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i, got this question from my instructor, refereeing to week 3 Key concept (attahced fil

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i, got this question from my instructor, refereeing to week 3 Key concept (attahced file) " did the articles that you reviewed give youy any insights into your own preferred research paradigm and if so what would you suggest that it is? 

please provide the answer in 200 words and mention the references

Running Head: METHODOLOGY AND METHODS Key Concept Week 3


Methodology and Methods,


Article one: ?The Relationship between Human Resource Management Practices and


Organizational Commitment.?


Article two: ?Persuasive messages, popularity cohesion, and message diffusion in social media




1. ?What are the advantages and disadvantages of the methodologies implemented in these




From Article one the advantages are that ?human resource management? is extremely demanded


to supervise and conduct workers effectively. It is also accountable for supervision structural


changes in an association, like as downsizing, and also, rightsizing, as well as outsourcing along


with re-engineering.


From Article one the disadvantages are that high turnover speed will bring down managerial


performance and association does not possess sufficient skilled workforces to apply


organization's approach. (?endo?du, 2013)


With the help of performance evaluation, workers will have a clear considerate of their roles


consequently that they will not be misdirected in the direction of their work deeds.


From Article two the advantages are that Social media advertising is an influential promotion


method. Liking and also, sharing social media messages can enhance the effects of admired


cohesion as well as message circulation. This research examines how persuasive messages (for


example argument superiority, post status, as well as post attractiveness) (Chang, 2014)


From Article two the disadvantages are that Persuasion is an active try that transforms receivers?


actions as well as beliefs using reasonable and level-headed expressions. Persuasive messages


center on benefits to as well as communication through receivers


2. ?Which of these could (or could not) be used for your research and why.


From Article first, the ?relationship among HRM Practices and managerial performance.


The appearance of globalization and the opposition among multinational businesses has become


aggressive. Associations with knowledge-related workforce will have a superior growth rate in


their industry. HRM practice is one region that influences workers' intention to leave, stages of


job satisfaction, as well as managerial commitment. (?endo?du, 2013). Running Head: METHODOLOGY AND METHODS


From Article two Social media marketing could be used for research because Social media


promotion is an influential promotion method. Liking and also, sharing social media messages


can enlarge the effects of trendy structure and message diffusion. This study examines how


persuasive messages (for example, argument quality, post reputation, and post good looks) can


lead internet users towards click like as well as split messages in social media promotion


activities. (Chang, 2014)


3. What could be your feasibility concerns in any case?


From Article one feasibility concerns are that performance-related pay enables the association to


dismiss workers whose performances as well as contributions are small than desirable. As an


outcome, it helps to decrease involuntary turnover and get better managerial performance. This is


because deprived performances workers will be terminated as well as good performances


workers will be promoted and also, rewarded that significantly increase their job contentment.


Ineffective performance-related pay system can convey unwanted issues, like as low morale,


reduced employee efficiency, job discontent and disloyalty in the direction of organization


(?endo?du, 2013)


From Article two feasibility concerns are those habitual links of social media marketing.


Marketing supervisors must convince internet users towards impulsively share messages through


relatives, colleagues, and also, friends. Therefore, successful dissemination of data becomes a


necessary factor in social media promotion success as well as persuading internet users to make


easy promotions is supreme for current marketing research. (Chang, 2014) References;


Chang, Y.-T. (2014). Persuasive messages, popularity cohesion, and message diffusion in social


media marketing. Retrieved from repec.:


?endo?du, A. (2013). The Relationship between Human Resource Management Practices and


Organizational Commitment. Retrieved from .sciencedirect: Running Head: METHODOLOGY AND METHODS


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