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Can you help me check my final project? I have already finished it. This is the rubirc.

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Can you help me check my final project? I have already finished it. This is the rubirc.



1 Macroeconomic variables analysis of Apple iPhone


Southern New Hampshire University




Macroeconomic Environment of the Company




Apple Inc. manufactures products in three line which include,


personal computer and computing hardware and software, iTunes store,


mobile devices. The products that the company sells include iPod, Mac,


iPad, Software, iPhone, accessories, iTunes, and services. It also sells


digital content and applications via App store, Mac App Store, iTunes


Store. And iBooks Store[App14]. Apple Inc. is a California based company


that sells its products to the small and mid ? sized businesses,


government and enterprise customers, and education.




The iPhones line of products (smartphones) combines internet,


music player, and a phone in a single device. It consist of an integrated


video and photo camera as well as a photo library app. The device is


compatible and works with iBooks Stores, App store, iTunes Store for


organizing, purchasing and playing music[App14]. It is also compatible


with Windows and Mac personal computer as well as the Apple?s iCloud




Annual Sales


The 2013, 2012 and 2012 annual unit sales for iPhones was 150,


257, 125,046 and 72, 293 respectively. The net sales for the same


products was 91,279, 78, 692, and 45,998 for 2013, 2012 and 2012


respectively (Inc., 2014). 2 ORGANIZATIONAL ANAYSIS & DESIGN PLAN


3 Macroeconomic Variables Unemployment: Unemployment is a factor that impact negatively on


the sale of the iPhone in America. The country consists of high number of


the employed people and this affect the supply and demand of the Apple


Inc. products specifically thee iPhone.


GDP: Growth Domestic Product is another macroeconomic factor


that affect the supply and demand of the iPhone in the United States.


Inflation: The third factor is the inflation, where if the inflation is


high, the company will be forced to raise the price of the products and few


people will be unable to buy since their salary is not being raised to


compensate for the rising inflation.


Macroeconomic Variables Trend




GDP (US $)












The trend shows that there has been 2014








a decrease in rate 2015








of unemployment and rate of inflation for the past three years. The unemployment rate has


decreased from 7.3 in 2013 to 6.1 in 2014 and 5.3 in 2015. The


implication is that the government is working to reduce the


unemployment rate in the United States. The inflation also reduced from


2.0 in 2013 to 1.1 in 2014 and 0.0 in 2015. This shows the strengthening


of the economy and implies that there would be strong markets. These


reductions in both unemployment and inflation rates is consistent with the


rise in the gross domestic product which has been increasing over the ORGANIZATIONAL ANAYSIS & DESIGN PLAN


past three years. The United State is undergoing a dynamic development 4 and this implies that there would be better marketing for the products.


Impact on Supply and Demand


With the increased and rising n GDP over the past three years the


demand and supply for the iPhones is likely to improve ad rise also. This is


because the associated rise in GDP implies that people are living better


life and will have more cash to purchase the expensive iPhones.


The decrease in the unemployment implies that people are


employed and thus have a substantial income which they can be able to


purchase iPhones after buying their basic wants. If the unemployment was


going up it would mean people have less money and the supply and


demand of the iPhones would go down. However, since the rates are


down, there would be an increased in the demand and hence the supply of


the iPhones.


The inflation rate going down implies that people are able to buy


products at considerable prices and this would auger positively on the


demand and supply of the iPhones.


Macro-economic Policies


There are two effective devices the legislature and the Federal Reserve use to control


the economy in the right heading: monetary and fiscal approach. At the point when utilized


accurately, they can have comparable results in both empowering our economy and backing it


off when it warms up. The continuous verbal confrontation is which one is more powerful in




5 I. Apple today declared money associated consequences for its monetary ?2015? final


sector finished ?September 26, 2015?. "Financial ?2015? was Apple's best time ever,


with revenue growing ?28%? to about ?$234 billion?. Money related approach


influences us as financial specialists, as well, since rising loan costs make existing


securities (with their lower rates) less appealing and prompt falling security costs. In


this way, stocks can turn out to be more appealing to numerous - however investment


accounts and CDs likewise get to be alluring, when they're paying huge premium.


Falling loan costs can help the land market, as home loans turn out to be more II. moderate.[app2][eco2]


Monetary and fiscal policies are the management's choice for the spending as well as


exhausting. This will expand interest for merchandise and administrations. Since


interest goes up, creation must go up. On the off chance that generation goes up,


organizations might need to contract more individuals. Individuals that were once


unemployed might now have occupations and cash to spend on products and




This will encourage build the interest and require more creation and, ideally, the cycle


of development will proceed. Barry might even get more business as individuals have


more cash to spend on items at his store. Therefore, government burning through


tends to accelerate monetary development. For the chance that the administration


thinks the economy is overheating - or developing too quick - the legislature might


diminish spending. A reduction in government spending will diminish general interest


in the economy.


Macroeconomic conditions and company?s performance


The Company's operations and execution depend fundamentally on worldwide


and territorial financial conditions. Vulnerability about worldwide and provincial ORGANIZATIONAL ANAYSIS & DESIGN PLAN


6 monetary conditions represents a danger as shoppers and organizations put off


spending because of more tightly credit, higher unemployment, money related


business sector instability, government grimness programs, negative budgetary news,


decreases in wage or resource values and/or different variables. These worldwide and


territorial monetary conditions could have a material unfriendly impact on interest for


the Company's items and administrations. Request likewise could vary really from the


Company's desires in light of the fact that the Company by and large raises costs on


products and administrations sold outside the U.S. to relate with the impact of a


reinforcing of the U.S. dollar. Different variables that could impact worldwide or


provincial interest incorporate increments in fuel and other vitality costs, conditions in


the land and home loan markets, unemployment, work and social insurance costs,


access to credit, buyer certainty, and other macroeconomic elements influencing


purchaser spending conduct. These and other monetary elements could tangibly


unfavourably influence interest for the Company's items and administrations.


Apple endeavours to build market interest for its items through separation, which


involves making its items one of a kind and appealing to purchasers. The


organization's items have dependably been intended to be on the ball contrasted with


its companions. In spite of high rivalry, Apple has succeeded in making interest for its


items, giving the organization control over costs through item separation, imaginative


promoting, guaranteed brand unwaveringness, and build-up around the dispatch of


new items.


Apple offers its items and exchanges outsider items in the vast majority of its


significant markets straightforwardly to shoppers and SMBs through its retail and


online stores and its immediate deals power. The organization additionally utilizes an


assortment of roundabout circulation channels, for example, outsider cell system


bearers, wholesalers, retailers, and worth included affiliates. ORGANIZATIONAL ANAYSIS & DESIGN PLAN


7 Apple utilizes a retail procedure called "least promoted cost" (or MAP). Least


promoted valuing strategies disallow affiliates or merchants from publicizing a


producer's items underneath a specific least cost.[Sam14][bon] References


Inc., A. (2014). UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION. (2016). Apple Inc. - Annual Report. Retrieved from


bondsquawk. (n.d.). Economics and the Bond Market. Retrieved from bondsquawk:


economist. (n.d.). Monetary policy. Retrieved from economist:


Nielson, S. (2014, January 29). Why innovation could be the key to Apple?s growth. Retrieved






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