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Assignment 5: Change Management Plan

Due Week 10 and worth 300 points



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Assignment 5: Change Management Plan

Due Week 10 and worth 300 points

In this assignment, you will combine the previous four (4) assignments into a proposal that you could present to the executive leadership and board members. You will argue the value of the change management plan to the overall success of the organization. Add to your previous submissions a plan for sustaining the change in the long run.

Write a six to ten (6-10) page paper in which you:

Section I: Organization: Describe the organization and comment on the HR change that the organization should make. Utilize effective diagnostic tools to assess the organizations ability to change. Support assertions with theoretical evidence.

  1. Describe the company in terms of industry, size, number of employees, and history.
  2. Analyze in detail the current HR practice, policy, process, or procedure that you believe should be changed.
  3. Formulate three (3) valid reasons for the proposed change based on current change management theories.
  4. Appraise the diagnostic tools that you can use to determine an organization?s readiness for change. Propose two (2) diagnostic tools which you can utilize to determine if the organization is ready for change. Defend why you believe the diagnostic tools selected are the best choice for diagnosing change in the organization.
  5. Using one (1) of the diagnostic tools you selected, assess the organization?s readiness for change.
    1. Provide results of the diagnostic analysis
    2. Explain the results
  6. Interpret whether or not the organization is ready for change. Substantiate your conclusion by referencing current change management theories.

Section II: Kotter Change Plan: Utilizing the Kotter eight (8) step method of change, create a solid change management plan for the HR initiative you identified as requiring improvement.

  1. Ascertain how each of the steps applies to your specific organization.
  2. Develop a strategy that illustrates how you would address each of the eight (8) stages of change:
    1. Establishing a sense of urgency
    2. Creating coalition
    3. Developing vision and strategy
    4. Communicating the vision
    5. Empowering broad-based action
    6. Generating short-term wins
    7. Consolidating gains and producing more change
    8. Anchoring new approaches into the culture

Section III: Resistance and Communication: Research methods of minimizing resistance to change and create plan to address resistance within your change management initiative.

  1. Diagnose the reasons for resistance to change.
  2. Interpret the potential causes of resistance in the organization. Identify and describe three (3) potential causes of resistance to your change plan. Identify and describe three (3) potential sources of resistance to your change plan.
  3. Create a plan for minimizing possible resistance to your change management plan.
  4. Elaborate on the relationship between resistance to change and communication.
  5. Evaluate three (3) communication strategies.
  6. Recommend one (1) communication strategy that would be applicable to your organization. Diagnose why this communication strategy is best for your organization.
  7. Create a solid communication plan for your change initiative.

Section IV: Sustaining Change: Research methods of sustaining change in organizations and create a plan for sustaining proposed change.

  1. Recommend two (2) strategies for sustaining change:
    1. Diagnose the two (2) theories from a scholarly perspective
    2. Evaluate why the strategies selected are viable for the organization

Section V: Presentation: Create a visually appealing and informative presentation espousing the importance of the change management plan you developed.

  1. Create a ten to fifteen (10-15) slide PowerPoint presentation to submit to executive leadership and board members outlining and describing your recommended change. Include the following criteria:
    1. Be creative in your design so that is appealing to others.
    2. Ensure that all of the MAJOR points of the plan are covered.
    3. Create bulleted speaking notes for your presentation to the shareholders in the Notes section of the PowerPoint. Note: You may create or assume any fictitious names, data, or scenarios that have not been established in this assignment for a realistic flow of communication.
    4. Use a professional technically written style to graphically convey the information.
    5. Create a video of yourself presenting the presentation to key stakeholders.Note:View the"Creating a Presentation for Your Course" playlist, located herefor tutorials on creating and submitting video assignments.

Section VI: References: Utilize good scholarly research skills and writing skills to develop a solid change plan and presentation.

  1. Use at least ten (10) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources
  2. Write clearly and concisely about managing organizational change using proper writing mechanics.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Evaluate the reactions to change including identifying signs of resistance and approaches to managing it.
  • Evaluate strategies for communicating change.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in managing organizational change.
  • Write clearly and concisely about managing organizational change using proper writing mechanics.
  • Evaluate strategies for communicating change.

Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.

Running Head: Managing Organizational change MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE


Jacquline Maxwell


Strayer University


Dr. Jeannette Woods


08/26/2016 1 Running Head: Managing Organizational change 2 Reasons for resistance to change


The top reason why staff can be opposed to change is because of selfish ends; most of the


times they are not very considerate in terms of looking at the growth and benefits of the


organization. They are in opposition because things might have to change; projects can be halted,


reallocation can occur, people may lose their job positions and they might have to get out of their


comfort zone or status quo which is rather in other words, fear of the unknown. For newly


reconstituted departments and organizations, the staff may be opposed to change due to mistrust


since they have not spent time with the newly executive and they might not be able to predict


upcoming strategies and policies amongst other aspects.


