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I have attached my rough draft paper that needs the following revisions and assignment requiremen

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I have attached my rough draft paper that needs the following revisions and assignment requirements listed below:(attached is the Template  in order to understand expectations for the assignment.)

Provided well-researched evidence to support each claim.

Incorporated feedback or suggestions into your revisions.

Proofread your final draft for errors in grammar, mechanics, and style.

Written a paper that is approximately seven to ten pages total in length, including

a title page

five to seven pages of body text (1,500 to 2,000 words)

a references page

Formatted your paper according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

Your Final Research Paper will be assessed on the following components:





APA formatting


set of quotes( cite them correctly)

Running Head: MANDATORY SCHOOL UNIFORMS Should School Uniforms be Mandatory: Rough Draft


ENG 122: English Composition II 1 Running Head: MANDATORY SCHOOL UNIFORMS 2 Should School Uniforms be Mandatory: Rough Draft


Uniforms in the public education system is a good idea, not only is it cost effective, but


also it gives the students a chance to focus on their studies and not have to worry about what to


wear tomorrow. The crime or violence rate drops in schools that have a uniform policy and those


that do not belong on campus are spotted quicker and easier. Private schools have already


adopted this idea as well as some schools in England and Australia.


The cost of uniforms as compared to the latest fashion statement is absurd. Students who


don't have the money to buy all the newest clothes tend not to go to school as much because they


feel that they don?t fit in or may be teased because of their clothes. The kids that come from


lower class level backgrounds you will tend to see them doing more illegal activities to be able to


buy the latest designer jeans so that they are noticed at school. Uniforms can be purchased at


almost any clothing store, Wal-Mart, and even k-mart. Prices range from five to six dollars for


shirts, ten for shorts and about eight dollars for skirts for girls. Of course, used clothes are


cheaper. The majority of parents only buy two or three outfits for a school year. Hand-me-down


uniforms are used more than street clothes would be. The question is should public schools in


the U.S.A. have their children dressed in uniforms? Yes, as long as there are positive reactions


involved. Uniforms not only look better and make fitting in easier but decisions on what to wear


in the morning will be one less issue. Uniforms don't only bring down the cost of clothes for the


parents, but the school spirit is higher, and the students feel a sense of unity. The separation gap


between poor and rich kids is brought down; the students can no longer tease one another


because of their clothes as they are all dressed the same.


Students all dressed the same is the whole idea. But there are some negative areas of this.


Some psychologists may argue that having students alike decreases their sense of expression or Running Head: MANDATORY SCHOOL UNIFORMS 3 creativity. The students can express themselves in the classroom or even wear different socks.


Some days are specified for the optional dress down, where the children can wear whatever they


would like. When the students are in uniforms, the administration can spot people who are not to


be on campus. Gang activity is not as high because the students cannot show their colors or




Uniforms are becoming a fast-moving trend that started in Long Beach, California in


1994. The schools there have seen a change in the way students act, and for the better. The crime


rate is down seventy-six percent, assaults on school property are down as well by eighty-five


percent. (Education World, 1). Some schools use the option of wearing a uniform, while others


have a mandatory or no uniforms at all. The schools without uniforms have a dress code that


students must follow. In some high schools not obeying the dress codes, could result in a


suspension or serve punishments. One of the reasons behind the sudden change in school policy


has to do with the recent school shootings. The most famous and talked about one was the


Columbine High School. The two teens were able to bring in weapons to the school under trench


coats. With uniforms, this could have been prevented because long coats are not to be worn in


the school. But should uniforms only be worn by the students? How about the teachers and staff?


If the kids have to wear them, then so should the rest of the school.


The problem with the current dress codes is that the principles are not doing their jobs by


enforcing the rules. A quick cover up for school problems is to change the way students have to


dress. Do you think school uniforms should be mandatory? Overall, I believe uniforms help


improve the academic learning atmosphere and help in many different ways such as helping


them become a safer environment. I have seen firsthand the positive re-enforcement this policy


have on schools and students. Running Head: MANDATORY SCHOOL UNIFORMS References


Bodine, Ann. Journal of Educational Research. Nov/Dec2003, Vol. 97 Issue 2, p67-71. 5p. 2


Charts. Reading Level (Lexile): 1040. , Database: Masterfile Premier


Daugherty, Richard F. Education. Winter2002, Vol. 123 Issue 2, p390. 4p. , Database: Corporate


Resource Net


Drown, E., & Sole, K. (2013). Writing college research papers (2nd ed.). San Diego, CA:


Bridgepoint Education, Inc. 4


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