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THIS IS CONTINUATION FROM M1 A3 and M2 A2: I will attach Previous work.


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THIS IS CONTINUATION FROM M1 A3 and M2 A2: I will attach Previous work.

M3 Assignment 2: Course Project

This assignment focuses on a draft of your supportive rationale and the outline for the questionnaire you plan to use to conduct the interviews.

Your assignment should include the following:

1. Project Title

The title should be consistent with your survey purpose. If only a small number of variables are being studied in your survey, the title should name the variables. If many variables are studied, only the types of variables should be named. If the type of population being studied is important, this should also be mentioned in the title.

2. Introduction

You should introduce your problem area and gradually shift the focus to the specific research hypotheses or questions. The significance of a topic should be explicitly stated in your introduction.

3. Supportive Rationale

The first draft of your supportive rationale should be presented in the form of an outline, and should emphasize findings from previous research. The supportive rationale should be brief, no more than one to two pages. Be sure to point out gaps in prior research that justify the need for conducting your study. You may also attempt to replicate a study that has been previously conducted. Peripheral research may be cited when literature with a direct bearing on the research topic does not exist.

4. Research Questions and Hypotheses

Following your supportive rationale, you should identify the specific purpose of your questionnaire. The research questions and hypotheses you previously developed should be flushed out here.

5. Survey Outline

Be sure to include a brief overview of the major areas/dimensions on the survey you are addressing; that is, the focus or foci of the survey, e.g., intentions, attitudes toward, etc. Each topic area should have its own sub-heading.

This section should include a description of how you will investigate each research question and hypothesis. What topic areas or question types will you ask to answer your questions?

You must include a brief discussion of the importance of each topic area with a reference to at least one research article or book that justifies each focus or dimension.

Also, think about the types of questions you will use in your survey to address these topics:

  • How will you introduce each research topic?
  • Will you use open-ended or closed-ended questions?
  • Identify the use of time periods that are related to the importance of a question.
  • How will you bridge between topic areas?


Your assignment should be in Microsoft Word 2000 or higher. Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12 pt. font.

By Tuesday, May 24, 2016, submit this to the M3: Assignment 2 Dropbox.

All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Clearly identified key dimensions or foci of the survey in introduction.


Provided adequate initial review of literature to justify survey focus.


Organized survey logically by topic area.


Used appropriate research literature to justify survey topics.


Aligned the questionnaire outline with the research question and hypotheses.


Submitted on time, and wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Applied appropriate use of APA style.




Running head: M1 A3 COURSE PROJECT M1 A3 Course Project


Kasey Marsh


Argosy University


Dr. Alisa Wagner


May 10, 2016 1 M1 A3 COURSE PROJECT 2 Course Project


Topic: Impact of Celebrities on Human Behavior to Buy the Products




Hypothesis (H1)


Emotional involvement is all about the essential characteristics such as trustworthiness,


attractiveness, and expertise (Hunter, 2010).


This hypothesis is used to test whether emotional involvement is indeed conceptually and


empirically distinct from the other source model dimensions.


Hypothesis (H2)


The increase in celebrity?s entrepreneurial activities leads to increase in their emotional




Hypothesis (H3)


The increase in emotional involvement activities leads to increased effectiveness in




Variables Used in the Study


Variable Variable Names Type


DV Different models (Celebrity 1- Celebrity 10)










Trustworthiness M1 A3 COURSE PROJECT 3 Attractiveness




Emotional involvement


Number of Products bought




Frequency of Buying products Purpose of the Survey


The research in the role of celebrity engagement for increasing sales and hence business


is still in its infancy. It is another wonder that is intriguing, to a great extent un-looked into and


needing scholarly consideration. Three attributes are especially repetitive in the work done by


other researchers and pertinent to an endorser achievement: dependability, engaging quality, and




Research has demonstrated that endorsers are more successful communicators when they


are seen as dependable, alluring or master in connection to the products they support. This is on


the grounds that people have a tendency to disguise explanations and guidance made by


dependable and master communicators and relate to those they are pulled. Thus, when an


appealing, reliable or master big name shows up in advancement, buyers are more well-suited to


see the commercial, the brand emphatically, and through this affects the shopping goals. The


purpose of this study is to explore this relation in a more quantitative manner.


Type of Research M1 A3 COURSE PROJECT 4 The research question is a correlational one because it is based on celebrity and different


parameters related to their emotional trust to evaluate its effect on the effectiveness of


communication. This will then leads to evaluating whether the shopping trends of the buyers are


affected by the efficient communication of celebrities. This will result in a correlational study.


Design Plan


An online questionnaire will be developed consisting of the research questions. It will be


generated through the help of Google form. The survey form will be shared online through the


social media and direct email to the possible respondents. The respondents will be categorized


based on the age, ethnicity, gender and their qualification. An online survey can be readily


available to the respondents therefore; it will be shared with 200 participants where 150 will be


expected to provide their response. M1 A3 COURSE PROJECT 5 Reference


Hunter, E. J. (2010). Celebrity entrepreneurship and celebrity endorsement: Similarities,


differences and the effect of deeper engagement. Queensland University of Technology. M1 A3 COURSE PROJECT 6 References


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