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Would you be willing to do another EMERGENCEY paper? You can use the attached file for informatio

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Would you be willing to do another EMERGENCEY paper? You can use the attached file for information. Please use proper APA format. I was pleased with your other work. Also, if you choose to take this. For the 4 agencies of the Department of Justice please use the FBI and other well known agencies and again proper English. Thanks.

  1. Identify and describe the major functions of the four (4) agencies of the Department of Justice. Of the four agencies, provide a rationale for which agency you feel has the greatest responsibility as it relates to federal law enforcement.
  2. Explain the purposes of the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC). Identify and discuss the various weaknesses related to the accuracy of the Uniform Crime Report (UCR).
  3. Describe the major roles of police executives using the Mintzberg model of chief executive officers. Of the executive roles described in the model, provide a rationale for which role you feel is the most important for a chief executive officer?s success.
  4. Examine two (2) legislative enactments that are in place to help combat terrorism. Provide your opinion on the effectiveness of these enactments in regards to combatting terrorism.
  5. Analyze the problems related to determining the actual numbers of hate crimes and what makes hate crimes different from other crimes.
  6. Use at least four (4) quality references including the textbooks. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.



1 Law Enforcement Operations and Management






2 Question One


Law enforcement is a system by which


society member?s act in an organized manners to enforce law by discovering, dettering,


rehabilitating and giving punishment to the ones who violate the rules and norms and norms


governing the society. Federal law is a body of law at a national level of a federal government


mostly consisting of a constitution, court decisions and the enacted laws. There are several


agencies of the department of justice which include Bureau of corrections, Bureau of


immigration, Land registration authority, National bureau of immigration, National bureau of




Bureau of corrections is an agency that is


charged with a role of custody and rehabilitation of national offenders. It is charged with a role of LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


3 rehabilitation and custody of those who have been imprisoned to serve the imprisonment of more


than three years. Bureau of immigration is composed of three structural units which are the office


of commission, the board of commissioners, and the board of special inqury.The bodies plays a


role whereby they exercise quasi-judicial powers affecting entry and the stay of foreign national


in the country. The structural units in bureau of immigration act as collegial bodies. National


bureau of investigation is an agency that has a role in establishment and maintaining modern


investigative service and research agency which is effective and efficient for a purpose of


implementing fully principal functions provided. Land registration authority is an agency which


plays a role in issuing decrees of registration and certificates of titles and register documents,


patents and other matters relating to land transactions so as to benefit the landowners. It acts to


provide secure stable and trustworthy record of a landowner and record interests so as to


contribute to the national development and promote social and economic well-being. Bureau of


corrections has the greatest responsibility in comparison to other agencies since it is charged with


custody and rehabilitation of offenders nationally which is a big task to handle and maintain to


the best level as per the expectations of the outcome.


Question Two


Uniform crime reports(UCR) is a


program that is nationwide consisting of county,state,tribal,university and college, and the


federal law enforcement agencies that is voluntarily reporting data on crimes that has been


brought into attention. Uniform crime reports data mostly is based on the crime that has been


substantiated by the police. Various information that is collected by the survey includes the


persons-charged information, the number of criminal incidents and the clearance status of those


incidents( Eckberg,2014). Survey by the uniform crime reports provide a record which is LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


4 continuous on crime and traffic statistics reported by every police agency. Uniform crime reports


data provide information which is the key to the crime analysis, program development for the


policing community and for resource planning.Decisons by the municipal and provincial


governments about distributions of police resources, definitions of provincial standards and


comparison with other departments and provinces requires data from uniform crime reports.


Uniform crime reports provide information to the federal government for policy and legislative


development, evaluation of new legislative initiatives and international comparisons. More so


uniform crime reports offers information to the public on the nature and extent of police-reported


crime and crime trends. Data from uniform crime reports is used by media, researchers and


academics to examine specific issues relating to the crime and crime itself. Various weaknesses


related to the accuracy of the uniform crime reports is the method of collecting data whereby LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


5 reporting of crime data for uniform crime reports is not mandatory for all state law enforcement


agencies thus some crime statistics may be under-reported. Secondly crimes that are reported by


uniform crime reports are only what the police have noted or made arrest for and not the crimes


at the judicial level that have been sentenced. Finally the data is unreliable since only the


selected households are interviewed on matters concerning crime.


National crime information center


(NCIC) is a computerized database of information concerning criminal justice that is


documented and is available to virtually every agency concerned with law enforcement


nationalwide.It was established with an aim of offering assistance to the law enforcement in


apprehending fugitives and locating stolen items. Records are entered into National crime


information center by criminal agencies which are then accessible to the law enforcement


agencies nationalwide.National crime information center policy requires that inquiring agency to


make contact with entering agency to ensure that the information is updated and accurate.


