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I am very confused about how to do this assignment. Any clarification on how I would write this p


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I am very confused about how to do this assignment. Any clarification on how I would write this paper would be very helpful

Running head: LEARNING OUTCOME ESSAY 3 The above information must be placed in a header. This includes the running head and page


numbers. Do not simply type it in! Learning Outcome Essay 3


John Doe


Ottawa University Online


COM 49100 ? Seminar in Applied Communications




David A. Cook 1 LEARNING OUTCOME ESSAY 3 2 Introduction Written, oral, and digitally produced mean of communication can each be used to connect


with an intended audience for the purpose of achieving a desired outcome. Tools like audience


analysis, and the variety of written forms, presentation methods and outlines allows for many


different possibilities of audience engagement, impact and comprehension. Knowing which to


select and skillfully tailoring messages within those range of choices is key to successfully


communicating across many boundaries and disciplines.


Some of the academic courses and assignments that have helped inform my


understanding and skillfulness in areas such as presenting compelling speeches to a specified


audience, writing clear, concise messages tailored to an audience with focused attention towards


a desired outcome, competently communicating in a variety of writing styles including strategic,


journalistic and academic as well as integrating a range of methods and supporting media to


enhance performance skills, include the following. Interpersonal Communication: COM 30163


o Film Reflection ? Lost in Translation


o Developing Communication Competencies Intercultural ? International Communication: COM 40164


o Nonverbal Message Reflection Essay Persuasive Communication: COM 40464


o Compliance Gaining Essay Public Speaking: LEARNING OUTCOME ESSAY 3 3 o Analyzing an Audience


o Dynamic Presentations Media Writing: COM


o Reaching Audiences


o Strategic Communication


o The Inverted Pyramid English 102:


o Joining the Conversation: Audience and Argument


o Writing for Audience


o Academic Writing Organizational Communication: COM


o Strategic Communication Presenting compelling speeches to inform, persuade, and/or entertain a specified audience


Audience analysis begins with an initial evaluation of the basic assumptions and known


information about audience dynamics such as demographics, psychological, and contextual


make-up of its members. Of particular interest is the group?s knowledge level or familiarity with


material to be covered, any cultural sensitivities, and expectations from the presentation


(Audience Analysis, n.d.).


As a Human Resources professional it often requires one to speak with internal as well as


external audiences. For example, I recently presented an informational speech to an internal


audience comprised of mid-level to senior level leaders. The informational speech addressed the LEARNING OUTCOME ESSAY 3 4 organizational position control process. This process captures the number of hired employees,


the number of vacant positions and correlates the information with our organizational budget.


My preparation for this speech included both an audience analysis and speech outline


which addressed the speech topic. The audience analysis included an assessment of the possible


relationship between me, the message and the audience. I reviewed the list of attendees prior to


the presentation in an attempt to gain additional knowledge regarding the values, beliefs,


motivations, expectations, attitudes and aptitudes regarding my topic. I also considered those


who may be resistant, neutral or sympathetic when receiving my message.


Since the information I was providing was grounded in processes and technology, I began


to collect information regarding my audience?s organizational and technology skill levels. One


method for collecting this information was completed by reviewing their essential job functions


within their job descriptions and by reviewing any historical employment data related to


technology, processes and organizational skills. I continued by analyzing any audience


demographics which may prohibit them from receiving and understanding my message. For


example, I considered the audience age, cultural background and education level since the


information included a strong technology component.


Once I completed my audience analysis I began to prepare my speech. I began by


developing my thesis statement since the speech topic and purpose had already been identified.


Next, I identified and organized the main points of information I would be presenting to the


audience and began to collect additional information through research which would support my


speech. I then began to create the speech introduction, body and conclusion segments. LEARNING OUTCOME ESSAY 3 5 Now that I had my presentation completed, I began to develop my supporting visual aids


which, in this case, included a Power Point presentation consisting of screenshots of the system


they would be using for this process as well as supporting financial statistics provided by our


finance division.


Rehearsing my speech was the final step and this included a review of both my verbal


and nonverbal communication. For example, I rehearsed where I would stand, hand and arm


gestures, voice tone and eye contact with my audience. Finally, I presented the informational


speech to an audience of 150 mid-level and senior leaders within the organization. The


information presented was well received and understood and this new process is now operational


and successful.


Writing clear, concise messages tailored to an audience and desired outcomes


Continue to address each outcome topic using headings accordingly (See the documents


entitled ?What I am Looking For in Outcome Essay #? in weeks 1, 3, & 5 for details on how


to address each outcome topic). Complete the paper with a conclusion and reference page


for any sources cited in the paper.


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I am very confused about how to do this assignment. Any clarification on how I would write this

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