: JHU Press.


Liu, G. (2005). Chinese Foreign Policy in Transition. Los Angeles : Transaction Publishers.


Sutter, R. G. (2005). China's Rise in Asia: Promises and Perils. New York: Rowman &


Littlefield Publishers. .


Tan, S. S. (2015). Multilateral Asian Security Architecture: Non-ASEAN Stakeholders.


California: Routledge. 9 MILITARY STRENGTH


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