National crime information center has operated under shared management concept since its


inception between FBI and federal, state, local, and tribal criminal. It provides access to all local


criminal justice agencies nationwide. Criminal justice information service serves as a custodian


of national crime information center records.


Question Three


According to Henry Mintzbergs who


spent much of his career researching on the managerial role police executives have several roles.


Roles of police executives as per Henry Mintzberg model includes: Interpersonal roles which


involve behaviors associated with human interaction. They are roles that allow police executives LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


6 to interact with his or her colleagues with a purpose of achieving the goals. The police executive


is the leader and the figurehead to others in operation of their daily activities. Police executive


has informational role whereby he or she must share knowledge and generate knowledge to the


colleagues to enhance the achievement of specific goals. Under informational role police


executive is entitled to roles such as a monitor, a disseminator and a spokesperson. Police


executives monitor the performance by other members of the staff that is the colleagues. Police


executives have decisional roles whereby they use the information available to make decisions


on the way forwad.The police executives use the information in various crime matters to decide


on what to do that is coming up with a right decision that is acceptable by the law. Decisional


role is the most important above all since it requires high degree of reasoning before taking a


step since the decision made on a certain matter pertaining crime will determine a lot if the law is LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


7 being respected and if is the right decision to end the crime .It is the most important role that


requires time to think of it to come up with the most suitable decision and an effective action.


Question Four.


Terrorism has been reportedly become a


big threat to the development wordwide.To compact terrorism there has been legislative


enactment in various countries. Ant-terrorism Act is one of the legislative enactments adopted by


the parliament following the attacks (Pokalova,2014). Ant-terrorism Act has amended the


criminal code, the official secrets code and a number of other acts. It has enacted charities


registration Act. It is an amending statue which has objectives such as: To prevent terrorism from


entering into the country and protect the country from terrorism acts, to activate tools to identify,


prosecute, convict and punish terrorists, To work with the international community to bring


terrorists to justice and address the root cause of violence and to keep country?s border secure


and contribute to economic security. The act is strengthening the ability of the country to meet


international obligations while respecting citizen?s values and rights. Also use of social media


Act is the latest legislative enactment that has been placed on senate in order to compact


terrorism. It is all about using social media to get the terrorists. Social media is used by everyone


even the terrorists use social media to identify places thus the Act aim is to use the social media


to track the terrorists since most of the terrorists are well known. The act will be effective in


combating terrorism if they will be strictly adhered to and keenly followed. Terrorists are human


beings and they have knowledge on doing terrorism thus in enacting these enactment


considerations needs to be put in place so that the Act can be effective. Considerations such as if


the terrorists are aware of the actions being put in place to bring them into justice needs to be


looked at so as to make the objectives of the legislatives enactments effective and successful. LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


8 Question Five


Hate crime is also known as biasmotivated crime which a crime motivated by racial, sexual or other prejudice which is often


violent and occurs when a perpetrator targets a victim because he or she is a member of a certain


group. It is difficult to determine whether the rate of hate crime is increasing or decreasing due to


reluctant of many victims to report cases of hate crimes. Also some law enforcement agencies do


not report crime data at all to the FBI or do not separately report separately on hate crimes thus


making it a problem in determining the actual number of hate crimes. Also defining of hate crime


is different from state to state thus affecting reporting to FBI which buses a problem in


determining the actual number of hate crime. Finally many crimes in which perpetrator cannot be


found or hi motive cannot be established based on the fact of the incident itself since hate crimes LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


9 by definition involves conclusion as to the motive of the perpetrator are not reported as hate


crime thus a problem in determining the actual number of hate crimes. Hate crime is different


from any other crime since most crimes involves amount of hunger and anger while hate crime


are special because they cause two sorts of harm that is emotional damage to members of target


group and they can cause serious discord between various cultural groups in society. Hate crimes


involves hate against people due to their colour, race ethnic origin or religion. In conclusion hate


crime is against the law and should be punished severely to end it since it is currently increasing


at a high rate. References


The impact of the economic downturn on American police agencies. (2011). Washington, DC.


Eckberg, D. (2014). Trends in Conflict: Uniform Crime Reports, the National Crime


Victimization Surveys, and the Lethality of Violent Crime. Homicide Studies, 19(1), 58-87.


Pokalova, E. (2014). Legislative Responses to Terrorism: What Drives States to Adopt New


Counterterrorism Legislation?. Terrorism And Political Violence, 27(3), 474-496. LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT


10 Pokalova, E. (2014). Legislative Responses to Terrorism: What Drives States to Adopt New


Counterterrorism Legislation?. Terrorism And Political Violence, 27(3), 474-496.


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