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Good afternoon ,I need help with this case study ,the plagiarism is to high please help


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Good afternoon ,I need help with this case study ,the plagiarism is to high please help

Running Head: JULES FARRY Jules Ferry


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October 28, 2016 JULES FERRY In 1884, Jules Ferry who was then the Prime Minister of France defended the position of


France towards imperial expansion. The world trade was rapidly changing a situation which led


the French government to expand their colonies. His defense of the same was during a debate


with a member of parliament. Germany as their neighbors was setting up trade barriers that


would hinder trade with France. Amplyfng industrialization in France force to a higher


production of goods and was in surplus in their country. There was therefore a need to export


their goods out of France. The population was in need for more outlets as the trade barriers being


set by Germany were hindering their trade of goods. Jules Ferry saw this as serious need to


expand their colonies due to their growing industrial population. Therefore the textile industry


was one of their major industries and lacked outlets. He open a good point by saying that


hardworking population of France deserved to have a proper market for the trading of their




The United States of America had also become protectionists, a factor that had probably


led to Germany setting trade barriers (Paris, 1897).Also, they become extreme protectionists


such that the markets of France to trade were becoming small. The American market had


belonged to France for trade, but a long time was at a threat of being taken over by North


American products. Their markets had also become extremely difficult to access. Furthermore,


other European nations were pouring into their market. The law of supply and demand, freedom


of trade and competition was posing a major threat to France and therefore needed to expand


colonies to solve these problems.


Ferry?s critics raised the issue of slavery that had been introduced by Spanish soldiers.


Also mentions that they had been misunderstood, and maintains that as the superior race, they JULES FERRY


have a duty and a responsibility towards educating and creating civilization in the lower races. In


the same time he insists that they must embrace this duty with grandeur and execute their




There are other non-economic arguments that Ferry raised to defend the decision to


expand colonies. As earlier mentioned, Ferry argued that as a superior race they had a duty to


civilize the lower races and that it was a generous thing to do. He also argues that France needs


safe harbors with supply center in the high seas that can be provided by their colonies such as


Tunisia. (Paris, 1897) A warship naval despite being powerful cannot have storage for a two


weeks supply of coal and without coal a vessel on the high seas will be a wreck and therefore


require storage and shelters for provisioning of the same. As patriots therefore, they ought to


ensure that these requirements are provided. Ferry spoke out the fact that they shall never leave


the colonies that provide that. Expansion of colonies was also a show of their greatness as a


nation as he argued that the greatness of a nation is by acting and taking part in the affairs going


on in the world and therefore evident by the activities they deployed.


He noticed that there was growing rivalry around them due to naval improvement or an


improvement in their military and warfare machinery, and a constantly growing population to


boost their industries. These factors would then threaten their position as a nation and therefore


the need to expand colonies. One wonders how such a thing still exists today, though subtly, with


certain nations claiming that they have a duty to enforce certain rules on all parts of the world.


The rhetoric clearly has not changed much, if at all. JULES FERRY REFERENCE


Jules Francois Camile Ferry, ?Speech Before the French Chamber of Deputies, March 28, 1884?,


Discours et Opinions de Jules Ferry, ed. Paul Robiquet (Paris 1987), 1.5, pp. 199-201, 201-11,




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Good afternoon ,I need help with this case study ,the plagiarism is to high please help


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