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Term project is a 16 page marketing plan (does not include Title Page, Table of Contents or Refer

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Term project is a 16 page marketing plan (does not include Title Page, Table of Contents or Reference Page) for the product or service that was approved in your week one proposal.  Attached is the proposal.

Running Head: MARKETING PROPOSAL 1 Proposal for Marketing our New Product


Juliet Tango Introduction


This proposal seeks to request for go ahead to market our non alcoholic drink that


requires a thorough marketing in order to create awareness of existence of the drink as well


increase our overall sales. Running Head: MARKETING PROPOSAL 2 Executive summary


The proposal details the plan to market our non alcoholic drink that will be introduced in


the market very soon. The main purpose of the marketing proposal is to highlight the importance


of the marketing plan for our non alcoholic drink and how the marketing plan will help our


product gain market through creating consumer awareness. The proposal will also cover the


objectives of our marketing plan, marketing activities the number of individuals needed and our


budget. The marketing of the drink will take two weeks of serious market campaign which will


help the drink penetrate to the market.




The marketing plan will help reach out to our target market for our non alcoholic drink


across the country. Our drink needs to be introduced to our customers all over the country so that


we can increase our sales. With the help of the marketing planning this will be achieved. Another


objective is that the marketing plan will help increase the sales for our product since it is a new




Our non-alcoholic drink is a new product that needs to be introduced to our customers so


that they can enjoy it. The marketing plan will also enable our company increase the distribution


of the drink and take it closer to the consumers. At the end of the project we will be able to


increase our rate of distribution as well as the level of demand. Marketing Activities


The activities that will be carried out during the marketing campaign will be promotion of


our product through road shows as well giving out free sample of the drink. This will help our


customers have a taste of our drink and find out why the drink is worthy spending on since it is Running Head: MARKETING PROPOSAL 3 refreshing. Another activity is that during the marketing project we will offer our customers with


after sale service to the customers. This will assist our customers in giving us referrals by


spreading the word about how new non alcoholic drink. The final activity that will be focused on


during this period of the marketing project is advertising across cities across the country.


Advertising is one of the effective methods of reaching customers. During this period we use the


media for advertising hence increasing our sales.


Human resource


During our marketing project for our new drink we will need a number of individuals


who will run the project and reach out and spread the information the new customers out there in


the market. The human resource will help carry out the project within the scheduled time by


spreading ourselves to different part of the country where our target market can be found. Our


target customers are found in different part of the country and with the help of personnel we will


be able to reach them. We will have different teams that will be headed by a team leader who will


be reporting to the regional manager since the parts of coverage will be divided into regions.




Our project is going to take two weeks and we will be operating with a group of 40


individuals who will work 12 hours a day and 5 days a week. Each individual will be paid USD 7


per hour. The total pay for the two weeks will be USD 33,600.We will also need USD 10,000


advertising and branding materials that will give out to our customers. In total we will need USD


43,600 to be able to run the project smoothly. Running Head: MARKETING PROPOSAL References


Green, J. (2012). Advertising. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group.


O. C. Ferrell, M. H. (2011). Marketing Strategy ,Text and Cases. Florida: Cengage .


Westwood, J. (2004). The Marketing Plan: A Step-by-step Guide. Sterling VA: Kogan Page . 4 Running Head: MARKETING PROPOSAL 5


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