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In the assignment noted below, please take the attached previous discussion/answers and combine t

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In the assignment noted below, please take the attached previous discussion/answers and combine them into one coherent document of 250 words or less. The subjects were dealing with "managing logistics operations."  Cite all references in APA style. All references are already cited/listed in the attached documents to ease your source hunting.  Use whatever references/sources you need from each document ... again... to make one coherent document in 250 words or less.

Assignment: "Given the readings and assignments (previous discussion assignments are attached) in the course, identify and briefly discuss the two most important concepts applicable to your career. You may also discuss the least applicable concept for your career."

Running head: INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Inventory Management


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5 November 2016 1 INVENTORY MANAGEMENT 2


Inventory Management Inventory management is essential for the organization for keeping Inventory numbers


steady and deciding and controlling the levels of stock required for ideal benefit. Excellent


Inventory management includes having enough stock close by to take care of client demand, yet


not all that much to surpass Inventory turnover objectives.


Supplier Assistance


A successful approach to overseeing inventory is to request the assistance of providers.


Vendor managed stock gives the merchant access to the wholesaler's inventory information. The


provider creates buy orders given the retailer's needs. Dissemination concentrated organizations


use seller oversaw inventory controls to dispense with information section mistakes and to deal


with the planning of procurement requests viably.


Working Capital Issues


The inventory is costly to gain. When you pay, say, $15 for a thing from a provider, you


do as such with the desire that you will soon offer the thing at a higher cost, permitting you to


recover the cost in addition to some benefit. For whatever length of time that the thing sits on the


rack, however, its esteem is secured up stock. So stock control isn't just about dealing with the


"stuff" going all through your organization; it's additionally about dealing with your working


capital, keeping you from having an excessive amount of valuable trade tied up out


operations[Kra07]. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT 3 Lead Time


Lead time is the measure of the time it takes to reorder inventory. Providers convey items


at different times after a request set. A helpful approach to overseeing stock is to build up firsttime reports to see to what extent it takes to renew your inventory[Joh3].


References John J. Coyle, C. J. Supply Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective. Cengage Learning, 02Mar-2012.


Krajewski. (2007). Operations Management: Processes And Value Chains, 8/E. Pearson


Education India, 01-Sep-2007.


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