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I have included the first paper and Instructions for Assignment 2. (ASSIGNMENT 2 Essay format 11.

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I have included the first paper and Instructions for Assignment 2. (ASSIGNMENT 2 Essay format 11.docx  with Assignment 2 rubric.xls)

Assignment 2 is an extension of Assignment 1 -  Assignment 1 Final as of 7302016.docx

The paper is due on 8/15 at 5;00 pm.  Book Strategic Marketing for health care Organizations.

Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System Name of student


Name of professor


Course Title


Date of submission . Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System Marketing and the Health Care System




Grady Hospital is the largest hospital in the state of Georgia and the public hospital for


the city of Atlanta. It also has the reputation as one of the premier public hospitals and it is


considered a world-class health care provider as witnessed by their numerous awards and


accolades. The staff has a reputation to live up to, as they have delivered year after year high


quality and efficient services all through its system. The paper will focus on their burn unit,


which is named, ?Burn Center Grady?. (, 2010-2016)


?Grady?s Burn Center is one of the largest in the country and provides complete care to


burn victims of all ages?, (, 2010-2016) ranging from burns resulting


from flames (minor burns and follow-up care for wounds and major burns) to severe burns from


chemical or electrical accidents. It is known for it?s ?adult and pediatric burn center as the ?Gold


Standard? for high-quality burn care.? (, 2010-2016)


Determine the Impact of Marketing


What is the specific impact of marketing on your named provider?


In today's modern health care industry, marketing has become an integral part of


organizational growth, and this has not been an exception to Grady Hospital, Burn Unit in


Atlanta. The paradigm shift in the industry is to engage in broad and media marketing because


our populous have transitioned to using the internet and websites to research the various Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System hospitals in their region or globally, which would include health information. To determine what


their symptoms are of their illness or injuries, to find the best practice to get care, and to find


experts in the field who can give second opinions. This precludes, that Grady Hospital


capitalizes on the fact that they are a verified Burn Center according to The American College of


Surgeons. The Burn Unit uses advertising in medical and internet marketing about the entire Grady system. The unit needs to tell their story of how they made lives better, though


testimonials. Marketing has had a positive impact on the growth of the health care industry by using


the marketing process in the various platforms. The internet has generated exposure of their


programs throughout the world and within our country. This includes all customers in the


various regions, to find out what the various programs have to offer them. Therefore, the


internet?s various platforms have made Grady Hospital well-known across the continents. This


has increased the number of clients from around the country and the globe which explains the


significant growth. How does marketing's various approaches impact your provider?


Different marketing strategies help health care and particularly Grady Hospital, Burn


Unit to advertise itself while indicating its location, what service they offer and their efficiency


in delivery of care through statistics and mortality rates. Through the use of these marketing


approaches, it allows the customers to view the hospital's profile which includes the burn center. Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System How does your provider best approach particular targets?


Before the hospital approaches a particular target, the hospital will first analyze the


customer?s demands - otherwise known as our patients. By analyzing the consumer need, the


hospital will understand if they are in the appropriate position to manage the problem facing the


patient and if they are offering quality treatment at an affordable and efficient cost. They created


23 intensive and intermediate care beds, hydrotherapy tables that regulate temperature, dedicated


rehabilitation gym and outpatient center for follow-up care. (2010-2016 Grady Hospital) What would happen if your provider did not market?


In today's world, marketing is the essential tool for the success of an organization. For the


Burn Center to emerge competitive in the entire world, it must advertise itself so as to create


brand awareness to different people who are in turn the customers of the Burn Center. If the Burn


Center does not market itself, it will rely only on the customers they currently have. Relying on


word of mouth only will stunt growth.


How would you evaluate the impact of your strategies?


To assess the impact of Grady?s marketing strategies, we will consider


issues like the IMPACT Awards given to the Grady Memorial Hospital. As part of their


admitting process, they ask how did you hear about the burn center? This data would determine


how effective was the campaign. Grady has a video about a paramedic, Angie Roach, who had Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System burns over 35% of her body. She described the process of her comprehensive care. At the end


she said, ?Grady healed me from the inside out?. This was a powerful testimony in support of


the burn center. Another way to evaluate the impact of marketing is tracking the growth in


the number of admissions under the Grady Burn Center. Outline a strategy for the health care provider you selected to determine the utilization of


its products or services.


In order to ensure the success of the Burn Center?s new investment decision, they need to


be closely and carefully managed to meet the goals of the center which includes reviewing


expansion plans. Therefore, putting performance measurement(s) systems in place, e.g., HEDIS


scores, as a way of keeping track on the progress of their goals.


