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Submit an annotated outline of the research project that will comprise your " Po

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Submit an annotated outline of the research project that will comprise your " Portfolio Project " ----->  (See the attach files)

An annotated outline is one that provides in-text citations of sources for each of your main topics (main points were mapped out in the Module 2 Critical Thinking Assignment) and a complete Reference list at the end, all formatted in APA Style.

Make sure your outline fully supports all requirements of the Portfolio Project assignment, which can be accessed in the Module 8 folder. Note that while this Critical Thinking assignment requires that you cite at last one source for each main topic and a minimum of eight sources total, you are not required to include all sources that will be provided with the final version of your Portfolio Project. In other words, you may add more sources to your work prior to the final delivery of the Portfolio Project at the end of Week 8.


  • Your annotated outline should include at least five credible sources. 
  • Provide a summary, a paraphrase, and a direct quotation for each of your sources.
  • Your Annotated Outline should be 2-3 pages in length.





Pei Chin, Lin


ENG102 ? Composition II


Colorado State University ? Global Campus


Dr. Rose Bunch


May 19, 2016 LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA 2 Legalization of Marijuana


Social issue: Marijuana legalization


Research question: What would it take for the government of Colorado to curb the consumption


of marijuana among its citizens?


Thesis: After the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the number of victims using the drug has


risen, this is associated with the law that grants each citizen the freedom and as such countries


are responsible for respecting the individuals' freedom as well as the right of self-determination.


A solution for this would be the passing of laws by the government that will prevent the selling


of this drug to individuals and those found to be punished basing on the set laws.


Research problem


I have been exploring various studies as well as debates on the wave of marijuana in most


countries and states; I recognize the prevalent negative side of this drug rather than the


perception by the citizens who consider it as a recreational substance. In this light, from a report


released by the department of public safety, it indicates that the number of social problems


regarding marijuana is accelerating for the recent years (Hickenlooper, 2014). The legalization of


this drug is affecting the state drastically. From this report I have noted the trend of social issues


associated with the latter, for instance, the number has increased at an alarming rate. In


connection to this, a number of effects are being observed such as criminal cases, health related


cases and environmental hazards and however the side effects are not only limited to the adult


population but it is also affecting teenagers as well as young children. I have studied the study


habits in most schools within Colorado; I realize that a number of schools are being invaded with LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA 3 the marijuana culture; there are lists teenagers who are in demand for help. For these reasons,


the topic has drawn my attention to explore this social issue vividly in my research.




I have identified the various causes for the consumption of this drug which are rampant.


But the major cause is stemmed from the laws that have legalized the drug. The law permits its


citizens that freedom to have their free will as well as having that freedom for the selfdetermination. From (Caulkins, Lee, & Kasunic, 2012) I discovered that the reason behind the


voting for the legalization of marijuana in the year 2012 by the Colorado citizens was the


perception of the recreational and medical function of the drug. In connection to that, it is


believed that the moral value of the drug depends on the person using the drug but not the drug


itself. I believe that the laws are the causal agents for the prevalent use of marijuana, allowing


citizens the freedom of free will may harm a state that is what Colorado is experiencing although


some may argue for the legalization.




After examining the causes of the existing problem within the state, I have observed a


number of marijuana-related issues in Colorado. The most rampant cases which I noted are the


accidents, diversion investigations, citations for the public use as well as referrals from schools. I


have a point for the right government to amend the laws that have legalized the drug. It is better


to take action before the situation worsens. The government will have to set the laws that will


prohibit the selling of marijuana within its territory and as such those found to face the punitive


actions. Another remedy to the situation is that education to be used to enlighten the citizens on LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA 4 the side effects of marijuana. Therefore, prohibition laws and education are the immediate


solutions to this social problem as has adversely affected the state. LEGALIZATION OF MARIJUANA 5


References Caulkins, J., Lee, M., & Kasunic, A. (2012). Marijuana Legalization: Lessons from the 2012


State Proposals. WHM, 4(3-4), 4-34. Retrieve from,


HICKENLOOPER, G. (2014). Experimenting with Pot: The State of Colorado's Legalization of


Marijuana. Milbank Quarterly, 92(2), 243-249. Retrieve from,


Kamin, S. Marijuana Legalization in Colorado -- Lessons for Colombia. SSRN Electronic


Journal. Retrieve from,


Kamin, S. Marijuana Legalization in Colorado -- Lessons for Colombia. SSRN Electronic


Journal. Retrieve from,


Roffman, R. (2013). Legalization of Marijuana: Unraveling Quandaries for the Addiction


Professional. Frontiers In Psychiatry, 4. Retrieve from,


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