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Evaluate the communication activities undertaken by your selected retailer. List all of the speci


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Evaluate the communication activities undertaken by your selected retailer. List all of the specific elements and information in the retailer?s store and on its Web site that communicate the store?s image and merchandise it is offering to customers. What image does the retailer communicate through its store atmosphere, sales associates, Web site, and advertising? Does it engage in community-building activities, m-commerce, or social shopping? What are the associations it attempts to develop with its brand? Are the elements in its communication program consistent in terms of communicating the same image?

DILLARDS as selected retailers, please be as details as possible and follow the format in the attached files

Running head: LOCATION OF RETAIL OUTLETS 1 LOCATION OF RETAIL OUTLETS 2 Dillard?s Pennsquare Mall and Quail Spring Mall


The location of a retail outlet can be the only determinant of its profitability or lack


thereof. Regardless of the brand loyalty or the unique nature of its products and/or services, if the


location is not strategic the retail establishment might fail altogether. In this paper, we discuss the


benefits accruing to Dillard?s departmental stores in Pennsquare and Quail Malls. We also cast a


glance at the disadvantages.


Dillard?s is a departmental store company that runs 330 stores across 28 states in the US


("Dillard's - Official Site of Dillard's Department Stores - | The Style of Your Life",


2016). It was founded in 1938 and it has grown to become an American brand that everyone can


associate with. Regardless of this, the company has made a point of establishing new stores in


the most strategic locations. In Oklahoma, the company runs over 10 stores located in various




Oklahoma is home to over 1.3 million people spread out in the larger metropolitan area.


City dwellers account for nearly half of the total population (Christie, 2016). The high population


of well-to-do individuals provides an immediate market for the outlet?s products. This explains


the number of stores the company operates in the city of Oklahoma. But why Pennsquare and


Quail Malls?


Building infrastructure ? the two shopping malls have been designed and built to modern


standards. They have adequate electrical supply with back systems, cutting edge air conditioning


systems, and efficient telecommunication systems. The malls have plenty of space to


accommodate hundreds of people at once which means business is good for Dillard?s. LOCATION OF RETAIL OUTLETS 3 Proximity to other businesses ? their location at the heart of the city means they are pretty close


to banks, insurance companies, pharmacies, hotels and restaurants, beauty salons, and


entertainment joints. The business directly and indirectly benefits from the traffic generated in


the mall through these support business entities. The company?s employees also benefit from


these neighboring businesses as they can get personal stuff done while within the business




Accessibility and ample parking space ? these two locations are easily accessible as they are just


across the street. The malls have ample parking space in the basement for their customers,


suppliers, and employees. Customers always prefer malls due to the convenience they provide in


terms of accessing everything under one roof and accessing the retail outlets.


Foot traffic ? foot traffic is very important for retail outlets such as Dillard?s. Window shoppers


are potential impulse buyers. Malls are high traffic areas and they offer a lot of foot traffic.


Where the re ample foot traffic, the conversion rate of customers is very high and businesses


want this.


Competition ? competition is good and bad. The company?s location in busy malls which house


other competing retail outlets implies that the bulk of the people visiting the mall are potential


customers. The business can benefit from the disappointments customers gets from the other


stores ("10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Location for Your Business", 2016).


The location of Dillard?s stores in the two shopping malls can also have a negative


inclination to the business. If for example a scandal ensues in one of the other business


establishments inside the mall, the negative publicity might affect all businesses housed inside


the mall. Another downside to the location is that the parking space, although ample, has to be LOCATION OF RETAIL OUTLETS 4 shared evenly among the businesses in the mall. The business also risks losing some of its


customers to competitors who are literally next door. This means that the staff have to conduct


themselves with utmost professionalism or risk losing potential customers. LOCATION OF RETAIL OUTLETS 5


References 10 Things to Consider When Choosing a Location for Your Business. (2016). Entrepreneur.


Retrieved 4 November 2016, from


Christie, L. (2016). 10 fastest growing cities. CNNMoney. Retrieved 4 November 2016, from


Dillard's - Official Site of Dillard's Department Stores - | The Style of Your Life.


(2016). Retrieved 4 November 2016, from


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Evaluate the communication activities undertaken by your selected retailer. List all of the

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