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Now that you have considered the risks associated with the possible solutions you identified to address your client?s problem, you will spend this week identifying the impacts of each of those possible solutions. During this process, you may discover the solution you once thought was the obvious choice is now lower on the list due to potential negative impact to the organization if it were implemented.

You have several websites to explore. They will give you different views of how to identify impacts, how to think about those impacts, and how to narrow your choice to the best solution, which will be the one with the greatest possibility of success with the least risk of negative impact to the organization.

As you do your analysis, consider both short-term and long-term impacts and potential changes in the business environment as they relate to the problem and solutions. Remember to consider the stakeholders needs, the impact to them and the roles they play in the organization, and their feelings about any changes they will be asked to implement and/or accept.

**Reassessment and Adjustment is your opportunity to look at the changes that will take place as a result of your recommendations. If you anticipate these changes will be accepted and adopted, you probably are on the right path. Nevertheless, even if you are on the right path, you will most likely experience some resistance to change from somewhere in the organization.**

**When you do your reassessment and adjustments to your findings and recommendations, consider how you may help your client address the issues surrounding the changes you are advising**


***Style Guidelines for the paper:***
     -Use a 6th edition APA formatted header on every page, including the title page.
     -A 6th edition APA formatted title page is required. This title page does NOT count toward your 3-4 page requirement.
     -Margins are 1 inch on all sides.
     -All content is double-spaced and left justified.
     -Indent the first line of every paragraph five spaces or use the TAB key. Do not leave extra space between      paragraphs.
     -Use Times New Roman 12-point font.
     -An Executive Summary is not required in this paper
     -Sixth edition APA formatted references should be on a separate page at the end of the paper.
     -Use 6th edition APA style guidelines for all citations and references

Running head: ISSUES FACING BUSINESS ENTERPRISES 1 My client is hill springs water and Beverage Company Limited is an own water and beverage


bottling company. The company is a partnership that was established in 1995 in Chicago. The


company was situated downstream on one of the Chicago River system, where a water


reservoir was constructed as the primary water source for the enterprise. Hill spring water and


Beverage Company is one of the biggest beverage companies in Chicago. Their primary


objective is to produce and sell clean and fresh water as well as naturally produced soft drinks


to the citizens of Chicago and the rest of the other states in the USA.


The enterprise?s mission is to provide clean drinking water and a wide variety of soft


drinks that have no health issues with their clients at a lower price. Their vision is to be a


global beverage company that will extend is wings both in supply and operation to many


states in the USA and the rest of the world. The company has been working well and making


remarkable improvements every year since its start in 1995. It has expanded significantly


both in its structure and geographical size. The dreams of the company were being achieved


especially in the last quarter of the first decade of the 21st century until they were hit by


disturbing news from the national health inspectorate service.


It had been discovered that there was a metal company many miles upstream that


emitted lead and other dangerous metals? fumes and consequently, traces of these metals have


been found in the company?s water and beverages (Laven, D. L., & Weisser, L. (April 01,


2000). The metal company had been established in 1998, without a major health problem


warning or concern from the government or the company itself. A 2007 health report on the


analysis of the water test was written and a copy issued to the water company by the health


inspectorate service as a notice to effect the necessary changes and remedy the situation as


soon as possible to avoid consequences. The report was given to the secretary of the ISSUES FACING BUSINESS ENTERPRISES 2 company?s general manager since the manager was out on official duty. The secretary did not


convey the message to the company management until in the year 2012 when the


organization received a notice from the government threatening its operations. ISSUES FACING BUSINESS ENTERPRISES 3 Water is the main raw material of the water and beverage company. Locating the


company downstream was a strategic idea and not a mistake or any incompetence by the


planners and organizers. The blow by the metal manufacturing company was unexpected. As


such, this was because they had not issued any warnings. The metal company has its reservoir


for both water and its effluent.


The health inspection, however, discovered that their effluents contaminated the rivers


either directly or indirectly (Nelson, W. E., Tuskegee Institute., Auburn University., & United


States. (1972). Some metal elements are a significant health hazard to not only humans but


also plants and animals (Laven, D. L., & Weisser, L. (April 01, 2000). Lead, for instance, is a


very toxic element when consumed. It inhibits the body?s normal physiology and may cause


cancer among other serious health issues. Hill Springs water and Beverage Company Limited


was just at its most productive phase when they received the delayed news.


It?s quite difficult for them to implement any changes in the short time frame that has


been stated by the government's notice. They have acquired and established a lot of fixed


assets, established their market and also received substantial capital investments from many


various investors from both within and outside the USA. The company had employed the


latest technology in its operations for efficiency and thus high performance. The metal


manufacturing company, on the other hand, has also established its foundation. It has massive


reservoirs that harbour the contaminants.


Contamination of the rivers occurs in different ways from these pools; underground


seepage, evaporation, and run off of the effluent. It would take a long time to get rid of the


impurities from the pools. Both the hill springs water and Beverage Company and the metal


manufacturing companies have been issued the notice that threatens to close their businesses ISSUES FACING BUSINESS ENTERPRISES 4 down if proper measures are not taken to remedy the contamination problem, and the changes


effected within the stipulated time frame. Had the health inspectorate service done a proper


research and analysis of the metal manufacturing industry before their establishment, Hill


Springs water and Beverage Company could not be in such a fix. The contamination problem


has significant ethical issues because it directly affects humans, the community that lives


around the metal manufacturing company, and the population that comprises the water and


beverage company?s customers.


Life in Chicago is profoundly threatened by both the water company and the metal


manufacturing company because of the harmful metal impurities from the metal company


(Nelson, W. E., Tuskegee Institute., Auburn University., & United States. (1972). The issue


should be addressed to within the minimum time possible (Laven, D. L., & Weisser, L. (April


01, 2000). It was neglect of duty and responsibility by the company?s secretary for not


communicating to the relevant authorities and handing the medical report in time. The water


purity inspection was done early when the company had not picked so much. Adjustments


would have been much easier then.


The company should provide a clear structure with clear communication channels. It


should also check the competence of the members of staff. Only one person in an


organization is enough to jeopardize the entire future of the team. Reference


Laven, D. L., & Weisser, L. (April 01, 2000). Chemical Hazards and Poison Control for the


Health Professional-Review of Select Principles and Exposures. Journal of Pharmacy


Practice, 13, 2, 92-124. ISSUES FACING BUSINESS ENTERPRISES 5 Nelson, W. E., Tuskegee Institute., Auburn University., & United States. (1972). Fate of


trace-metals (impurities) in subsoils as related to the quality of ground water. Tuskegee


Institute [sic], Ala: Tuskegee Institute


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