As the changes or forms of change are different, changes that lead to downsizing or


restructuring might send shivers because people are afraid of losing their jobs and in extension


control and job security. Poor management can cause resistance especially when the timing for


change as well as the magnitude of change is not well calculated and presented. In conclusion,


the nature of individuals affects how individuals may perceive change.


(3)Potential causes of resistance in Google Inc


The placement of Google under the management of Alphabet is the main issue where it is


like there will not be existence of Google anymore. Staff might be worried that the terms of


remuneration might have to change. It may also be as a result of having a new boss and


management who the staff may not be familiar with and thus mistrust. Staff might feel that the


70/20/10 rule they were operating under might not be well appreciated especially the 10 percent


which encourages initiative. Staff might feel that they are not very well appreciated and valued.


Their source of identity might be challenged. Staff might feel like they are being tossed in Running Head: Managing Organizational change 3 a muddy swamp with all sorts of trade such as Calico which is focused on curing death, Nest


which does internet-connected home devices, Google ventures and Google capital which do


investing. They will be struggling for management attention. To make matters worse, Google is


the only company of the Alphabet group that makes money. Google employees might feel like


they are just there to support all of Alphabet. Google employees are less likely to be in support of


flexibility. They are a little less spontaneous when it comes to taking risks and trying new


approaches. It is why the Alphabet issue is a little thorny. The needs of the team take priority


over individual success.


A plan for minimizing possible resistance to change and communication


Larry Page, CEO and Sergey Brin, the president of Alphabet aim to minimize the


potential resistance to change and communication by ensuring that all the subsidiaries of


Alphabet are managed by CEOs whilst the overall Alphabet president and CEO will offer general


service to them as needed. They want to stretch their management platform as they articulately


and accountably handle capital allocation to ensure that each business performs well. In addition,


by implementing segment reporting for Q4 results, Google financials will be provided separately


than those of the rest of Alphabet subsidiaries. That though Google will become a wholly-owned


subsidiary of Alphabet, Google?s two classes of shares will continue to trade on Naasdaq as




The relationship between resistance to change and communication


Communication is a two way process where if well carried out, it can uncover potential


paths of resistance to change. Staff will be resistant to change since they do not have full


information on what the new plans will bring to them. Communication is also important if one Running Head: Managing Organizational change 4 aims at raising the level of understanding which informs occasional or planned changes. A leader


through listening and getting feedback from the employees will be able to manage incidences of




Communication Strategies


Communication Strategies is a key to a successful career as a Human Resource Manager.


Some of these aspects include: knowing one?s audience where one should be able to assess


which method provides the best response. For example, whether it is emails or instance face to


face feedback that works. The other aspect is taking your time and seeking clarification after you


have passed on a message since at times, the message sent isn?t always the message that is


received. Clear messaging and communication which in essence is getting to the point is very


important coupled with providing a little background of information as well as presenting one?s




(1) Communication strategy applicable in my organization


Since the issue here is of the place of Google?s employees wondering if their input is still


highly valued, and therefore if their efforts will be supported. A clear communication of expected


results as well as the new changes and management strategies which include continuation of


trading shares and running the different subsidiaries on their own including having their own


CEOs. Clear communication should be implemented so there is an understanding on what is


going on in the company and that is something Google values when making changes within the




A solid communication plan for my change initiative Running Head: Managing Organizational change 5 Consistent training and communication of expectations and Google plans is the way to go


forward. Of course the most senior management will oversee the strategies of the individual


subsidiaries of Alphabet. I will be encouraging collaborative engagement with the staff to ensure


that feedback is taken into account and that the employees understand the changes and


expectations doing this will help employees understand what the change is and to learn to be


comfortable and adapt to it. This will give time also to see where communication is needed if


there is miscommunication within its department.


For Example, new reappointments like those of former chief executive Eric Schmidt


being promoted to be the executive chairman and Sundar Pichai, Page?s deputy also gets


promoted to become the CEO of Google. This is an effort to differentiate between Google?s core


business and other areas being explored like health care and X cabs. This could affect the


company and how it is ran and also change things in the company that employees are not just


quite ready to adapt to so, that communication is put in place to assure that employees are ready


and prepared for change if needed. Running Head: Managing Organizational change 6 REFERENCES Bigelow, C. A., &amp; Holmes, K. A. (1993). U.S. Patent No. D341, 848. Washington, DC: U.S.


Patent and Trademark Office.


Dent, E. B., &amp; Goldberg, S. G. (1999). Challenging ?resistance to change?. The Journal of


Applied Behavioral Science, 35(1), 25-41.


Ford, J. D., Ford, L. W., &amp; D?Amelio, A. (2008). Resistance to change: The rest of the story.


Academy of management Review, 33(2), 362-377.


Oreg, S. (2006). Personality, context, and resistance to organizational change. European journal


of work and organizational psychology, 15(1), 73-101.


Smeltzer, L. R. (1991). An Analysis of strategies for announcing organization-wide change.


Group &amp; Organizational Management, 16(1), 5-24.


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Assignment 5: Change Management Plan

Due Week 10 and worth 300 points


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