The best and the recommended strategy for marketing by Grady Memorial Hospital, Burn


Center, is the use of social media avenues. Our populace are now using the internet and active


on different social media platforms. This is the best place for the center under the Grady


Memorial Hospital system to maximize their exposure. The centers advertisements and profile


are easily viewable by all people thus creating brand awareness.


The hospital Burn Center should major in the new technology. Where they create its


application, where customers can book an appointment online, pay online, consult, and also ask


queries online. This will help speed up service delivery and customer relations to improve


consumer confidence. Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System How would you measure the utilization of your provider?s services?


To gauge the use of Grady Memorial Hospital, Burn Center services, we would use the


program evaluation method which will focus on counting the activities performed like the results


which were obtained from the records of the burn center. For example, the number of clients


admitted to the hospital?s Burn Center, keeping a tally on all the various procedures performed,


and other long term results like the mortality rate witnessed. This information can be obtained


from the database to confirm the data. How would this measurement be utilized to support your marketing direction?


These measurements can be utilized to support the marketing direction taken by the


hospital in the manner that, if there are gradual positive changes which are taken note of as


compared to before the use of the marketing strategies. Then it means that the company is taking


the right path in venturing in the marketing strategies and, therefore, concluding that the


Hospital?s Center Unit has developed a competitive edge over its competitors. How could you measure the utilization of your products by your target market?


To gauge the usage of the Hospital?s Burn Center service and products, they would


consider the services offered on a monthly basis where the Hospital will review the number of


customers who visited the premises seeking medical attention, the number of them who received Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System the services, and also we can measure the sale of prescriptions on a monthly basis. This will


provide the necessary data to meet the goals of continual improvement. How would you determine that you were reaching the appropriate markets?


In determining if they are reaching the appropriate market, which means are we using the


most relevant markets to reach the target market. They track the number of people going to their


site in the social, medical platforms, and their websites. Also, the hospital can know if they have


reached the relevant markets by the returns they get from the target markets. The returns will be


based on the total number of customers from the target markets and the increase in cash flow


from the department.


Are there other strategies that you should be using to approach these markets?


The hospital can use a social responsibility strategy, by supporting the nearby


communities in providing for their needs, e.g., the provision of offering free clinics while


supporting the needy students and pupils in schools, e.g., safety presentations. This strategy will


increase the confidence of the consumer for the burn center. This provides the necessary


exposure to the community for the burn center. How would you measure the success/failure of your strategies?


In determining business success of the marketing strategies, the burn center needs to


determine the profit/loss analysis of the center. This will be useful in determining the utilization Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System of the procedures. If the earnings have risen tremendously, then it means that the strategies used


were successful, and the vice versa is true.


Also to measure the success or the failure of the plan, we need to focus on the new


technology, and, more importantly, the quality of the services delivered. If they have improved


and changes have been made, then it means the strategies have been successful.


Outline a marketing strategy for the health care provider you selected.


How would you identify your targets?


Essentially, this first phase is quite crucial in reaching the customers, informing them of


the burn center. Ideally, advertisements or the promotional campaigns ensure that services


offered by the organization gain market recognition by the individual consumers. With the


advertising campaigns, the company can increase the number of customers for the burn center. What data would you analyze (internal data, external, and community data)


The internal data of the burn center would include number admissions and utilization of


the various procedures. The external data would come from various sources, e.g. Consumer


Reports would include the top Burn Centers in the Southeast. In addition, the community data


from various government agencies would include census information, demographics, and PUR


(Periodic Utilization Reports. An organization that can be helpful are Partners In Health in


providing clinical aspects regarding screenings. In this way, the hospital can understand their


improvements and the shortcomings. Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System What would you consider about your competitors? SWOT purposes; Five Forces purpose,


and Pricing.


In regards to completion, they are one of three certified Burn Centers in the country. In


researching about the competition we look at the quality of their services, are they better than we


offer as Grady Memorial Hospital, Burn Center, according to SWOT Analysis which includes


their weaknesses, strengths, and the opportunities they face and their threats. In addition, they


should use the Five Forces Analysis, which includes Internal Rivalry, Threat of New Entrants,


Threat of Substitute of Products, Buyer Power, and Supplier Power. The purpose is to look at the


competition from a different view point compared to SWOT Analysis. This will help them make


the necessary changes at the burn center to compete and properly market the center. We also


consider how they price their products and services. Then through the assessment of the Burn


Center, they can quickly adjust so as to remain more competitive. Marketing of health care products through promotional campaigns


It is entirely necessary for healthcare dispensing organization or firm to take marketing


seriously. In this aspect, the marketing should engage awareness campaigns that are specifically


directed to the targeted customer segments.


What approaches would you use?


I would all of the approaches mentioned above to gain an overall picture of the market.


Using all the analysis? would provide an overview of the Burn Center?s around the country to


stay more competitive. Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System ______________________________________________________________________________




Recommend at least three separate ways the health care provider you selected could shape


the buying decisions of its customers.


The three distinct ways which can shape the buying decisions of the Grady Memorial


Hospital Burn Center are the relationship marketing, data-driven marketing, and technologybased marketing.


Relationship Marketing


The world business situation in every industry is changing; adopting policies that bring


consumers closer to the customers is the critical tool being embraced by the current world


companies. ?Relationship marketing is one of the most efficient marketing strategies employed


by various businesses to realize their market goals. In his report on how to improve health care


organization performance in the market? (Egan (2011). Egan noted that? a potential health care


product or service consumer purchase is critically influenced by the manner in which he or she


interact with the customer.? (Egan (2011). Customer service is key no matter what rewards and


acciolades you receiver.. Many organization?s fail to see that, What customers care about is ?


themselves not your product and services. . The awards and accolades are important but the


customer cares about WIIFM ? What is in it for me? It is all in how you treat your patients. ? Customers are all different, which means personal attention to those differences is


critical. ?The various customer types set their wants, expectation and need to the health care


services and products.? (Egan (2011). To be useful in this industry, an organization needs to Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System adopt relationship marketing to meet the different demands of the clients. Vuorikatu noted that


?relationship marketing emphasizes on having the organization know the consumers on personal


levels and developing effective communication system between the user and the group.? The


communications developed must provide comfort and convenience for the customers. By


establishing a relationship with customers, the Burn Center will sufficiently targets their


marketing message to the various types of customers they serve. Data-Driven Marketing


As a heavily regulated industry, health care services and products, requires data tracking,


procedures and performance analysis according to tight specifications. This information can be


utilized as a strategy for generating information to the consumers. Data-driven marketing is an


approach that incorporates evidenced-based research in the messages or information passed to


the customers. Evans (2010) ?identified that this strategy had been used in the healthcare product


and service industry to advance the performance of the services and product.? (Evans,2010).


Ideally, the approach ensures the users identify how the offerings of the organization will benefit


their needs, as their satisfaction of services. Moreover, this strategy enables the user to compare


the providers' success with its outcomes. This is imperative in helping the consumers make


informed decisions about the health care services and products to purchase. . More precisely, this


strategy helps the Burn Center pass vital and useful information to the consumers. Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System Technology- Based Marketing


Though the data-driven marketing approaches can be helpful to the industry,


technology-based marketing is essential. This is a marketing strategy that incorporates


communication networks to reach customers with information via the internet. Evans (2010), ?


realized that health care product and service industry is centered on uncomfortable issues on


diseases and sickness that prompts for differentiated medical needs?. Evans (2010), Direct


communication approach to this industry may be counterproductive to the consumers. As such,


technology-based marketing that is evidenced based may play a critical role in winning new


customers for the organization.? Conclusion


Marketing strategies plays an important role in marketing of healthcare products and


services to the consumers. More importantly, the health care services and products should


implement the new marketing strategies that ensure the consumers remain informed to make a


sure they make informed purchase decisions. ?Based on the nature and the environments of this


industry, strategies such as technology-based marketing, relationship marketing, and data-driven


marketing should be applied by the organization? (Ryan& Jones, 2009).). These strategies ensure


consumers make contacts with the organization. In addition to the products they offer. Running Head: Marketing and the Health Care System References


Evans, W. (2010). How social marketing works in health care. BMJ, Helping doctors, make


better decisions, 332(7551), 1207-1210. Vuorikatu, L. P., Saarni, S.,& Pastermack, A. (2011). Physicians? Ethics Forum: a Web-based


ethics consultation service.Journal of Medical Ethics, 38(2), 8386. Egan, J. (2011). Relationship Marketing: Exploring Relational strategies in marketing. New


York: Financial Times, Prentice Hall. Ryan, D., & Jones, C. (2009). Understanding digital marketing: Marketing strategies for


engaging the digital generation. London: Kogan Page. Grady Health System, Retrieved from:


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